Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Contemplation: October 20, 2018: Introversion

Contemplation: October 20, 2018: Introversion

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The ability to enjoy one's own company is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. Learning to turn my thoughts away from all my responsibilities at the day's end and take my mind into a state of peace and benevolence enables me to carry greater and greater loads without feeling the burden. When my inner landscape is full of beautiful thoughts, everything I do is a pleasure. Gently, I calm down chaotic situations and offer solace to troubled minds.

Add Quality and Beauty

When a situation is good we are able to use our own specialties, but
when the situation is not so good, we tend to come back to ordinary or
waste. So we are constantly waiting for opportunities to reveal our own
specialty and at other times being colored by the negativity or
ordinariness of the situation. When we are aware of our own specialties
in a conscious way, we are able to add quality and beauty to everything
that we speak or do. Nothing of ours is then waste or even ordinary but
everything we do becomes special. We are able to make everything more
meaningful and powerful. We are not caught up with the ordinariness or
the negativity of the situation, but are able to enjoy the moment by
coloring it with our own special quality.

Making The Journey With The Right Realization

It's so easy to become caught up in my physical role - my name, physical personality and looks; the social setup or family I've been born into, my friend circle, the school I went to, the person I married, the organization in which I work, the various material objects I own or possess. I forget my true identity, the spiritual being, and that it is me, the spirit or soul, who is experiencing life through this physical body and surrounding circumstances. The physical, human side is essential, but it's the spirit, the being, the energy, which makes the journey. The physical body is the vehicle through which the journey is made. The people who exist in my life are also energies making their journeys through their respective vehicles. Looking at myself and others, when I realize who is making the journey and I remember this and maintain this spiritual consciousness throughout the day, I'm able to access spiritual treasures of peace, of power, of love and joy and see the same in others. It is because of not remaining in this remembrance; I remember and identify with the vehicle and experience my false identity. That is why we find ourselves empty of these treasures today. As a result there is a tremendous increase in interest in meditation throughout the world. Unlike in the past when this interest was seen primarily in the East, today relaxation and meditation is a blooming industry in the Western countries.

The more I become trapped by a materialistic consciousness, and the more I lose contact with my inner self, the less freedom I experience. The search of happiness through the physical senses brings temporary, short-lived gains. My life lacks depth when the only things I know, realize and feel are related to the loads of information I receive from the physical sense organs, and I become disconnected from the spiritual dimension.

Soul Sustenance

Overcoming the Fear of Communication

When the fear of communicating effectively exists inside you e.g. when appearing for a work interview, it may be due to personal insecurity. You have to work on it in order to have more security, confidence and authoritativeness. Being secure and full of authority in the moment of communicating and expressing yourself requires practice and effort. Most importantly, to feel secure in such situations, when the person whom you are faced with is in a position of power, you have to value yourself. Self-value brings self-security and a feeling of fearlessness. When someone is normally asked to talk about what his/her personality is like or what is his/her basic character traits are, they normally speak about their weaknesses. Very rarely does one speak of his/her strengths or positive personality traits.
Realizing your strengths requires introspection. Meditation, based on the complete spiritual knowledge about the self, is one of the simplest methods to do this. Once you realize your own strengths, you are able to value yourself immensely. If you value yourself, it does not matter so much to you whether another values you or not. However, if you aren't able to value yourself, then doubts exist: * Let's see if this person values or respects me; * perhaps this job is not for me; * perhaps my communication skills are not very good. Then you need recognition and appreciation. Since you cannot give it to yourself (because you have not realized your strengths), you depend on others giving it to you.

You need to know that you are unique and that you are worth a great deal. If the other person does not value you it is their loss; they are losing something precious. If you are established in that self esteem of ‘Who am I’, a very elevated consciousness and that awareness – * here comes a treasure whom you will be interviewing; your words and your body language will be sharp, secure and stable. Within you, you value yourself; and if you value yourself, it will be easier for people to value you. On the other hand, if you do not like and respect yourself, you will cause the same energy, which you radiate, to come back to you from others.

Message for the day

Success comes through maintaining self-respect.

Projection: Where there is self-respect, there is naturally a stable state of mind, even in the most challenging and difficult times. This in turn brings right judgement at all times, which allows discrimination between right and wrong. Right judgement leads to right actions. So there is constant success for such a person.

