Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 25, 2016: Exploring Silence

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 25, 2016: Exploring Silence


Exploring Silence

Human beings often think about things that don’t concern them and about other people. When you think a lot you will use the word 'why'. To become silent means to emerge wisdom from within. To move into dead silence means to go beyond the consciousness of the physical body. This is a very wonderful experience for the soul; it empowers and refreshes the soul.

The Pledge Of Responsibility

A very important aspect of progress in the self and my relationships, which we all desire is restoring a sense of responsibility in my inner world, so that by doing that, I and others around me are benefitted. Even on a physical or non-spiritual level, someone who is responsible while playing his/her role or performing his/her duties either in the family, at the workplace or in some other setting e.g. a club group or a team in a particular sport or a social service group, not only feels content with his/her actions himself/herself but spreads ripples of contentment to others and receives similar energy from each one he/she is involved with. In the same way on an emotional or spiritual level, when I start my day I need to remind myself of my responsibility towards myself. I need to remind myself that I am responsible for the choices I make in my life which influence and color everyone around me. So do my thoughts, feelings, the way my personality functions internally and externally the whole day and my responses to people and situations, for all of which I am responsible.
It is like taking a pledge of responsibility with the self in the morning that today I will not create a single thought, word or action which is against the texture of my innate, positive nature i.e. irresponsible. And what will provide my pledge the much required strength of determination? An injection of positive thoughts, emotions and sanskaras within me in the morning, using a suitable technique of self empowerment like meditation or spiritual study or some other. By taking such a pledge of responsibility and by watering it with the energy of my attention from time to time during the day, I am able to implement it and can make a difference to not only the people around me, but to a lot more than that. In this way, as I change, the world around me changes, because the energy I create in my inner world starts flowing into my circumstances, my interactions, my sphere of karmas, etc. to make them positive, which benefits me in return in the form of a cyclic process. As I take this pledge and abide by it for a few days, I start realizing the immense potential that it possesses.

Change your emphasis

When you have one of "those" days, when the pace steps up, when things get hectic, or when everything seems to go wrong.... Do you instantly declare it as a "bad day"?

Try this instead: change your attitude. Put things into perspective. Look for any silver lining. 

Maybe you expanded your own boundaries or discovered that you can get more done in less time. 

Change your emphasis and you change the impact of the day and how you feel.

Message for the day

A true diamond reveals its sparkle wherever it is. 

Expression: Sometimes, we tend to get affected by the negativity of the situation. We then lose touch with our inner qualities. But reminding myself that I am like a true diamond keeps me free from negative influences. I then continue to sparkle with my inner qualities wherever I am. I can thus help get in touch with their qualities too.

Experience: Today I will smile at myself and be proud of what I am. I will remind myself that I am the true diamond that can never lose the sparkle of my inner qualities and happiness where ever I am. This practice will help me be prepared to deal with the variety of situations that life brings my way. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 24, 2016: Power to Tolerate

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 24, 2016: Power to Tolerate

Power to Tolerate

To tolerate does not mean to die, but to live in everyone's heart with love. No matter how much against you someone is, even if you have to tolerate not once but ten times, nevertheless, the fruit of the power of tolerance is imperishable and sweet.

God And I – The Task We Share (Part 6)

Living a life of service is as simple as living your daily routine in which you perform the simplest of tasks. Presently, God is choosing people from all over the world who will help Him and it is upto us, the selected ones, to fulfill His dream, a dream where everyone has the basic spiritual wisdom and is extremely noble and pure in his thoughts, words and actions and the world is like a magical place of peace, love and joy. A few lakhs or millions will awaken the billions and then we will be in the middle of an inner awakening wave where slowly, over a period of time, a percentage of the world population will get at least the basic introduction of the true knowledge of the soul, God and the history and geography of the world, as given by God. And also the whole world will atleast know about God’s present task of world change and know that God is presently changing the world from a sorrow filled hell to a happiness filled heaven, where there is no sorrow.

To bring this time close soon on this planet where God’s presence is experienced in each and every heart with a spiritual belongingness i.e. a spiritual wisdom filled love for the Supreme, we need to work hard now. Also,bring a time close where everyone says – My Supreme Father has come to liberate me from sorrowWhen everyone says mine with love and respect for God, the Supreme Father of humanity, that’s when the flag of God’s glorification will wave in the entire world and in every human being’s heart. We are looking at that future and it’s the future which God has already mentioned, will come on this planet soon, where every spiritual child will hold the flag of his or her spiritual parent’s love, based on spiritual knowledge, in his or her heart and will celebrate a union with their spiritual parent.

