Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Contemplation: Seeing things truly

Contemplation: Seeing things truly

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Seeing things truly

We tend to see things not as they are but as we are. Becoming quiet and simple inside is a first step to seeing things truly.

Free from Waste

The one who wastes time and energy in gossip or slander has no time for
success. All attention is focused on picking out the mistakes and the
negativity of others and so there is no attention on learning new
things or picking out the positive. Negativity is visible in one's own
attitude, words and actions. When I am able to free myself from waste
and negative words, I am able to use the resource of my words in a
positive and useful way. My words will be for the benefit of all. I
would also notice that my words would be filled with the power of
positivity and faith, faith in the self and faith in others.

Self Realization (cont.)

People affected by anger lose their temper and become excited at the slightest provocation. Yet, when the event is over they find peace in going back to their normal nature. The same applies to all the other vices (greed, ego, lust and attachment), which are at the root of all emotional disturbances, strains, tensions and imbalances. This indicates that the vices are not the original nature of the soul.

If the soul thinks about its original nature and does everything with the realization "I am a soul, not a body" its original qualities reappear naturally. They are its basic values. It is worthless seeking them externally. It is like the musk deer running after the sweet smell of musk, unaware that it is coming from its own navel. Peace of mind is the soul's property. It automatically flows from within it once it is soul-conscious.

The soul only has to let its original sanskaras become thoughts and keep them flowing. Whatever thoughts are in its mind that is the state it experiences. Soul-conscious thoughts bring peace of mind. Body-conscious thoughts disturb the soul. It is the soul who decides what state of mind to experience. It can either be peaceful, or in peacelessness. It is the soul who has the power of decision. The situation should not dictate to the soul.

Soul Sustenance

Are You A Compulsive Complainer (Part 1)? 

We live in a world full of imperfections, and, luckily, we are not perfect either. Luckily, because being imperfect offers us the possibilities of learning, change and hope. It inspires us to make an effort and it prevents us from getting bored. However, for the one who complains it seems that the world should be perfect. With such a habit it becomes something natural to think how things should or shouldn't be or could or could not be. 

When you complain, your energy and clarity reduce and your unhappiness increases. You don't accept what there is or what is, as it is. Your complaints lead you to criticism and to useless gossip. In these kinds of conversations time and energy are lost and mistrust and unhappiness are generated. Relationships are harmed and then require a good investment of time and energy to get back the lost trust.

Someone who complains regularly expects the world to make them happy and the Universe to dance to their music. As things are almost never as they want, they are in a state of constant complaint. They don't realize that happiness comes from within and is cultivated within. They expect situations and others to make them happy. And, as this does not happen, they complain constantly. 

The person who often complains feels disappointed and gets discouraged. They feel that they cannot do anything to change what they would like to change. They feel weakened inside. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day

With benevolent feelings and good wishes we can free people from worrying. 

Expression: When we come across people who are faced with a difficult situation because of which they are worrying, we too usually tend to think about it. Instead of helping the other person to be free from worrying, we too begin to worry. This doesn't help either of us in anyway but only adds to the negativity of the situation. 

Experience: We need to develop such benevolent feelings for the ones who are going through the situation that the power of our positive feelings will spread to them too. It will act like the light of the lamp, which helps to dispel the darkness around. Only when there is positivity in the mind will they be able to think of some solution. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: Calm

Contemplation: Calm

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The Gothic Architecture of Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire, UK


In tune with my inner rhythm, I draw wisdom from the past, allowing the future to shape itself around me. My mind is a sanctuary where shafts of golden sunlight laze as though resting in the aisles of some great cathedral. Everything is as it should be. I remain simple in the midst of complexity, sure at times of unease, and clear in the company of others.


When there is the ability to find new ways of responding to life's
challenges, there is no negativity or unhappiness. Such a state helps
one to fulfill one's highest potential. This can be done when there
is an ability to see things in a new light, to work on things
differently. Thus thoughts that drain out positive energy are set
aside and the quality of life itself becomes better. I experience a lot
of happiness when there is newness brought in responding to situations.
My own potential is channelized in a positive way so there is an
experience of fulfillment and satisfaction. My mind is not caught up
with negative or waste but is busy trying for the best solutions in all

Self Realization

The soul, originally a star-like living energy point of perfect peace and purity, twinkling in the soul world is fully charged with spiritual energy, which it naturally displays as love, joy, peace and purity in its actions when it first comes into this physical world. Gradually by taking many births, it becomes attached to the sense organs and the various physical objects and it forgets its original values. Then it becomes a slave to five basic negative forces; anger, greed, ego, lust and attachment. These forces have their roots in body-consciousness, or the false belief that existence is entirely physical. Any time it suffers disappointment, worry or anxiety, it is due to the effect of anyone of these negative influences.

