कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Essence of Murli September 02, 2014

Essence of Murli September 02, 2014:

Essence: Sweet children, Brahmins are the topknot and shudras are the feet. When you become Brahmins from shudras, you can then become deities.

Question: What pure feelings do you have that people oppose?

Answer: Your pure feelings are that this old world should end and the new world be established. For this, you say that the destruction of this old world is about to take place, but people oppose even this.

Question: What is the main law of this Court of Indra?

Answer: No impure shudra can be brought to this gathering of the Court of Indra (Indrprasth). If anyone brings someone impure here, that one also accumulates sin.

Blessing: May you be truly loving and remain free from all attractions by your heart imbibing the Father’s love.

The Father gives all the children the same love, but the children imbibe that love according to their own power. No other love attracts those who imbibe the Father’s love in the beginning of the day at amrit vela, because they have God’s love merged in their heart. If you do not completely fill your heart with love, then, because there is space, Maya attracts you with various forms of love. Therefore, be truly loving and remain full of God’s love.

Today, from the blessing we also can infer:

Baba’s treasures are unlimited. Fill yourself with whatever you can, and to whatever extent you can. Make yourself so full that there is no lacking in anything and nothing else can penetrate. Have spiritual love for all.

Slogan: Instead of trying to break the rock of problems with the hammer of waste thoughts, take a high jump and become those who overcome the mountain of problems.


Points to churn from the slogan:

By releasing the arrows of silence, we, the souls, can bring about greenery in the desert and can even extract water from a hard mountain...with our fingers of determined thought, we finish the iron-aged mountains of problems... we are the intense effort-makers taking a high jump...  we do not keep our feet in the old world of our body and bodily relations, and  close all gates to all attractions and attachments ...we are here but not here...by being beyond the awareness of the corporeal world we do not waste time over trivial matters.... by being the trustees of our bodies and minds, that is, of our thoughts, by giving the Father all our responsibilities, we take a high jump...



Om shanti. The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children. You spiritual children know that you are once again establishing your deity kingdom for yourselves because you are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Only you know this. However, Maya still makes you forget this. You wish to become deities, and so Maya makes you into shudras from Brahmins. Because of not remembering Shiv Baba, Brahmins become shudras.

You children know that you are establishing your own kingdom. When the kingdom is established, this old world will not remain. Everyone is sent to the land of peace from this world. These are your pure feelings. However, when you say that this world is about to be destroyed, people will definitely oppose you. They say: What are these Brahma Kumaris saying? They continually speak of destruction.

You know that only in this destruction will there be benefit for Bharat in particular and the world in general. People of the world do not know this. When destruction takes place, everyone will go to the land of liberation. You now belong to the Godly community. Previously, you belonged to the devilish community.

God Himself says to you: Constantly remember Me alone. The Father knows that no one can remain in constant remembrance. If anyone were to be in constant remembrance, his sins would be absolved and he would then reach his karmateet stage. At present, all are effort-makers. Only those who become Brahmins will become deities. From being Brahmins they will become deities.

The Father has explained that Brahmins are the topknot. When children do a somersault, first is the head, the topknot. Brahmins always have a topknot. You are Brahmins. Previously, you were shudras, that is, you were the feet. You have now become Brahmins, the topknot, and you will then become deities. The face is said to represent the deities, the arms are the warriors, the stomach is the merchants and the feet are the shudras. Shudras means those with shudra intellects, degraded intellects. Those who don’t know the Father are said to have degraded intellects.

In fact, they continue to defame the Father even more. This is why the Father says: Whenever there is defamation in Bharat, I come. The Father only speaks to those who are residents of Bharat. Wherever there is extreme irreligiousness...( "Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavati Bharat),  the Father comes in Bharat alone. He doesn't come anywhere else.

Bharat alone is the imperishable land. The Father is also imperishable. He never comes into the cycle of birth and death. The Father sits here and gives this knowledge to only you imperishable (avinaashi) souls. This body is perishable (vinaashi). You have now shed the consciousness of the body and have begun to consider yourselves to be souls. The Father has explained: During the festival of Holi, when they cook a "koki" (sweet chappati with a thread through it), the koki gets burnt, but the thread doesn't. The soul can never be destroyed. That example is based on this.

 Human beings do not know that souls are imperishable. They say that souls are immune (nirlep) to the effect of action. The Father says: No, it is souls that perform good and bad actions through their bodies. Souls shed one body and take another and suffer for their actions. So, souls carry those karmic accounts. This is why people in the devilish world experience a lot of sorrow. Their lifespan is also short, but people consider all of that sorrow to be happiness.

You children tell them so much to become viceless, but, nevertheless, they say that they cannot stay without poison. This is because they are the shudra community; they have shudra intellects. You have become Brahmins, the topknot. The topknot is the highest of all; it is even higher than the deities. At this time you are even higher than the deities because you are with the Father. The Father is teaching you at this time. The Father has become your obedient Servant.

A father is the obedient servant of his children. He creates children, takes care of them, educates them and then, when the children have grown up and he has become old, he gives all his property to his children, adopts a guru and steps aside, he goes into the stage of retirement. He adopts a guru in order to go to the land of liberation. However, he cannot go to the land of liberation. Parents take care of their children. For instance, if the mother falls ill, then the father has to clean the child. Therefore, the parents are the servants of the children. They give all their property to their children.

The unlimited Father says: When I come, I do not go to little children. All of you are grown up. I sit here and give you teachings. When you become Shiv Baba's children, you are called BKs. Prior to that, you were shudra kumars and kumaris; you were in the brothel. At present, you are not residents of the brothel. No vicious beings can stay here; they don't have a right. You are BKs. This place is for BKs to stay in.

Some children are very foolish and they don't understand that those who are impure and indulge in vice are called shudras, and that they don't have a right to stay here; they cannot come here. There is the story of the Court of Indra. This is the Court of Indra where there is the rain of knowledge. If any BK secretly allows an impure person to sit in this gathering, then both of them are cursed: May you turn to stone! This is the true Court of Indra. This is not a spiritual gathering of shudra kumars and kumaris.