Enjoy the Game of Life

If life is a game, then be a good sport, not a sore loser. 

Be a good cheerleader, a loyal supporter, a good teammate.

Know when to sit on the sidelines and when to get off the sidelines and get into the game. 

When the game gets tough, rise to the challenge. When it gets too easy, take the game to the next level.

And remember, the goal is to have fun. So, get into the spirit of play and enjoy the game of life.

Message for the day

The power of stability enables to cross over all obstacles. 

Expression: The one who is stable is not influenced by one's own old habits and tendencies to react, but is able to think and act properly under all circumstances. The power of stability brings forth the best decisions in the most difficult times, brings solutions and helps in lessening the impact of the obstacle itself. 

Experience: When I am stable on the seat of a master, I am able to be free from the influence of my own old habits, those that are of weakness. Instead I am able to transform old habits into new ones, making them into those of power. Learning to be stable in the most difficult situations enables me to cross over all obstacles very easily. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 23, 2016: Quality of Thoughts

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 23, 2016: Quality of Thoughts


Quality of Thoughts

An enlightened person understands that there is nothing to be gained by thinking about others. Pure thoughts and feelings will do all the work. There is no need to think any further. The quality of your thoughts will affect your spiritual endeavour. So keep checking them. If you don't, then at some point your mode of thinking will become quite ordinary, no longer spiritual. The sign of this is that your mind begins to; race and you start reacting sensitively to little things. You become vulnerable not just to the opinions of others but even to your own limited way of understanding. Thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

God And I – The Task We Share (Part 5)

Spiritual knowledge is given to us by God, who is the Ocean of Knowledge, and has the true knowledge of the soul, Himself as well as the history and geography of the world. This spiritual knowledge should be given to every human being in the world. That is what God’s pure desire is. But how will he fulfill His desire? It is through us that His knowledge will be given to each soul in the world, through our thoughts, words and actions. Have you ever dreamt of a world where every human being had the true spiritual knowledge of him or herself and thought, spoke and acted according to that? Such a world would be a beautiful place to live in and there would be no sorrow of either the mind or the body or your role and relationships. All the sorrow in the world is because of a lack of true spiritual knowledge in human minds.

Giving knowledge to the world is God’s primary act, which He performs when He is present in the world to change it, when sorrow increases. But, He cannot perform this action without our help, because He needs human beings and the words they speak to reach out to billions of people all over the world. So, do you ever think that I should be one of those chosen ones who will become instrumental in helping God at this particular time or do you think this duty is to be fulfilled by others and not necessarily me? The world needs the friends of God, who are extremely close to Him and are taking spiritual knowledge from Him to take out time every day to help God in His task and this is something that we need to do soon. World servers are God’s right hands who perform their daily actions related to their routine, play all their relationships of family and friendship work hard for a living and succeed immensely and inspite of that give spiritual knowledge to each and every one whom they meet and love. Loving someone means that I realize my duty of giving him or her knowledge that I have and they start experiencing happiness because of the knowledge.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Restore Hope

Do you get disappointed with yourself when you fail to meet your own high expectations and standards?

The next time you fail to meet your own expectations, remove the bruise of disappointment with the balm of hope. 

Recognize that the road may be long, but at least you're on the road. Then work out the terrain ahead and your next set of steps.

Restore hope in yourself and feel the spring come back into your step.

Message for the day

When there is love, you can tolerate easily.

Thought to Ponder: Love makes you free from expectations, which enables you to accept people as they are. You can then go within yourself and discover your own strengths. You will automatically be a giver in all situations and you can tolerate very easily.

Point to Practice: Think of one person in whom you were not able to tolerate some quality. Now tell yourself that just as a mother accepts her child even with weaknesses, you will accept this person as he is. When you change your attitude towards that person you can be tolerant. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 22, 2016: Ego Destroys Love

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 22, 2016: Ego Destroys Love


Ego Destroys Love

The difficulty with ego is that it is deeply concealed. Most of us don’t even know we have it. Ego destroys love. It destroys the ability to learn, so there is no more give and take. No more love. We go through many kinds of situations all day long so we should make sure we don’t stop exchanging love. Ego can be overcome by developing humility. If we don't know how to bow love finishes.

