Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Daily Positive Thoughts: March 01, 2016: Spaces Of Silence

Daily Positive Thoughts: March 01, 2016: Spaces Of Silence

Spaces Of Silence

Push yourself like a machine and you will eventually run low on energy. Love your mind by allowing it spaces of silence and it will serve you tirelessly.


As you read or listen to the news, do you find yourself muttering, "Oh no!", "What?", "That's dreadful!"

Does this help the situation in anyway? 
It does, when your justified indignation is channeled into action, but armchair indignation generally doesn't.

Even if you can't take action, you can always take a few seconds to send peaceful and compassionate thoughts out to the situation or to the troubled spots around the world.

Understanding What Is Aura

The mind is the thinking energy of the soul (negative or positive). It is the mental energy, which makes the aura (subtle body) of a person. The soul, situated in the brain, radiates its mental energy to all the brain centers e.g.: hypothalamus (thinking centre), limbic system (centre of emotions and attitudes), frontal cortex (memory centre), respiratory centre, speech centre, visual centre etc., in maximum concentration as these centres are located near the soul. In fact the soul radiates the mental energy to each cell of the physical body. This radiated mental energy which exists inside the whole body is of the same shape as the physical body, which is nothing but the aura.

Now the aura of a person can be photographed by Kirlian photography. If a person most of the time thinks negative, the aura around him has various shades of white light e.g.: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red or can be black if there is no flow of mental energy. If a person thinks positive most of the time then aura around him is made up of silvery white light. Such a person is liked by all and radiates all the innate qualities of the soul e.g.: purity, peace, love, bliss, power around him. Other people coming in contact with him can feel the soothing effect of these qualities. Good meditators normally have clear white auras.

Kirlian photography has been proving useful in diagnosis of disease in a particular part of body and organ system before the disease becomes clinically visible in the form of signs and symptoms.

Soul Sustenance

Role Induced Stress (Part 1) 
A very common form of stress which has raised its head in recent years is stress induced due to one’s role. There was once a famous movie actor, well known as one of the best of all time and he was obviously very much aware of the same. One day as he was shooting for his new film; his director, a very prominent figure in the film-making arena, mentioned to him that there was a general perception spreading in the film industry as well as in the film going audiences that the actor was getting older with time and his performance was dropping and he needed to spruce up his performances if he had to compete with the younger actors. As soon as he heard this, he started taking his acting role and everything related to it over seriously and lost his happiness completely because he had been used to listening only to praises regarding his performances and reputation all his life. He also forgot all that the world had given him all his life, all the love, respect and adulation and became angry, bitter and resentful towards everyone he met, believing that they no longer held those feelings for him as much as before. Also a general sense of fear and nervousness started developed inside him regarding his next performance.

One piece of information had changed him altogether. What had gripped him – Role Induced Stress. His emotion of stress was made of three sub emotions - sorrow, anger and fear (or worry). What was the cause – he over identified with his role. He believed he was an extremely famous hero actor. But was hero actor what he was? It's what he did. But he learned to believe it is what he is. Even we need to remind ourself that we get to play various roles on the world stage of action and that if we over-identify with any of the roles, which a lot of us do, then just like the actor, our creativity, spontaneity and lightness is reduced and we start to take things far too seriously, more than necessary, and as a result get stressed.

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 
The one desire for perfection ends all other desires.
Expression: The desire for perfection brings the capacity to keep on learning from all situations. There is something new to learn and so there are no other desires. Since the mind is busy with bringing about perfection, there is no time for waste and negative. There is the ability to transform negative to positive.

Experience: Love for perfection makes me experience constant progress. I have no thought about what I have to get, but continue to attain from each moment and each situation. I am then naturally free from all other desires.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 29, 2016: Creating Thoughts of Benefit

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 292016: Creating Thoughts of Benefit

Creating Thoughts of Benefit

Acts of virtue emerge from deep within, from an inner sanctuary of silence from which inspiration flows. Every action has its seed in a thought and every thought is a creation of the thinker, the soul. I choose what thoughts I want to create and as is my thinking so are my actions and also my experience in life. Going within, I touch the stillness and pure love that lie at the core of my being and every thought that I create is of benefit to myself and of benefit to humanity.


Boredom can be a result of routine. Do the same thing everyday and you're likely to switch into auto-pilot mode and get lazy in your thinking.

Try to relieve boredom by doing the same thing, differently. Maybe take a different route to work or change the time when you do the laundry. Just get interested, get creative and add a bit of fun to the routine tasks.

Cooking A Meal – Subtle Energies At Work (Part 3)!