Deities are pure whereas shudras are impure. The Father comes and makes impure ones into pure deities. You are now becoming pure from impure. So, this is the Court of Indra. If someone brings a vicious person without permission, he receives a lot of punishment and becomes one with a stone intellect. You are becoming those with divine intellects here.

So, those who bring such people are also cursed: Why did you secretly bring a vicious person here? You didn’t even ask Indra (the Father). Therefore, so much punishment is received. These are incognito matters. You are now becoming deities. The laws are very strict. They fall in their stage and they completely turn to stone. They have stone intellects, and they don't even make effort to become those with divine intellects. These matters are incognito and only you children can understand them. BKs stay here, and it is the Father who makes them into deities, that is, He makes those with stone intellects (patthar buddhi) into those with divine intellects (paaras buddhi).

The Father explains to you sweetest children: No one should break any laws. Otherwise, they will be caught by the five vices - lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. These are the five big evil spirits of half the cycle. You have come here to chase away the evil spirits. Souls that were pure and clean have become impure, unclean, unhappy and diseased. There is a lot of sorrow in this world. The Father comes and rains the rain of knowledge. He only does that through you children. He is creating heaven for you. You alone become deities with the power of yoga. The Father Himself doesn't become that. The Father is the Servant. A teacher is also a servant of the students. He serves them and educates them. The Teacher says: I am your most obedient Servant. Other teachers make them into barristers, engineers etc., and so they are servants.

In the same way, gurus too show the path. They become servants and do the service of taking souls to the land of liberation. However, nowadays, none of those gurus can take anyone there, because they themselves are impure. Only the one Satguru is ever pure. All the gurus themselves are also impure. This whole world is impure. The golden age is called the pure world and the iron age is called the impure world. Only the golden age is said to be full heaven. It is two degrees less in the silver age. You children understand these things and imbibe them. People of the world do not know anything. It isn't that the whole world will go to heaven.

The people of Bharat who were there in the previous cycle will come once again and become deities in the golden and silver ages. Then, in the copper age, they will begin to call themselves Hindus. In fact, even until now, the souls who come down from up above into the Hindu religion also call themselves Hindus. However, they do not become deities, nor do they go to heaven. They will come down at their own time after the copper age begins and will call themselves Hindus.

Only you, who have parts from the beginning to the end, become deities. This is a very big yukti in the drama. This doesn't sit in the intellects of many and so they are unable to claim a high status. This is the story of the true Narayan. Those people tell false stories. No one becomes Lakshmi or Narayan through them. You become that in a practical way here. In the iron age, there is nothing but falsehood. It is said: Maya is false, the body is false.... The kingdom of Ravan is falsehood. The Father is creating the land of truth. Only you Brahmin children know this. However, you also know it numberwise, according to the effort you make, because this is a study.

Those who study very little fail. This study only takes place once. Later, it will be difficult to study. Those who studied in the beginning and then departed having shed their bodies took those sanskars with them. So, they must have come here again and would be studying. However, their names and forms have changed. It is souls that receive whole parts of 84 births which they play through their various names, forms, time periods and places.

Such a tiny soul receives such a big body. There is a soul in every being. Such a tiny soul also exists in a tiny mosquito too. All of these are very subtle matters that have to be understood. Only the children who understand these things well will become beads of the rosary. The rest will claim a status worth a few pennies. Your flower garden is now being created. Previously, you were thorns.

The Father says: The thorn of the vice of lust is very bad. It causes sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. The main reason for sorrow is lust. Only by conquering lust will you become conquerors of the world, and it is this that many people find difficult. It is with great difficulty that they become pure. Those who became pure in the previous cycle will become pure again. It is understood who are making effort and who will become the highest-on-high deities. You change from an ordinary man into Narayan and from an ordinary woman into Lakshmi. In the new world, both husband and wife are pure; they are now impure.

When they were pure, they were satopradhan. They have now become tamopradhan. Both have to make effort here. Sannyasis cannot give this knowledge. That religion of the path of isolation is totally separate.

God teaches both men and women here. He says to both: Now, change from shudras into Brahmins and then become Lakshmi and Narayan. Not everyone will become that. There is also the dynasty of Lakshmi and Narayan. No one knows how they claimed their kingdom. It was their kingdom in the golden age.

People understand this, but it has been said that the golden age is hundreds of thousands of years, and so that is ignorance. The Father says: This is a forest of thorns whereas that is a garden of flowers. Before coming here, you were devils, and from devils you are now becoming deities. Who is making you that? The unlimited Father. When it was the kingdom of deities, there was no one else there. Only you understand this. Those who don't understand are said to be impure. This is the gathering of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. If people do anything devilish, they curse themselves and they become those with stone intellects.

They are not those with golden intellects, those who become Narayan from an ordinary man. They receive proof of this. They will then go and become third grade maids and servants. Even now, kings have maids and servants. It is remembered that some people's wealth remained buried in the ground.... (Kinki dabi rahegi dhool men, kinki raja khaaye)... There will be incendiary bombs and poison gas bombs too. Death definitely has to come. They are preparing such things that there will be no need for human beings or weapons. Just sitting somewhere, they will be able to release the bombs, and they will spread poison in such a way that it will quickly finish everyone off. So many millions of people will die. This is not a small thing.

 In the golden age, there are so few people. All the rest will have gone to the land of peace which is the residence of us souls. Heaven is in the golden age and hell is in this iron age. This cycle continues to turn. By our becoming impure, this becomes the land of sorrow.

The Father then takes you to the land of happiness. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is now granting salvation to everyone, and so there should be happiness. People are afraid, but they don't understand that it is through death that they will receive liberation and salvation. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The spiritual children says namaste to the spiritual Father.