Solution: Self-respect is the state of mind where I am able to appreciate my own uniqueness and give regard to myself. When I am able to be in my stage of self-respect, I am able to be stable in all situations. This seat of internal stability keeps me light and easy under all circumstances. I am also able to experience constant success even in the most difficult and challenging times.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: October 19, 2018: Exercise and Diet

Contemplation: October 19, 2018: Exercise and Diet

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Exercise and Diet

Unhealthy lifestyles are rooted in the mind and seeded in the soul. The spiritual exercise of the mind involves taking the mind out of the physical body and to the subtle, angelic body of light and then to our state of being a soul - a sentient point of light and power. As for diet control, pure thoughts are the healthy diet for the mind. Creative thoughts are like vitamins and positive thoughts provide proteins that build will power, while thoughts of serving others are like carbohydrates, which provide energy for the mind.

Fly Above

When difficult situations come our way, we tend to create a lot of
waste questions in our mind. These waste questions only fill our mind
with negativity draining us out of our energy. At that time, it seems
natural to have such thoughts and we are caught up only with such
thoughts, leaving no space for constructive thoughts. When difficult
situations come our way, we need not be caught up with why it happened
but we need to make effort to fly. We need to find a way to empower
ourselves that we become stronger than the situation, so that we are
able to fly above it. Then the situation would appear tiny and we would
be able to overcome it in a second.

Understanding The Inner Mechanism Of Anger

If we think, speak and act in an angry way, we leave an impression or memory of anger within our own consciousness which results in sanskara of anger to be born. Within the sanskara is the recorded emotion and experience of our expression towards the object of our anger. The object is a particular person or situation. If we encounter the object of our anger the next day, it will trigger the emergence the recorded anger from within the sanskara. We then deepen the sanskara as we express more anger, even if we only 'think' anger. The emergence of this emotional energy from within our consciousness then stops us from interacting in a positive way. It clouds our mind and confuses our intellect, weakening and distorting our thoughts, decisions and behaviour. This often explains why we find it harder to connect and communicate with certain people in our life. Essentially we are carrying a negative image of the other person within our sanskara from a previous interaction with them. And when we see them again it emerges the energy within the sanskara, which then influences our ability to respond to them.

Soul Sustenance

Quality Transformation (Change)

Quality change is the capacity to transform negative situations, or circumstances, into something beneficial for one's self and others. Quality transformers are people who can turn walls of resistance into bridges of understanding and keep crossing them, who can change any obstacle into a stepping stone of success and can reverse the troubling, paralyzing dragon of doubt and insecurity into radiant self-confidence, dissolving the thought ‘impossible’ from the mind.

Such people work with the undercurrents of life that determine the external reality, of human interaction. These undercurrents are their attitudes, thoughts and feelings. If these undercurrents are filled with resentment, anger and selfishness, then, despite being polite and cooperative externally with people, relationships will be subject to damage and deterioration. On the other hand, when the undercurrent is filled with trust and sincerity, then the quality of life and relationships is enhanced. The fundamental source of quality is the existence of a positive undercurrent. It is not a matter of our words, actions or role (which is the external reality), but rather the foundation, the undercurrent i.e. the thoughts and the activity of the mind.

Meditation enables the mind to tune in to that undercurrent of thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, which is the invisible creator of our human reality. The nourishing power of silence, attained through meditation and spiritual knowledge, gives us the means to bring about quality transformation (change) in this undercurrent. Such change enhances our self-confidence and the capacity to creatively and positively relate to life as it is and face situations easily.

Message for the day

The best way to progress is to gain good wishes and blessings from others.

Projection: For the one who earns the blessings of others at every step, there is easy success. There is positivity and speciality revealed in every action and benefit for the self and others. Even the most difficult circumstances, don't deter such a person, but he has the power and the courage to move on. So there is constant progress, whatever the situations may be.