The low subtle energy of certain foods like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, onions, garlic, etc. and also alcohol is a deterrent in the purification of the soul, which is carried out by any wise person as a life objective and they also affect the body negatively on an energy level although you might vouch for their physical benefits, which may even be correct. So excessive consumption of such foods should be avoided, in fact completely avoided. This is a spiritual principle and given significance by the spiritual minded, based on their experiences, because these foods cause the minds to become agitated and lustful, even subservient (under the influence of) to other negative emotions like greed, attachment, ego and jealousy. On a lighter note, you might say, then why not purify these foods by meditation and then consume them but these are foods that come in the tamsic category and giving them pure emotional energies in the form of subtle vibrations does not transform their inherent tamsic or impure nature so much so as to not have a negative effect on the mind and the body.

Also, along with being selective about your meal menu ingredients, taking into consideration their different natures, it’s important to maintain a higher spiritual consciousness while cooking and having meals. This can be done by mothers by creating positive and peaceful thoughts or by playing a few songs of the spiritual type or even playing soothing meditation tunes which performing the cooking karma. Also, before consuming any food item or even water, spend a few seconds in creating a powerful thought of spiritual self-respect and focus your vision or drishti on the item. In this way, the food or liquid item will be charged with positive vibrations through your eyes and its negative nature, both on a physical as well as spiritual level, will be healed. This is in short a spiritual perspective of cooking and consumption of meals and the intention of the message is not to prevent you from having tasty meals and delicious dishes which you are addicted to.

Soul Sustenance

Healing Of Wounds Inside The Soul Through Meditation 

Our connection with the Supreme Soul, through meditation, is the best way of healing the inner wounds and negative traces, inside the soul, which have been left by the negativekarmas of the past. Given below is a meditation commentary that will help you to absorb the positive healing energy of the Supreme in order to do the same: 

I become aware of myself as a tiny sparkling star of light, situated just above the eyebrows – a soul... In soul consciousness, I experience the beauty of the many qualities like peace, love and bliss; of the spiritual being that I am... Now I turn my mind to the soul world… Over there, I visualize, in front of me – a sparkling Sun of golden light - God, the Father and Mother of me, the soul... He radiates immense spiritual energy... I turn my mind and intellect to his light... I feel the warmth of His presence and the light of His love for me gently healing the wounds of the past that are buried deep inside me, the soul... wounds left by ego, fear, sorrow, jealousy, hatred, anger… 

While I sit and absorb this healing energy from the Source, I also transmit that light and positive energy out into the world... This light touches everyone I know and have ever known... It is a light which also heals my negative vision of them... I now recognize everyone around me as brother souls, playing their own unique roles... With this new soul-conscious vision, I experience unconditional love for each soul and all negative memories and past hurts associated with each of my relationships is consciously released... The past is forgotten, resulting in a deep feeling of freedom inside me... 

The beauty of the Law of Karma is realizing that when our consciousness is filled with happiness, peace and love for others today; and we transmit that positivity to others through our words and actions, the energy received back from each of our relationships, as a result of doing that; ensures that our own future will be bright. 

Message for the day

Creativity comes when there is happiness. 

Contemplation: Happiness touches the heart and enables the creativity to come from within. The one who is happy doesn't wait for the right opportunity to be creative, but uses each moment as a chance for using creativity - for bringing newness. 

Application: When I am happy I am able to enjoy and make the best use of each and every moment of my life. I will want to do something new, unique and different. So I also have the satisfaction of having done my best. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 28, 2016: Completionist

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 28, 2016: Completionist

A task left undone remains undone in two places, the actual location and inside your head.  Incomplete tasks, in your head, consume the energy of your attention as they gnaw at your conscience.  
Are you delaying because you're a perfectionist?  Maybe, try being a completionist.

To recognise weaknesses is to have the ability to transform them

We do try to work on weaknesses to remove them, but most times we are not able to understand what is the real cause for them. So, we do not find any marked difference, i.e., we are not able to bring about much of a change. The method to find the real weakness is to keep introspecting as to why the weakness is working. This needs honesty in the heart and clarity in the intellect. Today I will pick out one weakness of mine and check what is the real cause of that weakness. When I try and understand, I find that I am much more easily able to work on removing my weaknesses. I then don't have guilt or negativity but am able to work on it with confidence.

Cooking A Meal – Subtle Energies At Work (Part 2)!

When cooking a meal, switch on the role of a beautiful creator of the divine sustenance for the mind and body, a loving God Mother and switch off the role of a hard-working homemaker, say to yourself - I love making a meal using the creations of nature, the ingredients that are given to me by the wonders of nature, the elements of nature, so pure in their original state, that they are also given the status of different Gods or deities actually (although being non-living), like Vayu Devta (the god of wind), Surya Devta (the sun god), Indra Devta (the rain god), Agni Devta (the god of fire), Prithvi Devta (the earth god) etc. Nature is also commonly called Mother Nature or Dharti Mata , which reflects its purity, gentleness and softness. These elements reflect all that nature has to offer us through different sources.