Daily Positive Thoughts: September 02, 2014: The Value of Silence

Daily Positive Thoughts: September 02, 2014: The Value of Silence

The Value of Silence

Silence means unplugging, disconnecting from the many sources that absorb our energy: problems, worry, pleasing, fear and overload. To be released quickly from all these debilitating socket points, we need to become introspective and quiet. This revitalizes our thoughts.
Every thought we create is energy and it produces its own current, whether negative or positive. In quietness I step inside and I stabilize myself in the thought of that original peace. Then slowly, I begin to feel great. This original current of peace releases me from burden and fear.

The Inner Voice

We all face moral choices in life but it can be easy to ignore the
little voice which is telling you to do the right thing. But learning
to listen to your conscience and developing a strong sense of your own
values will help you develop a feeling of well-being in your life which
will help lift your mood daily. People come under the influence of
other people and they don't even realize what they are doing. Once I
have understood what is right nobody can influence me to do anything
which is not right. If you don't listen to your conscience what is the
point of life? It may as well be a life that is like being dead.

Overcoming Sorrow By Regaining My Original Texture Of Purity

Unless the soul regains its original sanskars of purity, it cannot escape suffering and grief. Purity is the foundation of peace and bliss. And for purity the soul requires the removal of every trace of negativity. Souls are burdened with the accumulated negative sanskars of their previous births, the extent of which varies from soul to soul. According to the law of karma, the soul has to experience suffering as a result of its wrongful acts. A pure soul does not suffer. The evidence that most human beings are bearing sorrow in some form or the other shows that nowadays souls are carrying a load of negative sanskarsresulting from wrong actions committed in this and their past lives.
A question can be asked, "Can a soul be relieved of all its past negative actions through suffering for the same in its present life?" Not really, because due to the cyclic nature of the thought process there is a cumulative effect of negative sanskars which forces the soul to perform more negative actions than it can clear through suffering. That is why the degrees of purity of the soul decrease continuously. The downfall becomes steeper due to the cumulative effect of vices. Negative sanskars give rise to negative thoughts which lead to negative actions, resulting in the formation of still more negative sanskars. Thus, souls are caught in a downward spiral from which they are unable to release themselves. Meditation, however, opens the door to God, and through rising above all physical laws, one can set oneself free from the effects of all wrong actions. Through connection with the purest Supreme Soul, the sanskars of the soul are automatically purified and it moves further towards its original state of purity, peace and bliss.

Soul Sustenance

The Consciousness Switchover

While we have explained in many of our past messages what body consciousness or attachment to physicality is and how it leads to a creation of lot many different types and shades of vices or weaknesses which tend to creep into our sanskaras, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, words, actions, etc. as a result of which we lose access to our pure, positive inherent nature; another process of subtle attachment to physicality that we get drawn into regularly, which leads to the same result, but on a more subtle level, is karma or action consciousness where there is no over consciousness of the physical body but one gets so engrossed in the role one is playing that one becomes role conscious and experiences bondage and burden and mental freedom is lost. As a result our inner comfort and contentment levels drop, others tend to become discontent with us and we become discontent with them, our relationships suffer, the efficiency in our actions drop, even our physical body is affected and we don’t know the reason for the same.

Most of us will experience body consciousness once in a while but we experiencekarma consciousness every day, something which we don’t perceive as negative but it gives a negative result because it is a subtle form of body consciousness, which can accumulate inside us over a period of time and cross the boundaries of subtlety and take a gross form. What is a simple solution for the same? A consciousness switchover from role or karma consciousness to soul consciousness at different points in the day and then returning to playing the part of karma with a revised consciousness. The role remains the same and is to be played, the soul cannot exist without it, but the consciousness is changed.

In tomorrow’s message, we will mention a few very simple methods which help us in doing that.

Message for the day

The one who sacrifices name and fame is the one who gets recognition.

Projection: When we make a positive contribution we usually want to get recognition for it. We might not always say it in words but there is always an expectation that others should recognise our contribution.

Solution: We need to make sure that we enjoy whatever we do. Since the task itself becomes enjoyable for us, we don't anymore expect recognition. The more we become free from expectations we get the love from others and recognition too.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Essence of Murli September 01, 2014:

Essence of Murli September 01, 2014:

Essence: Sweet children, you have played all-round parts throughout the whole cycle. Your parts have now ended and you have to return home.

Question: With which words do you children praise your fortune?

Answer: We are Brahmins, the topknot. Incorporeal God sits here and teaches us. In the world, human beings teach human beings, whereas here, it is God Himself who is teaching us, and so we are so fortunate.

Question: Who has the highest position in this drama?

Answer: The incorporeal Father. He is the Father of all you souls. All souls are bound by the thread (sootr) of the drama. The Father's position is the highest position of all.

Essence for dharna:

1.      Become a spiritual guide and show everyone the way to the spiritual home. You have to rule the whole world with the weapons (astr-shastr) of knowledge and yoga. Become doubly non-violent.

2.      Those who play the all-round parts of 84 births also have to become all-rounders at this time. You have to do all types of work. Whilst observing the part of each and every actor in the unlimited variety drama, you have to remain cheerful.

Blessing: May you consider adverse situations (paristhiti) to be your teacher and thereby learn lessons from them and so become an experienced image.(anubhavi moort)

Instead of becoming afraid in any situation, consider them to be your teacher for just a short time. The situations make you especially experienced in two powers: One is the power of tolerance (sahan) and the other is the power to face (saamnaa). Learn these two lessons and you will become experienced. When you say that you are a trustee and that nothing is yours, why then do you become afraid of the situations? A trustee means that you have handed everything over to the Father. Therefore, whatever happens will definitely be good. With this awareness, remain constantly carefree and an embodiment of power.

Today, from the blessing we also can infer:

There is something to be learnt from everyone and also benefit from every situation. Never think you are a “know-all.” Whatever you experience in the learning process should be considered valuable. That experience makes you wiser, so situations in the future do not catch you off-guard. Your ongoing journey is thus smoother.