The soul forgets the heights of spiritual attainment and the delights of super-sensuous joy (joy which is not experienced through the sense organs) thinking itself to be a body and it searches for peace and happiness through the sense organs. It mistakenly pursues worldly pleasures in an effort to regain its former state. It forgets its true identity, nature, home and Supreme Father.

While controlled by these negative forces, the soul cannot come back to its normal state of peace, happiness and bliss.

These vices are unwelcome intruders (entrants) into the soul's original texture of purity. Until the vices have control over the soul, it will never restore its original qualities of peace, bliss, love, purity and knowledge.

(To be continued tomorrow ....)

Soul Sustenance

Frozen Perceptions 

Like water, which over a period of time freezes and takes the form of frozen ice cubes, when kept in an ice tray; perceptions of different things, people and events, inside our consciousness, which come onto the surface of our consciousness regularly i.e. we shape our thoughts, words and actions based on them, regularly, take the form of rigid perceptions over a period of time. These rigid or 'frozen perceptions', which sometimes never liquefy in our entire lifetime, are commonly called our beliefs, which can stick in our consciousness like ice cubes and be difficult to uproot at times. One of the greatest harms that holding to a set of beliefs does is, that it doesn't let us see from other peoples' point of view. 

Let's say two people look at the same painting from two different points in a room. One describes what she sees and how the painting looks to her. Then the other describes how the painting looks to him. Both perceptions are bound to be different to some extent. They are different because they look from different angles, different points (places) of viewing in the same room. So who has the right view? Neither. But what both of them see is right from their point of view.
Another e.g. is, there is Mrs. A at my workplace, whom over a period of time, I have been seeing from a certain point of view and have started perceiving to be inefficient. Bringing this perception into my consciousness repeatedly has frozen this perception inside my consciousness and it has taken the form of a belief, which may be incorrect or correct, partially or completely. Now even if three different people who have all seen Mrs. A from three different points of view i.e. in three different set of circumstances, and have seen three different shades of the same virtue i.e. efficiency in her; come and share their different, but all positive and right perceptions with me, depending on their respective circumstantial view, I will not agree with them and not respect their perception because a person with unfrozen perceptions would at least give a hearing to others' perceptions, but someone with frozen perceptions, i.e. with fixed beliefs, is not able to that and is not able to empathize with or see from others’ point of view. 

Message for the day

The one who has the spirit of service is free from wasteful thinking. 

Expression: It is usually thought of as an additional burden to think of serving others. The usual thought is to think of first serving oneself and when one is content to think of serving others. But this thought makes one miss out on the fact that both service to oneself and service to others are complementary to each other, one helping the other in a positive way. 

Experience: When we take on the responsibility of bringing benefit to others, i.e., when we consider ourselves as a humble server we will be free from wasteful and negative thinking. We will not waste our thoughts and energy on something that is not worthwhile, something that is not going to bring benefit to anyone. So each thought, word and action of ours becomes elevated. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: Balance

Contemplation:  Balance

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The indication of balance in life is a sense of well-being, optimism and a clear conscience. The foundation for achieving this is to look after myself spiritually- making my mind peaceful, loving and thoughtful. Then I will instinctively know how much time to spend on my own well-being and how much on fulfilling other responsibilities. I can only give my best to others when I am myself at my best.

Connect Within

To be nourished constantly with happiness is to be in a state of peace
and calm where one's state of mind is not dependent on the external
situation. The one who is able to connect within and find his own
uniqueness and specialties is able to express his own inner qualities.
So he is able to express happiness and positivity whatever the
circumstances may be.