Solution: When I am able to take good wishes from those around me, I am able to experience being obstacle-free. I am able to move forward with ease under all circumstances. Even in the most difficult situations, I am able to take the benefit from those around me, for others are willing to provide support at the right time, because my actions have earned good wishes from others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: October 18, 2018: Embrace Change

Contemplation: October 18, 2018: Embrace Change

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Aurora Borealis over city of Hammerfest, Northern Norway

Embrace Change

When you are aware and accept that everything around you is constantly changing, and that you have no control over 99.99% of it, you are able to embrace change like a close friend! Change is a like a river, constantly flowing and moving things around. The river of life is constantly bringing you ideas, people, situations - each one is an opportunity to be enriched or to enrich others, and to learn. Change is the play of the universe as it entertains us in the biggest light and sound show of all time. Why not sit back and enjoy the show?


Regardless of the existing splendor of the artificial modern world, we
are genuinely impressed by anything that is natural, such as beauty of
nature and its living creatures, wonders of the human body, amazing
creative abilities of the human intellect etc. We tend to unknowingly
connect or harmonize with people or things that mirror our qualities of
peace, balance, stability or the values we aspire for. However, a piece
of artistic beauty, place of entertainment or worship etc gives
memorable but short-lived experiences. As my Supreme Parent and
Companion, God alone can empower me with the will to actually live by
these cherished values. When I give more time to contemplate on His
greatness and purity, I develop the courage to unveil and share my own
goodness with all.

Increasing The Power Of Discrimination To Improve Actions

Many people feel internally and complain that their intellect is not as clear as they would like. One of the aims of meditation and spiritual knowledge is to make the intellect strong, clear and clean, as a result of which there is an increase in the power of discrimination. An increase in this power helps us maintain a sense of what is right and wrong while performing actions and implement that awareness.

Meditation brings about self-realizations whereby you realize what is happening inside you. Sometimes, while observing someone, we use the phrase: "He/she doesn't know what he/she is doing", referring to someone who is acting in an incorrect way. If we are to act in an appropriate way, we need to be aware and be awake to the consequences (results) of our actions. The voice of the conscience brings with it that state of awareness, awakening, realizing and discrimination. This is because, in meditation you feel quiet and you focus your thoughts inwards. In that state, the sound of the voice of the conscience is perceived and heard. It is a voice that is not affected by material worries or a preoccupation about one's image and public appearance. During meditation, you are completely focused on the present moment of spiritual empowerment and not distracted by: karmas which are necessary but unnecessary to be thought of that time, noise, unrelated ideas of the past and the future, mental chatter, etc., basically everything that separates you from your true spiritual self. In this way you can listen to yourself within and as a result ensure to the maximum extent that your karmas are appropriate and accurate.

Soul Sustenance

Meditation To Discover Your Inner Beauty

Given below is a meditation to reflect on and experience the original qualities and virtues of the soul. When you are in contact with these treasures, you begin to shine.

Create a space within you. Sit down and go within. Look at your being in a different way. Look at what beautiful things you have within, and learn to recognize them.

I allow my body to relax ... I breathe gently and deeply... My physical senses relax ... I can feel more and more how my body is calming down... I direct my attention to within, as if I was looking through a window... I discover a silent space... tranquil... calm... Here I feel safe from any outside influence... I can feel the silence ... My mind is quietening... it becomes silent and peaceful... The expansion of my thoughts fades... I concentrate on my true being... The lake of my mind is serene... clean... transparent... Everything is clear ... I can feel my own presence... I feel the pure energy of my being... I am shining like a beautiful star of divine light at the centre of my forehead... My original qualities like bliss, love and purity begin to shine at the heart of my soul, like a fountain of water that comes from a spring... I begin to recognize these treasures that rise up within me...

I concentrate on them and make them emerge, feeling that I am those qualities... I am a spiritual being... I am a being of light... I shine and sparkle with unlimited peace, happiness and love... I feel the peace... I am at peace... I am a being of peace... I feel the love... I am a being full of love... of good feelings, of acceptance towards everybody... My heart is strong... I feel that I am a being without limitations... with great strength... I glimpse what I really am... a being of authentic light... strong... radiating this light towards all people... towards the whole world... I stay in silence ... and I smile.

Message for the day

To be elevated is to perform every task with understanding.

Projection: To understand means to know what to do. So the one who understands and performs the task with this understanding surely performs only elevated tasks. No task is negative, or waste. Nor are actions ordinary, but each and every action is special because there is clear understanding. Others too get inspiration from such actions.