Slogan: Those who are sweet tempered (meetha mijaaz) cannot cause sorrow for anyone even by mistake.

Points to churn from the slogan:

By repeatedly remembering the Father, we reduce our pain, with yoga we remove the sufferings of karma, with the power of yoga we remove our sorrow and become happy, and radiate happiness by having happy temperaments...


By being free from anger, free from attachment and free from greed, we, the souls, keep our tempers very sweet, and do not cause anyone sorrow even by mistake...even when somebody tells us something in anger, we listen from one ear and remove it from the other...we are the worthy children who do not let our physical organs commit any sinful actions...

Om shanti.

The spiritual Father asks you spiritual children: Sweetest children, do you remember your home, the land of peace? You haven't forgotten it, have you? The cycle of 84 has now ended. You have understood how it has ended. No one else from the golden age to the end of the iron age can ask this. Only the Father asks you sweetest, beloved children: Do you now want to go home? You have to go home and then go to the land of happiness. This is not the land of happiness. This is the old world, the land of sorrow, whereas that is the land of peace and the land of happiness. You now have to be liberated from this sorrow and return to the land of liberation. It is as though the land of liberation, that is, the land of peace, is just ahead of you. That is your home. Then you will go to the new world where there will only be purity, peace and happiness. You understand this. This is what people sing. People call out to the Father: O Purifier, take us away from this impure world! There is a lot of sorrow here! Take us into happiness! Do you remember this? Everyone remembers heaven. When someone sheds his body, they say that he has gone to heaven: “Left for the heavenly abode.” Who left? The soul. The body doesn't go anywhere. It is the soul that goes. Now, only you children know the land of peace and the land of happiness. No one else knows them. You children have the knowledge in your intellects of what the land of peace is and what the land of happiness is. You were in the land of happiness and are now in the land of sorrow. Seconds, minutes, hours, days and years have passed by. Now, only a few more days of the 5000 years remain. The Father continues to remind you children. This is very easy. There is no need to be confused about this. No one even knows how a soul takes 84 births. It would be difficult for anyone to remember anything that was hundreds of thousands of years. This is a matter of 5000 years. Businessmen draw a swastika on their account books and call that Ganesh. Ganesh has also been shown with an elephant's trunk. People spend money and draw pictures etc. but that is called a waste of time. You had so much strength. That has continued to be reduced day by day, just as petrol in a car continues to be used up. You have now become very weak. What was Bharat 5000 years ago? There was limitless happiness; there was such an abundance of wealth. How did they attain that kingdom? They had studied Raja Yoga. There is no question of a war in this. These are called the weapons (astr-shastr) of knowledge. There isn't anything physical here. There are the weapons of knowledge.

The weapons of gyan and vigyan - knowledge and remembrance - are so powerful. You rule the whole world. Deities are called non-violent. You children are now being given teachings to change from human beings into deities. You know that we claim this unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father every 5000 years. This refers to souls. There is no question of a physical war in this. Souls have become impure, and they therefore call out to the Father to become pure. The Father now says: Sweetest children, you now have to return home. This is the world of living beings and that is the world of souls. That cannot be called the world of living beings. You should repeatedly remember that you are residents of the faraway land. The home of us souls is Brahmand. It should remain in your intellects that you reside there, beyond this element of sky, where there is no sun or moon etc. We residents of that place have come here to play our parts. We play our parts for 84 births. Not everyone can take 84 births. Souls slowly (ahiste-ahiste) continue to come down from up above. We are all-rounders. Those who do all types of work are called all-rounders. You too are all-rounders. Your parts exist from the beginning to the end. It is now the end of this cycle, but nevertheless, souls still continue to come down from up above. Many children still remain up there and they continue to come down. Growth continues to take place. The Father has explained to you children the meaning of "hum so". Those people say that the soul is the Supreme Soul. They don't know anything of the drama, its duration or its beginning, middle and end. The Father has explained to you: At present, you are Brahmins in those bodies. Shiv Baba has adopted you through Prajapita Brahma and is teaching you. You should remember at least this much: The Father is teaching us. He is God, the Highest on High. All souls are threaded in the thread of this drama. You now know that, in the beginning, you were deities, and that you then went into the warrior religion, that is, you went from the sun dynasty into the moon dynasty and you took that many births. You should know all of these things. At first, you didn't have any of this knowledge.

The Father has now explained to you that this is a somersault of the clans. From shudras, you have now become Brahmins. From Brahmins, you will then become deities. They show the variety-form image. You have all the knowledge in your intellects about how you came down and then came into the Brahmin clan, and then went into the deity dynasty. You Brahmins are now the topknot. The topknot is the highest of all. Who else would be considered to have such a high clan as yours? God, the Father, has come and is teaching you. You are so fortunate. At least praise your fortune a little! Outside, it is all human beings who teach human beings. Here, it is the incorporeal Father. That Father comes once every cycle and gives you knowledge. Everyone studies. Some study knowledge for becoming a barrister and become barristers.

There, all are human beings who continue to teach human beings. These are the versions of God. Human beings can never be called God. That One is the Incorporeal. He comes here and teaches you children. A study is neither studied in the subtle region nor in the incorporeal world. Study takes place here. There is no need to be confused about this. Would students in a school ever say that they are confused or that they don't have faith? They study and claim their status. How did Lakshmi and Narayan become the masters of the world at the beginning of the golden age? They definitely became that through the Father. The Father would tell the truth. God would not tell you anything wrong. This is a very important examination. At this time, it is the rule of people over people; there are no kings or queens. They used to exist in the golden age, but not now, at the end of the iron age. This is called the rule of the people. They have written about the Kauravas and the Pandavas in the Gita. However, you are spiritual guides. You show everyone the way to the spiritual home. That is the spiritual home of you souls. Souls take birth and play their parts. No one except you knows these things. None of the sages or holy men etc. know the Creator or the beginning, middle and end of creation. They speak of hundreds of thousands of years. However, that couldn’t be accounted for: it couldn’t be divided into half and half. There is a full half of the land of happiness and a full half of the land of sorrow. This is the impure, vicious world, whereas that is viceless. The Father is the Highest on High, but He is so ordinary! When people meet senior officers etc., they give them so much regard. In the impure world, impure human beings only see impure human beings. Pure ones are incognito.