A Daily Experience Of Positive Newness

A very important aspect of each one of our lives is newness. We all require a regular dosage of newness to keep our hearts and minds fresh. How can we define newness? It is a change of thoughts, feelings, words, actions, circumstances - when all or some of these deviate from the normal or are new, they give us an experience of joy. On a physical level we go on a holiday or a party, watch a movie, etc., all of these and many more such activities achieve the purpose mentioned above. We then get back to our daily routine of thoughts and actions, with more freshness, which makes the routine more interesting.

On a spiritual level, a daily dose of new and different spiritual knowledge at the start of the day does the work of newness, it rekindles our creative spirit. Newness in our thoughts then flows into our feelings, beliefs, attitude, personality or nature, perception, actions, interactions, relationships, etc. bringing newness in all of them and removing the stagnancy of the regular routine.

Meditation, which is not just a process of reducing the mind to a nil stage, but the creation of positive, constructive thoughts to take the mind to a positive experience of peace and bliss, can become boring or less interesting for many over a long term, if the thoughts created each time one meditates are the same. So feeding spiritual knowledge to the mind benefits meditation immensely, because meditation can then become an interesting, new and creative exercise each time one practices it, instead of a routine affair. Also, the speed and enthusiasm of bringing positive transformation in the self can slow down, if the methods used for the same are not changed regularly.

Fresh spiritual knowledge everyday helps us see transformation from a different perspective each day and work on it differently, which increases its speed and also helps us realize new aspects of our personality which need to be worked on. Swift self change then also brings benefit to everyone whom we interact with, all of which are significant aspects of spirituality.

Soul Sustenance

Open-Eyed Meditation 

One of the special characteristics of Raja Yoga meditation (as taught by the Brahma Kumaris) is that I learn to meditate with my eyes open. The training of the mind, so that it creates thoughts, to give a positive experience, helps me in facing not only my daily routine, but specifically, in dealing with unexpected practical life situations that test my real power. Mastering the art of meditating with my eyes open can be of immense value to me in my practical life. 

If I restrict myself to seated meditation with my eyes closed, then I am prevented from continuing the meditative experience in the course of my normal activities i.e. walking, eating, cooking, working in the office, moving around and so on. 

Meditation is at the same time an incredibly relaxing experience as well as brings about an increase of perception (judgement) powers and sharper reaction response. In this way, I can be walking along the street in a meditative state and yet have a very quick perception (judgement) and reaction response to the surrounding pedestrians and traffic. 

Message for the day

Negative situations can be transformed into positive with the power of stability. 

Expression: When faced with a negative situation, usually the mind gets affected. Lot of questions arise in the mind that don't allow us to be stable at that time. Because of the thoughts in our mind, though it is in our hands to work at transforming the situation, we don't make use of this opportunity but only end up adding to the negativity. 

Experience: In a negative situation, it is necessary for us to maintain our own inner stability. We need to free ourselves from wasteful thoughts. Then, the negativity in the situation will finish, first in our mind and then in the situation itself. Our own internal stability will help in finishing the influence of the external situation. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: Sincerity

Contemplation: Sincerity

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The practice of silently observing life enables me to understand other people's inner concerns. I become slower to judge and better able to respond openly and thoughtfully.


What one cannot achieve with pressure on the self can be very easily
achieved with patience. Patience brings a state of calm inside, which
helps in finding the answers that already lie within. It gives courage
to work on the problem in a cool and relaxed way till the solution is
found. It brings creativity into mundane things.

The Soul Body Relationship

Human being means the consciousness, the soul or being (living energy), experiencing life through the physical body, the human (non-living). The body is perishable and temporary, whereas the soul is eternal and without physical dimension.
* The soul is the driver; the body is the car.
* The soul is the actor; the body is its costume.
* The soul is a diamond; the body is the jewelry box.
* The soul is the musician; the body is the instrument.
* The soul is the guest; the body is the hotel.
* The soul is the deity; the body is the temple.

I can use a knife to chop vegetables. I can use the same knife to kill someone. The knife neither decides (outwards) nor experiences (inwards), but can be washed easily under water. Now look at the fingers which held the knife. They neither decide nor experience the actions. They too can be washed under water. It's easy to realize that the knife is an instrument, but it is more difficult to realize that the fingers as well as the arms are instruments too. The legs are instruments for walking, the eyes for seeing, the ears for hearing, the mouth for speaking, the tongue for tasting, the heart for pumping food and oxygen (via blood) around the body, and so on. Even the brain is an instrument used like a computer to express all thought, word and action programs through the body and to experience the results. If every physical part of the body is an instrument, who or what is it that is using this instrument? Very simply it is I, the self, the soul. The soul uses the word I for itself and the word my when referring to the body; my hands, my eyes, my brain, etc. I am different from my body.