Solution: When there is clear understanding of what I have to do, I am able to do what is right. So in this process, I find that there is a lot of time and energy saved and I am able to move forward very easily. I find that I am able to use my speciality in the right way bringing benefit to myself and others.

In Spiritual Service,

Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: October 17, 2018: Vibrations of Happiness and Peace

Contemplation: October 17, 2018: Vibrations of Happiness and Peace

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Artist- Josephine Wall

Vibrations of Happiness and Peace

While listening to news of this world filled with sorrow, with your stable intellect, give vibrations of happiness and peace to the peaceless and unhappy souls.

The Spiritual Self

Can I detach from the various personalities I play during the day
(daughter, parent, boss, employee, student) and talk to myself
one-on-one? Is it good enough to fulfill my daily responsibilities or do
I value my spiritual self too? Sometimes I may avoid thinking about the
inner self because it's a little scary to face my weaknesses and come
to terms with not-so-good past actions. However, it's a fact that
whatever is real and true lives on despite the amount of alloy mixed in
or accumulated layers of dust. Would the world be just as beautiful if
we had left all the impure gold or raw diamonds buried away? I must
learn to value myself, an eternal spirit of divinity, and do all I can
to make it glow...

Serving Through Silence

In meditation you connect to the experience of silence in which both the mind and the heart are calmed. The mental chatter or noise stops. A gentle flow of slow, clear, transparent and peaceful thought is produced. The organs of the senses and the body are calmed and your emotions become peaceful. In this state you can listen to the voice of your conscience, the voice that guides you. That way you awaken the divine intuition. On listening to that voice, you are strengthened. In this way you start to align your life with your purpose, with what you really want. You begin to have more determination to carry out the things that you really want to do, without fear preventing it.

With meditation you learn to love the silence. A tender, beautiful and sweet silence. That way you value each word more, given that to not lose that experience of the sweet silence, you try to talk less, to speak with sweetness and gentleness. When you generate the love and pleasure in going to the silence, it helps you express the best of yourself. To help others, sometimes it is better not to speak, not to use words; to use the vibration of your thoughts and good feelings that emerge from that state of silence. That way you will enter the hearts that are trapped in darkness. Those hearts are in darkness, they have lost hope, and they are hurt, wounded, discouraged. From your silence you transmit to them the light with which they can find a way out. To receive it, they have to be willing. But if their time has not yet come, at least they will know that there are people willing to help from a silence that does not judge, does not complain. A silence that accepts, appreciates and loves, generating an atmosphere in which one can be oneself and feel free to change at their own speed, without feeling forced, but rather from understanding and love.

Soul Sustenance

The Spiritual Director And The Actor

Spirituality adds great depth and value to Shakespeare's famous words - 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.' Through spirituality, I realize and experience myself as a soul, separate from the body, playing a part on the stage of the world through my physical body costume. The difference between the actor and the role is clearly understood. An added dimension then, to this consciousness is that God or the Supreme Being is the Spiritual Director of the play we are enacting.

The Director - God looks at the entire drama and every actor's part from a broader perspective. His vision is not just limited to the present but stretches from the past (past not limited to this birth) to the future (future not limited to this birth) of each one's part. I learn from the Director how to play my own part with accuracy, now as well as his training helps me for the future. Like any good actor, I need to have a lot of respect, appreciation, loyalty and love for the Director and immense faith in him. The Director is like a mentor or guide for an actor, to whom he surrenders completely. He knows that by doing that, his act will be of the highest quality. If he doesn't do that and he performs his act his own way, his act will suffer and he will experience pain. As a result he will not be as successful as one who is willing to listen and learn from the Director. If I keep a little distance between me and my role, so I don't lose sight of the Spiritual Director's instructions and the way the play is moving, my part will be much easier to perform, better appreciated by all, and I will be extremely successful. Positive appreciation for a performance for an actor's performance by the spectators is of great value to any actor, sometimes even more important than commercial success. So surrendering to the soul's Director and having a strong relationship of mutual trust with him is particularly helpful at this time, when there is a lot of confusion on the stage of the Earth with billions of actors crowded here and our acts not exactly of the highest quality. So I, the spiritual actor need someone at this time who can tell me about mistakes committed by my in my past acts and improve my act of the present which will result in a positive present as well as future. Spirituality introduces me to that someone.