So making a meal is respecting and loving these elements to the fullest. Also, although nature’s elements are eternal, it is important to know that when nature loses its sanctity (purity), it’s the Supreme Power of the Universe, incorporeal (non-physical) God who purifies them and returns them to their original state. That is why God is mistakenly called the creator of nature, which he is not per se (exactly), although he is a transformer of nature. So the nature’s elements also, when in their pure state, giving pure energy to the soul and its temple, the physical body. But, today as we all know, these elements have lost their purity on a physical level i.e. because of causes like pollution, emission of poisonous gases from manufacturing units, deforestation, depletion of the ozone layer, global warming and other man created issues like the use of improper materials to grow vegetables and fruits that are harmful to the physical body; and they have also deteriorated on a subtle energy level, the spiritual energy level. So it’s important to purify your meal ingredients through meditation before their consumption.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Soul Sustenance

 Understanding The Inner Mechanism Of Anger 

If we think, speak and act in an angry way, we leave an impression or memory of anger within our own consciousness which results in sanskara of anger to be born. Within thesanskara is the recorded emotion and experience of our expression towards the object of our anger. The object is a particular person or situation. If we encounter the object of our anger the next day, it will trigger the emergence the recorded anger from within the sanskara. We then deepen the sanskara as we express more anger, even if we only think anger. The emergence of this emotional energy from within our consciousness then stops us from interacting in a positive way. It clouds our mind and confuses our intellect, weakening and distorting our thoughts, decisions and behaviour. This often explains why we find it harder to connect and communicate with certain people in our life. Essentially we are carrying a negative image of the other person within our sanskara from a previous interaction with them. And when we see them again it emerges the energy within the sanskara, which then influences our ability to respond to them.

Message for the day

Where there is faith there is victory 

Expression: When someone has faith there are no doubts or questions about the self, others or situations. Faith also enables a person to see and understand simple things in life with a new understanding. It shows direction and courage to go on. 

Experience: When I have faith, I experience myself to be lucky and thus receive cooperation from many others. I would also be able to experience success at every step. There is then no worry for me and am troubled less by aspects that keep changing around me. My thoughts then would always be positive and I experience victory. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 27, 2016: Sweet Words

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 27, 2016: Sweet Words

Sweet Words
A bitter tongue makes life bitter, a sweet tongue makes life better.

When interacting with others, be REAL: 

Respect: notice the positives about others and recognise their intrinsic value.
Empathy: understand another's point of view and where they're coming from.
Accept: instead of trying to control others, let people be themselves.
Listen: be present in the moment and listen with your heart, without judgements.

Cooking A Meal – Subtle Energies At Work (Part 1)!

Mother, what are you making for dinner tonight? Do make something delicious! The ordering children often dictate the menu for a meal to their mothers, hoping for a mouthful. Mothers are often in a hurry to finish their cooking tasks for the day and also eager to fulfill the tastes of their children and other family associates. Often mothers relax at the end of the day after having spent their energies on the minutest details of their meals – the vegetables, the salt, the turmeric, the spices, the oil, the pulses, the wheat flour and the water – taking care that food is prepared precisely, leaving no room for error. The objective – satisfying the palate of everyone and also earning the blessings from the family expressed in the form of many - yummies, wows, lovelies and thank yous. How come, inspite of this warm exterior feel to this family setting, there lie underneath not so warm subtle energies, which prevent the food from being not only pleasing to the tongue and stomach, but also spiritually fulfilling. This is the message of the Supreme’s children, the mothers, wives and even the young sisters and brothers, who cook food at the Brahma Kumaris in different settings - at their homes or at the official spiritual service locations.

Love filled food, pure vibrational energy filled food is not only healthy, curing ailments but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally soothing, because of the subtle bridges that exist between the body and the non-physical mind causing both of them to influence each other. You have heard of how food cooked by a mother tastes better than the food cooked by a maid. Why? Because of the purity of purpose. The mother is absorbed in the love of her children while working on the meals and the maid cooks because she earns from the task, which she experiences as tedious many times.  The mother will cook with a higher purpose which reflects in the food quality and the energy it’s every morsel (bite) carries invisibly. So food should be cooked in love, but let’s change this to a higher love, say a higher love for God and not the worldly love which carries with it dependencies, attachments, possessiveness and fear.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Soul Sustenance

Adopting A Wiser Perception 

Depending on my choice of perception, I may see life as a battleground, where I face a constant battle from morning to night. The constant to and fro between family and work may tire me emotionally and mentally. If I let it and see it that way, life can also itself become the cause or source of my tensions. It may even seem as if the path of life is scattered with rocks blocking my way. Instead of stepping around or over them, I perceive them as being obstacles. The thoughts may come easily to my mind - If it was not for so-and-so or such-and-such, I would be able to.... I may mention the same to my loved ones. Instead of bringing me any benefit, these complaints take me away from the power that I, the soul, have within of changing anything. I simply pass on my capacity to change, to persons or objects over whom or which I obviously have no control. 