Externally, nothing is visible. The Father is called knowledge-full and blissful. The Father is full of everything. This is why He is called the Ocean of Knowledge. The praise of the position of each human being is separate. An adviser is called an adviser; a Prime Minister is called a Prime Minister. That One is God, the Highest on High. The highest position is that of the incorporeal Father whose children we all are.

All of us reside there with the Father in the supreme abode. That is our home. Here, everyone has received his own individual part. Some even play parts for one birth and then go back home. The Father explains: This is the variety tree of the human world. No two can be the same. All souls are the same, but no two bodies are the same. They show plays in which they have two people with identical faces, and there is confusion over which one is her husband. This is an unlimited play. No two can be the same here. Each one's features are separate. Even though their ages may be the same, their features cannot be the same. The features continue to change in every birth. It is such an unlimited play. So, you should know it. You have the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world in your intellects. Everyone would only play whatever their parts are in the drama. No one can be replaced in this drama. This is an unlimited drama. Souls continue to take birth. Each one's features are different. There is such a variety of features. All of this knowledge is to be understood with your intellect. There are no books etc. here. Does the God of the Gita bring a book in His hands? He is the Ocean of Knowledge, He hasn't brought a book. It is on the path of devotion that they write religious books. All of this is fixed in the drama. No two seconds can be the same. Everything has been explained to you children. When the cycle ends, it will then begin again. You are now studying. You now know the Father and creation. You have come here from the incorporeal world to play your parts. The stage is so big, no one can measure it; no one can reach the end of it. No one can reach the end of the ocean or the sky. This is why they are said to be infinite. Previously, they didn't try to find out about these things so much, but now they do. Science also exists now. Then, when will it begin again? When it is their parts. So, none of these things are mentioned in the scriptures.

Instead of writing the name of the One who spoke the knowledge, they have inserted the name of the one who heard the knowledge. This one is an ugly soul whereas that One is a beautiful soul. The ugly soul listened to that One and became beautiful. You receive such an elevated status through knowledge. This is a Gita pathshala. Who is teaching you? God is teaching you Raja Yoga for the land of immortality. That is why this is called the story of immortality. He would definitely have told it at the confluence age. Those who studied it in the previous cycle will come and study again and then claim their status, numberwise.

How many times have you come here? Countless. When anyone asks when this play began, you say: It has continued eternally. There is no question of counting. There cannot even be the thought of asking. In the scriptures, there are all the stories of the path of devotion which they continue to read. Here, there are many languages, whereas in the golden age, there aren't many languages. You are now establishing one religion,

one language and one kingdom. Those people continue to give prizes to people who give advice for the establishment of peace. Shiv Baba advises you how to establish peace in the whole world. What prize would you give Him? In fact, He is the One who gives you a prize; He doesn't take one. These matters have to be understood. It was only yesterday when it was their kingdom. Now there isn't even enough space to live in. There, there is no need to construct two or three-storey buildings. There is no need for wooden buildings etc. There, there are buildings of gold and silver. Buildings there are built very quickly with the force of science. Here, there is happiness as well as sorrow through science. The whole world is to be destroyed through it. This is called the fall of Pompei. There is so much pomp of Maya. It is as though this is heaven for wealthy people, and this is why they don't listen to you. Previously, you too didn't know anything. The Father comes here and teaches you directly. Outside, it is the children who teach others.

They also continue to remember their friends and relatives etc. The Father sits here and explains to you. Day by day, you will continue to become strong on the pilgrimage of remembrance, and then you won't remember anything else. You will just remember your home and the kingdom, you won't remember your job etc. You will die instantly, like people do through heart failure while just sitting. There will be no question of sorrow then. There won't be any hospitals etc. Once you know the Father, you become the masters of heaven. You have this right. Not everyone has this right because not everyone will go to heaven. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The spiritual children says namaste to the spiritual Father.

Daily Positive Thoughts: September 01, 2014: Protect Yourself

Daily Positive Thoughts: September 01, 2014: Protect Yourself

Beachy Head, England

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself from useless and negative thoughts by maintaining a positive attitude.


Usually when I talk about control I only think of controlling others or
situations, I rarely ever think of self-control. Again controlling the
self is understood as something difficult and painful. So I force
myself to change or adapt my thoughts, words and behavior with a great
deal of difficulty. This further makes it difficult for me to have the
interest for self-control. To have control over myself means to be a
master. My thoughts, words and behavior need to be according to my
orders. This is real self-control. For this I need the practice of
being a master and not to become a slave to anything, even if it is
mine. The more I practice the consciousness of being a master,
everything that is mine will naturally obey my orders.

Experiencing A Spiritual Lifestyle Without Renouncing Society

A good meditator is one who has a mental link or union with the internal self and the Supreme Soul or God who is the source of all goodness. This, along with an understanding of the laws of action or the laws of karma, which govern the behavior of souls, means that one does not have to renounce or leave society in order to achieve enlightenment. Rather, the soul filled with spiritual illumination faces society directly with understanding and the generosity to serve it and to elevate (improve) it.

The soul becomes elevated not by the renunciation of responsibilities or worldly duties but by a renunciation of the negativity that exists within the role being played by it in society. A good meditator does not try to escape social obligations (duties) but rather purifies those duties by becoming filled with light, love, peace and happiness. The stage of self-awareness and God-communication injects a subtle richness into one's life-patterns.