Message for the day

Forgiveness means to forget the mistakes of others.

Projection: The one who is able to forgive is able to forget the mistakes in his future interactions even after noticing the mistakes of others. He is able to be loving and so he is able to give corrections with love. Only when there is love in one's interactions, will the corrections given will be effective. Also such a person will not be caught up with anyone's mistakes and will be free from attitudes.

Solution: Even if there is a temporary feeling of negativity, if I am able to forget the mistakes of others and forgive them, I am able to be free from negative feelings. I am able to be light and free from the burdens of the past interactions with them. So I find myself successfully able to deal with others, whoever they may be.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: October 16, 2018: Stop, Listen and Decide

Contemplation: October 16, 2018: Stop, Listen and Decide

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Stop, Listen and Decide

When making decisions it's important to listen to your heart, your conscience, your intuition. It's also useful to look to others for inspiration.
Keep an open mind when listening to the advice of others but follow your heart. Others may have an interesting perspective, but it's your life. At the end of the day, you and only you are responsible for all your decisions.

Soul Power

Many of us don't like to be 'superstitious' but in some way or
the other we all tend to believe in the influence of objects, omens,
places or destiny... An intellectual mind usually discards such notions
saying nothing external can really influence the human spirit. However,
spirituality shows us a balanced approach: although nature and physical
objects/places are inanimate, the thoughts and feelings experienced by
human souls permeate the environment and remain. Since the relationship
between soul and body is intimate and powerful, anything the body
experiences (be it intake of food or contact with physical world) will
affect the soul. If the environment I live in is physically and
spiritually pure, it is easier for me to increase my soul power.

A Parallel Between Physical And Spiritual Energy

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed into other energy forms. Energy follows a direction in its constant movement. In a spontaneous way, it tends to go from a concentrated state into a state of expansion. For example, after a while a full glass of hot water goes cold. This is a law of physics according to which all things tend to go from a high-energy state to a low-energy state. Applying these principles to the area of our conscience, our thoughts and feelings, we can discover similarities to these laws. When our thoughts (which are metaphysical (non physical) energy are focused on the outermost layers of our conscience, towards the external world (objects, possessions, people and so on), our creative capacity decreases, weakening us on entering into this expansion and not having sufficient power (concentrated energy) to take on negative situations and circumstances that we are faced with.

On the other hand, if we focus on our intrinsic, original and genuine qualities (peace, love, power) we accumulate more energy and our inner strength can grow. This means that we are capable of creating, of having more willpower and, therefore, strengthening our self-esteem. Positive thoughts are a high-frequency vibration that transports a great deal of concentrated energy, capable of influencing the atmosphere and the consciences of other people in a subtle way, transforming any negative vibrations. Negative thoughts are a low-frequency vibration that causes the energy to become dissipated. They weaken and block communication. They destroy harmony (peace).

Soul Sustenance

Reaping The Benefits Of Meditation

Rajayoga meditation gives the intellect the power to select those positive sanskaras which lead to the higher emotions, calm and clear thoughts, and the pure desire to enjoy life in such a way that no sorrow is experienced for the self and no sorrow is given to others.

The practitioner of meditation calms the mind and experiences sanskaras which in most people surface only occasionally as they are deeper than the superficial (shallow) memories of worldly experiences. These are the pure and powerful sanskaras relating to the original nature of the soul - peace, purity, power and contentment. Consciousness (the soul) has the same property as light; a powerful force with distinct qualities yet having no gravitational mass. In fact, the only pull or burden on the soul is the result of its own impure thoughts and negative actions.

When the above mentioned original sanskaras are experienced then love and happiness are also experienced automatically. After some regular practice, the practitioner has the intellectual power to consciously emerge these sanskaras into daily life at any time. In a situation which would lead most people to experience negative moods or emotions such as fear, depression, anxiety, boredom, fatigue, hatred or aggression, the practitioner becomes detached and emerges the inner powers of contentment and tranquility (peacefulness). This of course is beneficial not only for the self but also to others.

Message for the day

To have the balance of being a master and a child is to experience constant success.