God And I – The Task We Share (Part 4)

Whenever you begin your day each morning, begin with a vision of love and mercy for each and every individual of the world. Do you know that the negative thought energy of each individual of the world is going to each corner of the world and causing negative changes in the universe? This is showing in the form of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, droughts, and many more forms on a physical level along with negative changes in the minds of people on an emotional level. It may be difficult to believe but each of the more than 700 crore individuals of the world are contributing to a negative fall in values as well as physical energies of the world. Remember, as each one’s cumulative negative thought patterns are affecting the world in a big way, in the same way the positive thought power of a few pure and powerful minds can cause positivity to spread in the entire world and begin to change the world constructively. It does not require crores of people to bring about a change in the world, only a few thousand or a few lakh pure and highly motivated minds can do it.

We all live in a world where we are influencing each other every second with our thought energy and also changing each and every molecule of the world including every cell of our own physical body, nature in general and nature’s five elements – earth, wind, water, fire and sky. So, as a world server, it is important to realize that the world does not necessarily need the positive energy of all the people of the world. It is not possible that all of us i.e. each and every individual of the world will change in a big way or become purer. We do not have such a huge system in place where everyone starts cleaning their consciousness and that starts changing the entire world. It is only me, as an individual who can start purifying myself and bringing about a change in my immediate surroundings like in the people I am close to, my loved ones, the society in which I move about and then the city in which I stay, then in my country and then in the whole world. This is called world transformation through self-transformation.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

The 3 C's

People matter, but often we're so focused on our daily activities that we don't think about the best way to interact.

To make your interactions meaningful, practice the 3 C's: 

1) Co-operate: Lend a hand, an idea, a bit of encouragement. 
Reach out and make small, yet significant gestures.

2) Communicate: Relate honestly, respectfully and with genuine 
enthusiasm. And make your small talk count.

3) Connect: Interact face-to-face as much as possible. 
Really pay attention and listen. Listen to understand others.

Message for the day

The one who is full with all attainments is the one who is creative. 

Thought to Ponder: If I am forever dissatisfied with what life brings me, I will never be content. Without contentment there cannot be creativity and beauty in my actions. I will be able to make of what I have for something better when I am able to appreciate what I today. If I go on complaining about what I don't have, I will never be able to progress.

Point to Practice: Today I will make a list of all that I have as a gift. What I could include in the list could be a skill, a talent or even a quality. I will then put at least one of them to use, starting today. This will encourage me to use my other qualities too in a better way.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 21, 2016: Character

Daily Positive Thoughts: October 212016: Character


To forgive and forget is to reflect love. Situations pass, they cease to exist, but they continue to be alive in the mind. Open your heart and be generous, free yourself from that sorrow, forgive and forget and you will live every moment in peace.

God And I – The Task We Share (Part 3)

Giving comfort to others and caring for them is God’s nature. And remember, God is the one whom we have to follow when performing actions. Why is it that God is such a merciful parent who does not spend a single second without thinking about the benefit of the billions of humans who face some trouble or the other in their lives? God wants to liberate everyone from sorrow and bring a land of happiness for everyone. Do you know that God is an intelligent energy which is not spread all across the world but He stays in the soul world which is a world up above and beyond the five elements of nature? Because He is the most powerful being, the energy of His presence can be felt by anyone who remembers Him, wherever they may be on the planet earth. This is because God’s power of thought is so strong that He can respond to anyone who remembers Him by sending out a vibration of spiritual energy and providing help to that particular person. Because He is the purest and most powerful being that exists, God can do this for the more than 7 billion people of the world at one time.

If someone were to ask what does God do the whole day? This is one important thing that God does – taking care of the whole world and answering each human being’s prayer. Of course, to what extent He does that for each one of us depends on the cleanliness of our hearts and how much we love Him, remember Him, respect Him and follow a lifestyle full of thoughts, words and actions which He likes. So this is God’s service. Do I as God’s child think of ever following Him in this task that He performs the whole day? Serving others in the same way as God is my responsibility towards the world. I need to fulfill that responsibility in different ways.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

When things heat up, stay cool not cold. 

Lose your temper and you lose your cool.

Freeze-up emotionally and you may across as cold and distant. 

Instead, keep your head up and keep your heart strong.

Then you're likely to stay calm and clear headed.

Message for the day

Positive thoughts are the best nutrition for the mind. 

Thought to Ponder: While we know that positive thoughts are the best nutrition for the mind, we need to recognize the source of these thoughts. One good way is to spend quality time with something that acts like a good company- a person, a book or an environment. As is our company, so are our thoughts. Also, it is good to avoid bad company- company that has a subtle influence on our thinking. 

Point to Practice: Today I will spend some quality time with someone or something that will generate positive thoughts. I will spend at least 15 minutes today, which will help me to be positive and help me re-energize, because only the one who has power within is able to maintain positivity even in negative situations. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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