There are those who believe that the elevated state is beyond society and its duties. They find a quiet spot in the jungle or an ashram and contemplate (think about) deeper things. There are others who are stuck in the quicksand of their problems, and believe that those who leave society and take up a spiritual lifestyle are saints. However, holiness and virtue are qualities attained in one's life situations, not in running away from them. The elevated state is not merely a matter of elevated thoughts (which can be experienced in a sanyas), but elevated actions also, for the benefit of the self and the world. We are what we do and not so much what we imagine ourselves to be.

Soul Sustenance

The Spiritual Sculptor and The Piece Of Art

A sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork created by an artisan, a sculptor, by shaping materials which may be hard like wood or stone or soft like clay. God or the Supreme Being also has been remembered as the spiritual sculptor. With that consciousness, I being like a rough living block of wood or stone or a plain piece of clay, place myself in his safe hands. There are three types of faith in this consciousness:-

1. the faith in the Sculptor,

2. the faith in myself

3. the faith in time.

It's my first faith, my faith in the Sculptor, in his vision of his finished work i.e. a perfect and complete me, which he foresees, waiting to emerge from my present imperfect self, that allows me place myself in his hands.
His vision of perfection is so clear that knowing it, I feel I must regain my original condition. Also when I come in front of God, who is a perfect spiritual being, his love and the knowledge he gives me makes me aware of myself as a spiritual being similar to him. This awareness then reminds me of my original qualities and the spiritual beauty and perfection hidden inside me, which helps me in having the second faith, the faith in myself. I am able to trust the Sculptor, knowing that the knocks I receive will chip away at my weaknesses, and restore my truth and beauty. Initially, I may not know myself completely or have full faith in myself, the second faith, but God, the Sculptor, knows me and has full faith in me, all the Sculptor wants me to do is to be still and patient. Being still means having complete faith in myself and him and being patient means having the third faith - the faith in time. His knowledge and power gives me the strength and courage to be still and patient i.e. strong in all three faiths while he continues his work on me. I should not move or be impatient i.e. not let any of my faiths waiver, otherwise I will not become perfect. There is a vast difference between how God sees me, and how I am at the present moment. Holding the vision that God has of me, I have to just surrender my mind to the Spiritual Sculptor and keep myself in his hands.When I do that, the thoughts inside my mind get focused spiritually on him and as a result I receive his spiritual energy, which reshapes and transforms me.That which is highest and most beautiful in me begins to emerge gradually.

Message for the day

To become worthy of blessings means to make success easy.
Projection: Thinking of benefit for the self increases to such an extent that it sometimes takes on the form of selfishness. When we are selfish we stop thinking about others or the effect that our action is going to have on them. Then we are not able to move forward with lightness because the good wishes and blessings of others are not with us.

Solution: In each and every action of ours we need to first check if it is going to be beneficial for us as well as for others. As much as there is benefit for others too in the task that we are doing, that much the good wishes of others will be there for the task. With these good wishes we will be able to move forward much faster and achieving success will be easy.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Essence of Murli August 31, 2014 (Avyakt December 10, 1978)

Do not see the expansion (vistaar), but the point (bindoo), the essence (saar).

Become embodiments of being completely full and constantly satisfied.

Become a natural embodiment of the complete stage (sampoorn sthiti),a constantly satisfied (trupt) soul and of being ignorant of the knowledge of desire (ichchha maatram avidya);

The basis of this is to have one constant aim: As a child of the Bestower, I have to give and not take. Believe that you are a bestower, and all of you would then become those who bestow; you would become souls who are completely full. If you are not full, you would not be able to give. To give is to receive. The feeling of being a bestower is to experience the stage of being constantly free from obstacles and ignorant of the knowledge of desires.

Your vision should always be on the one aim, which means, constantly to see just the point; it means that whilst seeing other things, you do not see them. In the point form, your stage becomes that of a point; a full stop is applied. To have the point in your awareness means to have the seed stage.

Your stage should be such that you experience a corporeal body to be in the angelic form. Even whilst doing ordinary tasks, your appearance is of an image granting visions.


Heaven: The special praise of heaven, whether it is the heaven of the confluence age or the heaven of the future, is of always being full; that nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of heaven (apraapt nahin koi vastu swarg ke khazaane men), where there is sweetness in your attitude (vritti),sweetness in your words (vaani)  and constant sweetness in your every deed.

Practice seeing but not seeing and hearing but not hearing. Listen to just the One and see just the one Point. Do not see the expansion, but just see the essence. Do not hear all the expansion, but always hear the essence.


Special service:

Whilst continuing to work through your physical organs, use the power of your mind. There should be powerful (shaktishaali) vibrations filled with the love (sneh sampann) of everyone’s co-operation (sarv ka sahyog) in the atmosphere. Spread your vibrations of a special thought; the vibrations through your thoughts will automatically spread in all four directions.

Recognize your specialty and use it. Know how to plant the seed to create the fruit of your future fortune for a long period of time by using your present fortune in practice for service. To sow a seed means to use the seed of specialty for service.

You are performing actions, but serving through your physical body should be balanced with serving through your mind.


Madhuban is:

1.   BapDada’s special land (vishesh bhoomi);

2.   the land where He performed actions (karm bhoomi);

3.    the land of divine actions (charitr bhoomi);

4.   the land where a sweet meeting is experienced (madhur milan bhoomi);

5.   the great pure and charitable land (mahaan punya bhoomi);

6.   the land of sweetness (madhurta ki bhoomi);

7.   Achalghar (the home of stability);

8.   the lighthouse;

9.   a TV station;

10. the confluence-aged heaven (sangamyugi swarg);

11. the land of magic (jaadoo ki nagri).


Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya who sees the games of the fearsome (vikraal) forms of Maya as detached observer.
Those who welcome Maya are not afraid on seeing a fearsome form of Maya. When you watch a game as a detached observer, you enjoy yourself because, externally, Maya has the form of a lion but she doesn’t have as much strength as even a cat. It is just that you become afraid and make her into something big by thinking, “What can I do? How will this happen?” However, remember the lesson of “Whatever is happening is good and whatever is to happen will be even better”. Watch the game as a detached observer and you will become a conqueror of Maya.
Slogan: Those who are tolerant (sahansheel) do not become jealous on seeing anyone’s nature (bhaav-swabhaav). They listen to wasteful (vyarth) matters with one ear and let it out through the other.

31/08/14    Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti         10/12/78

Do not see the expansion (vistaar), but the point (bindoo), the essence (saar).

To be a resident of Madhuban means to be one who constantly moves along with the waves of the ocean of sweetness. How great the souls are who constantly live in BapDada’s special land; the land where He performed actions (karm bhoomi), the land of divine actions (charitr bhoomi), the land where a sweet meeting is experienced (madhur milan bhoomi), the great pure and charitable land (mahaan punya bhoomi)! The incorporeal Father also has special love for this corporeal land. Do those who live in this land also constantly have the same experience? Madhuban means the land of sweetness (madhurta ki bhoomi) where there is sweetness in your attitude (vritti) , sweetness in your words (vaani)  and constant sweetness in your every deed. As is the land, so are the great souls who live in that land! What do souls say when they return from Madhuban and give their experience? Madhuban is the confluence-aged heaven (sangamyugi swarg). This means that you are the residents of heaven. So, how special are those who have a right to double heaven; to be in the heaven of this time and also the heaven of the future? Today, BapDada has especially come to meet the residents of Madhuban.

Baba is asking: What is the speciality or special praise of heaven? The special praise of heaven is of always being full; that nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of heaven (apraapt nahin koi vastu swarg ke khazaane men). Whether it is the heaven of the confluence age or the heaven of the future, the specialty remembered of each is the same.

So, as a resident of Madhuban, as a resident of the confluence-aged heaven, do you experience the complete stage (sampoorn sthiti) in which you feel that you are a constantly satisfied (trupt) soul? When you are in heaven of the future, you naturally experience the sanskar of being ignorant of the knowledge of desire (ichchha maatram avidya); do you residents of Madhuban also naturally have this sanskar? As a resident of heaven, are you a natural embodiment of all those sanskars?

When someone asks you where you live, you say, with great intoxication (falak) and happiness, that you live in Madhuban, do you not? It is as though you are stamped with the stamp of being a resident of Madhuban. As well as that stamp, you should also be stamped with the stage appropriate to this place.

When you go into a cold room, your state automatically becomes like the place. So, are your sanskars appropriate to the praise of Madhuban? In the corporeal form, it is Madhuban that everyone has as their aim; everyone copies Madhuban. When someone’s stage fluctuates, they remember Achalghar Madhuban (the home of stability), that by going to Achalghar Madhuban they will become stable. Everyone comes to this sacred land with such faith and pure feelings. Since Achalghar Madhuban is the place where many souls are able to find the means to finish their upheaval, then those who live in Madhuban should also be constantly unshakeable, would they not? Such a stage becomes a guiding light for many others because Madhuban is the lighthouse.

It is you residents of Madhuban who co-operate with all the centres: you constantly co-operate with your thoughts, words and deeds with one another. Therefore, you should also co-operate with your companions, should you not? All of you children have been given one year to show some results. So, what transformation have you brought about in one year, that when others hear your experience, they also become inspired to transform themselves?

Sometimes, when souls relate their experience with enthusiasm and with sincere love for the Father from the hearts, many other souls become transformed whilst listening to their experience. The transformation of one becomes a way of transforming many others. So, have you brought about such transformation that you have become an example for others? Have you had such a wonderful experience in this one year? Who has taken a high jump? Who has taken the gift of a lift?

Nowadays, very clear pictures of any place can be seen in many different places through TV. So, Madhuban is also a TV station. There are TV sets everywhere. Nowadays, the speed of thoughts and the state of someone’s mind can be checked with instruments of science. Similarly, the thoughts and vibrations of the minds of the residents of Madhuban spread everywhere. Therefore, let there be attention paid to your every thought. Do not be careless about this. If you residents of Madhuban want to spread your vibrations of a special thought whilst sitting in Madhuban, you are able to sit somewhere and spread them in all four directions. Just as the fragrance of something physical automatically spreads everywhere, similarly, the vibrations through your thoughts should automatically spread everywhere. This is the special service that the residents of Madhuban have to do.

When you have a special bhatthi in Madhuban, those vibrations reach everywhere. Even if letters of news are not received, the subtle vibrations from Madhuban can easily be spread everywhere. Your business is to serve through your deeds, but together with that, you also have the responsibility to serve with your mind. BapDada has come to see the results of one year. To what extent have those who remain constantly close passed with honours? What reward has been created by the souls who live with great souls, by those who are close physically and who live in such an elevated place?

In the scriptures too, Madhuban has been specially praised. So, the residents of Madhuban are special in every aspect and they reveal their speciality at every moment. Every group that comes should experience the residents of Madhuban to have this speciality; namely, that all the souls who live in the heaven of Madhuban are embodiments of being completely full and constantly satisfied.

The basis of this is to have one constant aim: As a child of the Bestower, I have to give and not take. I should not think that only when the other one does it I will do it. Each of you should believe that you are a bestower, and all of you would then become those who bestow; you would become souls who are completely full. If you are not full, you would not be able to give. Constantly full souls would definitely be constantly satisfied souls. You are a child of the Bestower who bestows; in fact, to give is to receive. You receive to the extent that you give. In a practical way, you have to become those who give, not those who take. The feeling of being a bestower is to experience the stage of being constantly free from obstacles and ignorant of the knowledge of desires. Your vision should always be on the one aim. That aim is of a point.

To have one aim means constantly to see just the point; it means that whilst seeing other things, you do not see them. Your vision should always be on the one point. In the memorial of this, it is shown that the archer’s vision was not just on the fish, but on the point (pupil) in the eye of the fish. So, the fish is the expansion and the eye is the point. Therefore, he did not see the expansion, but saw the essence, the point.