Projection: To have the right balance means to know when to be a master and when to be a child. When one gives an idea or makes a contribution, it is as a master - with total authority. But while the idea is heard by others and is being criticised I become a child. There is no attachment to the idea, but the mind is open to receive new thoughts in order to enrich what is already there.

Solution: When I am able to maintain a balance between being master and a child, I am able to experience constant happiness I am able to put forth my creative ideas with confidence. Yet I am not upset when someone criticises my ideas. On the contrary, I am constantly learning and moving forward. So I constantly experience success.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: October 15, 2018: Be Like a Cloud

Contemplation: October 15, 2018: Be Like a Cloud

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Be Like a Cloud
Before you can give to others, you need to give your mind some space to rest and re-energize.  Let your mind relax and become light and easy. Like a cloud, just float in the sky.

When you feel relaxed, let your mind open up to the sun and re-energize. Then fill yourself up with positivity. Like a cloud, gather water from the ocean. When you become full, share your positive energy with the world. Like a rain cloud, shower droplets of rain onto the earth.

Think before you think

Imagine owning the finest instrument in the world and not knowing how
to maintain or operate it at its optimum? This is the irony we face
with nature's most valuable gift: the mind. It is a fertile piece of
land, which does not discriminate between good and bad seeds, or
thoughts. Whatever I the soul sow (or think), the field of my mind will
automatically nurture and reap fruit accordingly. Just as choosing a
career is not taken lightly, when I value my thoughts and 'think'
before I think I can save myself a lot of energy and time.

The Journey Of Purpose

All of us, at some point of time, in fact almost right through our life, keep different types of long term or short term goals - personal goals, professional, financial, social, relationship goals; goals related to physical well being and health, spiritual goals etc. Sometimes we are not even aware ourselves, but we are passing through the journey of life with some purpose or the other at all times, the purpose may be a higher purpose or something connected to our day-to-day living.

Whatever actions we perform then, our aimed at fulfilling this purpose. Also these actions are full of lots of expectations, the expectations of achieving some results. These results which we desire or expect arrive at times and sometimes they don't. If they don't, which is a very common aspect of any such journey of purpose; they generate emotions of worry inside us. Even if the results are achieved, the nature of journey, prior to those results is stressful as compared to a journey which is purpose filled but expectation free, which some might argue is not possible. Worry and stress not only harm the spiritual and emotional self but even our physical body and relationships, making the journey difficult and tiring. It is not incorrect to be action oriented and having some clear objectives in progressing towards our purpose, but we need to be capable of aiming ourselves at our dreams without becoming date conscious and the expectation of them being fulfilled now, or on a specific date, in a particular way or form. If not, we live in a tomorrow consciousness and tend to get upset or discouraged easily and we don't enjoy today. It is not incorrect to be happy when we achieve something, but if our happiness is dependent on our achievements, we will always delay it. Happiness is not later, it is always now. It is commonly said - * Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Here we say - * Happiness is not only in reaching your purpose, your destination, but also in the journey of purpose. Also, it's important to note that a carefree and detached intellect will always attract positive circumstances which serve as bridges in reaching one's purpose, much more, as compared to a worried intellect.

Soul Sustenance

The Origin of Addictions: How to Overcome Them (cont.)

In order to change an addiction, we need to work out what need lies behind this addiction. What is the spiritual desire that we are trying to satisfy?

If we smoke for relaxation (by smoking we breathe deeply and this relaxes us), perhaps what we really need is peace of mind. Any doctor will tell you that mental peace cannot be found in a cigarette. On the contrary, instead of calming your stress, it makes you more irritable and nervous, especially when going through withdrawal symptoms. We can learn to find relaxation and peace through meditation and will not have the need to smoke.

The same applies to all the other qualities that we need to experience in our lives so that we feel satisfied and happy: it is in our inner self where we can turn to discover what we need. Although our mind often asks for visible and material things, its needs are deeper and nothing superficial can satisfy it. Meditation leads us to what is genuine and eternal. 

Message for the day

Simplicity enables one to become an example.

Projection: Simplicity is free from the complications of waste questions, doubts and expectations. The one who is simple is naturally accurate and inspiring in his actions. He is able to understand the demands of the environment and mould himself accordingly, so he himself has no demands. And he is able to move forward to his satisfaction.