Soul Sustenance

Improving The Quality Of Different Areas Of My Karmas (Part 4)

Karmas as spiritual service of others

Service of others can be seen on a very basic level as physical charity but the real service is to uplift the souls of others by inspiring them to re-claim their state of self-respect.

There is the old saying that if I give others chapattis, I feed them for a day. If I teach them how to cook chapattis, I feed them for life. In a spiritual way, this refers to the fact that instead of merely performing a positive karma like the donation of money, food, clothes, etc. if one can show others the understanding of karma and how it works and also teach them the ultimate, pure karma of coming closer to the Supreme on a spiritual level, they can make efforts to change their negative karmic situation and bring happiness, peace and positivity back in their lives.

When there is a change at the mental and emotional level, then changes will begin to show at the physical level too. Over a period of time, due to understanding spiritual knowledge (as a result of which the soul starts performing positive actions) and a deep connection with the Supreme (due to which negative actions or sins performed in the past are burned up), the karmic situation of the soul, which has been served, starts improving.

Message for the day

The one who has the spirit of service is free from wasteful thinking.

Expression: It is usually thought of as an additional burden to think of serving others. The usual thought is to think of first serving oneself and when one is content to think of serving others. But this thought makes one miss out on the fact that both service to oneself and service to others are complementary to each other, one helping the other in a positive way.

Experience: When we take on the responsibility of bringing benefit to others, i.e., when we consider ourselves as a humble server we will be free from wasteful and negative thinking. We will not waste our thoughts and energy on something that is not worthwhile, something that is not going to bring benefit to anyone. So each thought, word and action of ours becomes elevated.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: Response

Contemplation: Response

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If you can see and accept that you create your own stress according to how you are responding, you will then see that there is something you need to unlearn as well as learn. The old response needs to be unlearned, and a new response needs to be learned.

Chatting with God

One of the best ways to remain light, even in the middle of chaos and
heaviness, is to keep a conversation with God. Chatting with God, whose
responsibilities are unlimited, about trivial matters that are wearing
us down gives us a more entertaining view of life. It requires a
certain stillness of mind to hear His advice, but with practice we
learn to sense His perspective on our minor irritations. Since His mind
radiates lightness and love, the very act of opening ourselves up to
Him enables us to lighten our burdens.

At Peace With Time (cont.)

To live at peace with time is to live it with peace, trust and determination. It is different to living it out of conflict and forcing things. In order to live true freedom of being, we have to make friends with time and stop living stressed in time. We have to trust. Trust that you will arrive on time, that you will do it on time and, if not, that a particular problem will be solved. Don't let time be a stress factor. When we live stressed because of time, we lose the best of life. We stop living what is essential and important, and we get lost in the details: I have to go here, I have to finish this, I have to call up someone, and endless amounts of 'I have to...s' that consume our mental energy and make us get lost in the details of the trivial (ordinary). As well, in hurrying, we lose quality. You can do everything, but without losing what is essential; do it with love, with care, with interest, with enthusiasm, with motivation and with focus. That way every small action that you take will have a greater impact, will be more fulfilling and will bear a more positive fruit.

Soul Sustenance

Improving the Quality of Different Areas of My Karmas (Part 3) 

Karmas performed for leisure or entertainment 

When someone says they don't have time for meditation or for their spiritual development, it generally reflects an unwillingness to face the self rather than an actual lack of time. The fact that average T.V. viewing time in many countries runs to more than 15 hours a week tells its own story. To the extent that I value my time, I value my life and make myself valuable. Valuing my time, energy and money is very much a part of the whole karmic story of give and take: what they are used for, how well they are used, whether they are wasted and so on. Difficulties with time, one's own bodily energy and finances are the fruits of past indifference or wastage of these resources (either in this birth or previous births). The world financial crisis is the karmic sum total of all such individual difficulties. Am I using all that I have in a worthwhile way? Am I just wasting it or am I using it for benefit for myself and for others? These questions, answered correctly, often spell the difference between success and failure. 