When you look at the expansion, you become obstructed, whereas when you stabilize in the essence, that is, in the point form, your stage becomes that of a point; a full stop is applied. You also put a point, a full stop to your actions. To have the point in your awareness means to have the seed stage. You especially have to practice this. To see the expansion, but not see it; to hear it but not hear it: you need to practice this from this moment onwards.

Only then, at the end, when there are the sorrowful sounds of upheaval and the extremely fearsome scenes, will you be able to pass. The things of the present time are nothing compared to the things that are to happen at that time. If you do not practice from this moment on, seeing but not seeing, and hearing but not hearing, then, at the end, when you see those fearsome scenes, you will fail that momentary test paper for all time.Therefore, it is essential that you especially practice this.

Your stage should be such that you experience a corporeal body to be in the angelic form. You saw Baba in a subtle form. Although he had a corporeal body, you experienced that body to be angelic and subtle. Whilst he was walking and moving around doing everything, you experienced him to be a subtle angel. He was in the same physical body, but, because the consciousness of his physical body was removed, you experienced his subtle form even though he had the physical body. So, all of you should practice this same thing.

Whilst continuing to work through your physical organs, use the power of your mind. There should be powerful (shaktishaali) vibrations filled with the love (sneh sampann) of everyone’s co-operation (sarv ka sahyog) in the atmosphere. Wherever you go, this angelic form should be visible. You are performing actions, but serving through your physical body should be balanced with serving through your mind.

In the beginning, you were made to practice this. While performing an ordinary task, your stage should be so elevated that, even whilst doing that ordinary task, your appearance is of an image granting visions. No matter that you are doing something physical like the laundry or cleaning or cooking, your stage should still remain elevated. Such a time will come in a practical way when those who see you will say: You are all such great angelic souls and yet look at the type of work you do! The work you do is very ordinary and yet your stage is so elevated! When the souls of the golden-aged princesses were invoked, they would be amazed to see the practical work they did before they became that form of the future; that they are such great empresses, and yet look at what they used to do! A world emperor, yet that one is cooking!

In the same way, souls who come will also say that you are their elevated worthy of worship deity souls (shreshth pujya isht dev) and yet you are doing this work! As you walk and move around, others will be able to have a clear vision (spasht saakshaatkaar) of their special, loved deity in you. At the end, they will see your worthy of worship form and also your angelic form in a practical way.

The praise of Arjuna in the previous cycle was that he saw the ordinary form in the form of a friend, but, on seeing the actual form of God, he asked: “Who are You? You are so elevated, and yet you have such an ordinary form of a friend!” Similarly, others will have visions of you whilst you walk and move around.

To see something through divine vision is a different matter. In the beginning, you used to see those things while walking and moving around. This is not a matter of seeing something in trance. Just as people experienced seeing sakar Baba in this way in the beginning, so too, at the end, people will see all of you in the same way. Your ordinary form will disappear and they will see both your angelic and your worthy of worship form. In the beginning, you had visions of the angelic Brahma and of Shri Krishna at the same time. Similarly, now, whilst looking at your ordinary form, they should not see that, but be able to see your worthy of worship form and your angelic form. 

However, this will only happen when you all make the effort to see but not see. Only then will all souls not see the ordinary forms of you great souls even whilst looking at you, but they will have visions with their eyes open in just a second. In order to create such a stage, you have been told especially to practice seeing but not seeing and hearing but not hearing. Listen to just the One and see just the one Point. Do not see the expansion, but just see the essence. Do not hear all the expansion, but always hear the essence. Only then will Madhuban become the land of magic (jaadoo ki nagri). So, did you hear how important Madhuban is, that is, how important the residents of Madhuban are? Achcha.

Speaking to Madhuban sisters:

The Shakti Army of Madhuban means the army of special souls. Each of you knows your own specialty very well. Are you happy that you have become the residents of this special land because of your specialties? The past accounts of each of you are individual to you and they will continue to be settled. However, together with those, according to the drama, you have one or another specialty and it is due to this that you have received this special part. To have the special part of constantly living in the land of charity and in this company of elevated souls is not a small fortune!

The priests who look after the temples of the non-living idols consider themselves to be so great. Even though they are worshippers, they have such great intoxication. This is because they consider themselves to have a very close relationship with those idols. The worshippers of those non-living idols have so much intoxication, whereas here, it isn’t even a question of being a worshipper. Here, you live in connection and have that company and so you companions should have so much happiness and intoxication!

 It is impossible for souls who come into this Godly family not to have a specialty. So, recognize your specialty and use it. Whatever virtue or specialty you have, whether it is of some kind of work or of being sweet and loving, you must use it. Just as the philosopher’s stone (paaras) was said to be able to change iron into gold, in the same way, when you use your virtue or specialty in service, you claim one hundred thousand fold fruit of that service. Therefore, one specialty makes you worthy of being rewarded for a long period of time.

When one seed is planted, so much fruit develops on that tree. Similarly, to use even your one specialty for service in a practical way means to plant a seed. So, do you understand how fortunate you are? You have taken birth in the Brahmin family. So, together with having the fortune of this birth, you have also brought with you the fortune of one or another specialty. The only difference seen is to what extent you actually use that specialty. You have the fortune of your birth, but you should know how to plant the seed to create the fruit of your future fortune for a long period of time by using your present fortune in practice for service. The fruit will definitely emerge. To sow a seed means to use the seed of specialty for service.

Here, everyone is constantly seated on the throne of fortune. This fortune which was created in the previous cycle is even now still remembered by souls who consider themselves to be very fortunate when they come close to God for even a second. So, how great the happiness find fortune should be of those who have this fortune in a practical way at this time! When you keep this greatness in front of you, everything wasteful stops. Achcha.


The spiritual children say namaste to the Spiritual Father.



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