Solution: When I am simple in my thoughts, I am also able to be simple in my responses to the outer environment i.e., to both situations and people. So internally I am able to remain content. This contentment further brings newness and creativity in the way I respond to situations, and I naturally experience further progress.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: October 14, 2018: Letting Go of Sorrow

Contemplation: October 14, 2018: Letting Go of Sorrow

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Letting Go of Sorrow

If I allow bitterness and resentment to fester inside, it will make my relationships guarded and unsatisfying. The more I close down to others, the more I become a stranger to myself. By letting go of sorrow and negativity, I can keep my nature open and loving. Remaining open to life, with its constant adventures and opportunities to grow, is the only way to reach my full potential.

Traffic Control

There are times when my mind faces inertia: it can either be that the
fast speed of thoughts is tough to control, or there is a lack of
enthusiasm to think new and differently. An efficient driver has good
control over both the accelerator and brake. Similarly, my day runs
smoothly when I can operate the mind and intellect to maneuver the flow
of thoughts and generate productive thoughts as I wish. The best way to
enhance my mind is to take few minutes out at regular intervals to
clean out unnecessary and waste thoughts, and focus my attention on the
Supreme Ocean of Power and Divinity.

A Beautiful Meditation Experience

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to strengthen your ability to be soul conscious. The practical application of meditation means that you can move into this "soul awareness" wherever you are - while cooking, during a journey, in the middle of a conversation, while working in the office etc. These are the basic steps to practice moving into a state of stillness and focusing your awareness.

Sit in a comfortable but alert position wherever you are right now... Imagine your whole body is surrounded by an envelope of subtle light... See the light draw itself up to a point of focus above and behind your physical eyes...
Be aware that you are that point of focus...

Just as you might stand absolutely still as you look through the windows of your home to see the street or garden outside... look through your eyes now as if they were windows... Be aware that you are not your eyes... you are the still point of awareness, a tiny sparkling star, the soul, looking through your eyes seeing the world 'out there'... Remain still inside...

As you watch people and life moving around you, remain completely still... just watching without thinking about what you see... Then, in one split second 'narrow' your awareness to one small detail in the scene that you see...
Hold that detail for a moment...
Be free of any judgment or assessment of the detail...
Just watch...just be aware...
Then 'expand' your awareness to the entire scene once again... Remind yourself of who you are...the soul looking out through the windows of the eyes...completely still....focused...fully aware.

Soul Sustenance

The Origin of Addictions: How to Overcome Them

Today, the number of addictions and addicts is growing fast. It seems that today human beings can become addicts of almost anything: credit cards, eating, drinking, sweets, lust, smoking, relationships, television, the internet and computer games, football, earning money, spending money, power, work, arguing, war.

In some ways, this shows the presence of an inner void (emptiness) that people try to fill with external things. While a person becomes an addict to any of the above aspects, their willpower is gradually weakened. And if one does not realize what is happening or does not put a stop to it, it is possible to fall into a spiraling series of automatic and compulsive actions that gradually limits our freedom to decide what we want to do with our lives, causing a loss of self-esteem and a state of depression, anxiety and dependency.

The origin of many addictions is due to a desperate need to solve a problem or a spiritual need (which may be a lack of respect, love, peace, attention, consideration) of a materialist form.

Here are a few examples:

* In a cigarette: one looks for peace, calm and relaxation.
* In alcohol: one looks for confidence, determination and security.
* In sugar and chocolate: one looks for love, sweetness and tenderness.
* In coffee and tea: one looks for energy and inner strength. 

(To be continued tomorrow….)

Message for the day

True knowledge brings humility.

Projection: True knowledge inspires and encourages one to bring about a practical change in one's life. The one with knowledge naturally imbibes it, which is also revealed in his practical life, because he is humbly willing to learn from all situations. As much as there is knowledge, so much there is divinity revealed in all words and actions.

Solution: When I am able to humbly learn from all situations. I am able to enrich my own knowledge. This knowledge further enables me to become more and more practical. So during all difficult situations, I am able to remain light and internally stable. There will be no fluctuation experienced within, whatever the challenges may be.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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