Message for the day

True service is to spread the light of happiness to all around. 

Expression: In any negative situation, the usual reaction is to feel disheartened and unhappy. With this reaction to the situation, the people around too are affected as the unhappiness spreads around. Focusing this way only on the problem creates such negativity that it doesn't inspire anyone to work for a solution. 

Experience: Instead of spreading unhappiness in a difficult situation by seeing the negative aspect, we need to think of how to bring a solution. Even if we can't, we need to look at some positive aspect in it that will enable us to maintain our own positivity. When we keep ourselves happy in this way, we will be able to spread this happiness to others too. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: Happiness Is Your Property

Contemplation: Happiness Is Your Property

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Happiness Is Your Property

No matter what adverse situations come in front of you, no matter how many obstacles come in front of you, your happiness should not disappear. An obstacle that comes will also go away. That obstacle comes and goes away but what belongs to you should not go. So, happiness is your property. Whenever an obstacle comes, just think that it has come to go away. When a guest comes to your home, it isn't that he has come as a guest and will go away having taken everything from your home. So an obstacle has come and it will go away but it should not take away your happiness. Happiness should always remain with you.


True help gives support in such a way that people become independent.
When there is the right support given to the people in need, there is
the ability to do that, which makes others independent. There is the
ability to give the best, but without expecting anything in return.
Others are able to get in touch with their own specialties and use them
for their own well being and progress. When I am able to provide help
in a detached way, I become a source of support and strength, without
being caught in any kind of bondage. I am free to use my specialties
for everyone's benefit without others being dependent on me. Others
continue to take inspiration from me.

At Peace With Time (cont.)

Not only is your strength reduced by the way that you live the past and project onto the future, but also how you live in this moment. When, for example, you oppose the present and have resistances, these consume your energy and cause you stress. If you accept the present you can flow flexibly without wasting your energy.

Accepting does not mean submitting yourself or feeling a victim of what is happening now. From acceptance, you confront and transform. If we learn to live the dimensions of time in a healthy way we will keep up our vitality, we will heal the past and we will feel at peace with it. Accepting the present and trusting in the future helps us to be well.

Accepting the present means stopping comparing yourself with others; you want what the other has, their money, their talents, their beauty, their personality, their achievements, their virtues, etc. So, instead of being grateful for what you have and accepting yourself as you are, you try to have and be like the other. In this way, you are never satisfied. The dissatisfaction causes you a constant unhappiness that reduces your vitality. When you feel happy and satisfied your energy flows more easily. The most important thing that you should do in this moment is to feel content. Next, what is the most important thing? To be content.

Therefore, the priority, and what is essential, is that whatever happens in the moment, the most important thing is to be content. So, tell your mind, "Oh, mind, be quiet and don't think so much. Oh, mind, kindly trust that everything is and will be fine." Give your mind the basic instructions and the key thoughts with which to be content. Don't let your own mind create the thoughts that trap you. It is we ourselves who create our emotional cages.

(To be continued tomorrow ...)

Soul Sustenance

Improving  the Quality Of Different Areas Of My Karmas (Part 2) 

Karmas performed for the self

If I, the soul, am the master of my body, then I have to look after its upkeep. The consciousness with which I feed and take care of the body has to be such that my actions don't bring me into further attachment to it. They have to be of such quality that they bring me closer to God and help to reduce my bodily ego or the pull towards physical desires. I have to work, cook, feed and wash the body but these activities can be done in such a way that they bring me closer to my destination of perfection, of freedom and of liberation. 

Karmas in our relationships

There is specific energy that drives all relationships - that of credit and debit, give and take. These are the so called karmic accounts that have been created in the past (either in this birth or previous births) and which now determine the quality and quantity of all our interactions and their results, in terms of joy or sorrow, in all our relationships. It's not necessary to find out exactly what the karmic root cause of a problem in a relationship may have been. A very simple guideline to improve the quality of our interactions is: 

Rather than take, let me give, so there won't be any further debts. Whether it is colleagues at work, family relationships or friends, let me see if there is a way in which I can fulfill my responsibility with integrity and honesty. If I am not doing that, if I am moving away from my responsibilities, I am adding to my karmic burden. In what way can I give or serve, so that there is no longer conflict, tension and struggle but just sweetness and respect in my relationships? 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day

Real positivity is being positive even in negative situations. 

Expression: It seems very difficult, if not impossible, to maintain positive thoughts when we are faced with a negative situation. Even with a strong intention to be positive, challenges come in the form of relationships, physical illness, difficult circumstances etc and we find ourselves weakening. 

Experience: A long time of practice of maintaining inner self-respect is what will help us in a difficult situation. To maintain self-respect means to understand and appreciate our own uniqueness. With this practice of self-respect we will not be dependent on the external situation but will find the strength within. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Contemplation: Easiness

Contemplation: Easiness

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River of Flowers in Keukenhof, Holland


As we grow in strength in our spiritual life, we give up the habit of worrying. It serves no purpose other than to make us feel tense and miserable. When I stop fretting about things that are beyond my control and focus instead on generating optimistic and kind thoughts, my life can begin to flow in ever more positive directions. Such a light and easy approach to life enables me to take everything in my stride.

Clear Aim

When the aim is clear, constant effort is put in to fulfill this aim.
There is an ability to learn from the obstacles, adjust to them or
ignore them in order to move forward. There is the understanding and
the faith that even the worst situation will take one forward. So the
one who understands this doesn't stop with any kind of difficult or
challenging situation, but is able to recognize and use one's own

At Peace With Time

To live in freedom you have to live at peace (harmony) with time; live the dimension of time as a creator of time and not a slave of time; live without being either a prisoner or victim of time. To live at peace with time is to live in harmony with nature, beginning with your inner nature. When you plant a sapling today, you cannot accelerate the process so that the next day you have a tree. When it is summer, you cannot make the earth revolve around the sun quicker or slower for winter to arrive before or later. Everything has its rhythm in nature. We have distanced ourselves from the natural rhythm and our accelerated mind exercises pressure, creates stress and causes anxiety. We plan the future, we are stuck in the past and the present escapes us.

Many worries have to do with how we live time: the past, the present and the future. Worrying about what might happen (future), when the moment has not yet come for it to happen, takes away from us the necessary energy to deal with it when it finally arrives. Living in memories drains our energy; the past already happened and no longer exists, except in our memory. We feed memories, not realizing that emerging the memory in our mind distracts us from the present and weakens us. It is like being a plug that connects to a socket with no current passing through. We lose our energy. We want to relive an experience that already happened, and in the end we feel disappointed, feeling a mental and emotional waste.

(To be continued tomorrow ...)

Soul Sustenance

Improving the Quality of Different Areas of My Karmas (Part 1) 

Karma yoga (experiencing meditation in practical life situations) functions in two ways: 

• By filling the self with power, the transformation of action is possible. This in turn brings about change in my sanskars. 
• By absorbing the qualities of the Supreme Being my sanskars change. 
It's necessary to experiment with this to discover its validity. On one level, whatever I have done, I have to receive the return for that but, on another level, just simply pure love for God is the factor that purifies, cleanses and forgives. Whatever my past karma may have been, the fire of God's love, the fire of a powerful connection with Supreme is able to resolve it and remove its impact from within the soul itself, in terms of negative personality sanskars and also in terms of negative karmic effects in real life situations. Thus it can be seen why yoga or the union of love with God is so crucial. 

If one looks at the whole pattern of human life, there are four areas of karma which need to be improved: 

• Karma that I perform for myself, for my own sustenance and upkeep. 
• Karma that I perform with or for others in terms of relationships. 
• Karma that I perform, not out of need or necessity, but for leisure or entertainment. 
• Karma that I perform as service of others. 

In the next three messages, we shall explain how we can improve these four areas of karma. 

Message for the day

The one with the vision of perfection constantly experiences progress. 

Expression: Many times, as we are moving ahead in the path of our life, we find ourselves stagnating. There seems to be no progress at all in any aspect of our life. We try to bring about a few changes that work for sometime. But after sometime we find ourselves dissatisfied and we stop trying. 

Experience: We need to have the vision of perfection constantly in front of our eyes. We need to ask ourselves what is it that we expect out of ourselves, to be a source of joy to others, to keep learning.... it could be anything that inspires us to constantly move ahead while appreciating all that life brings. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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