If I am fortunate to have a wiser perception which spirituality can give me, life can become a great place to learn and grow. Behind seemingly difficult situations are my major lessons. Disguised in routine tasks are the sign boards that point me back towards truth. Relationships that bring with them repeated scenes of negativity with the same person and for the same reasons show me the weaknesses I have to work on. Indeed, until I work on the eradication of my weaknesses, I keep repeating them. Challenges do come, but they help to bring out the best in me. If I have the subtle eyes to see and the courage to go forward... life is a constant experience of reminders and benefits to progress along the road to my highest consciousness.  

 Message for the day

Stay in constant peace by becoming an embodiment of solutions. 

Contemplation: Situations do bring a lot of challenges for us, but where there is fear or worry while facing them, there cannot be peace.As long as we continue looking at the problem instead of searching for solutions we cannot remain in peace. 

Application: Think of some problem that you are thinking a lot about. Now see if you can find a solution for it. If you feel you cannot, it is better to leave thinking about it rather than to worry about it. When you keep the mind free in this way, you will get the solutions automatically. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 26, 2016: Full-Stop Mind

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 26, 2016: Full-Stop Mind

Full-Stop Mind

How do you manage the unending stream of thoughts that flow through your mind?  Do you put a comma, an exclamation mark or a queue of questions?  Why not apply a full-stop and begin to master your mind.

Contentment is to be satisfied with what we have & who we are.

This doesn't mean that we have no ambitions or goals. 
It means that we have our eye on the goal, but at the same time, we can be content.

Be content & you'll have the power to achieve & be more.

Resisting False Attractions In Actions

All that glitters (shines) is not gold. Life presents you with many illusionary scenes, scenes in which what may be visible may not be the truth. These scenes cause desires to be born inside you to achieve something unnecessary for your prosperity or other types of fulfillment.  These can be illusions that make you believe that you will gain something from a situation or person, without the same being true. Thus, you waste time going down a path that not only leads you to disappointment; but you also waste the resource of your thoughts and energy and as a result you tire yourself out emotionally and mentally.

If the intellect is polluted, you make incorrect judgments and are easily deceived by situations or people. Thus, you will make incorrect choices, dishonest or illogical decisions. You will justify dishonesty and improper actions and you will be incapable of differentiating between the real and the imaginary. A person with a pure, clear, clean and powerful intellect will act with honesty and sincerity. When your intellect is polluted, you may act against your own conscience or against your better judgment; you also may be insensitive. A person with a doubtful intellect will always justify a dishonest act. Meditation is the process of purifying and cleaning the intellect, because in meditation we connect with the purest intellect, the intellect of the Supreme Soul or God. Meditation is also a process of inner awakening and strengthening of your conscience. Being awake means to realize, and being strong means to act according to what you have realized. 

Soul Sustenance

Life Beyond Life (Part 3) 

What type of mindset and consciousness should one keep on being faced with the death of a beloved relative or a close associate, so that one remains protected from the shock related to such a sudden demise? If, we at the Brahma Kumaris, say that it’s not death but a life beyond life and a shift to a new life existence or reality, you might question and might ask something that we agree with also, but how do I fill the void (emptiness) left in my life and how do I not remember the loved one, with whom I spent millions of minutes, sharing and receiving so much love and happiness, something which have left deep impressions on my heart, which are difficult to erase. On one hand, we at the Brahma Kumaris, on being faced with the death of a close one, conduct group meditation, and pass on the vibrations of peace and power to a departed soul, which help it to go into a life setting with the best of the four pillars of existence - nice sanskaras to be received from the new set of parents, a healthy body, plenty of wealth and beautiful relationships and also adapt easily and in a short period of time to the new environment along with slowly coming to terms with the shift that it is making and also easily forgetting what it has lost. On the other hand, people who lose such loved ones, apart from contributing through vibrations, which help their loved ones in their shift; through a deep loveful relationship with the Supreme which helps them to be strong and reading spiritual wisdom as shared by the Supreme which helps them to become content, get used to the sudden emptiness created in their lives when such events happen. Also love for serving each one whom they meet, with virtues and powers and being absorbed in the Supreme’s task of the present moment of self change and world change helps them rise above the difficult time phase. They do remember the relative they have lost, but from an empowered consciousness.

To end on an empathetic (understanding your feelings) note, we confess that the reality of life beyond life is something that many of us knew or had heard of, even before joining the Brahma Kumaris, but at the same time, we were not empowered enough to accept the reality and live the reality. Spiritual understanding empowered us to do that and we wish from the bottom of our heart that you are able to do the same. All the best.
Message for the day
Become an embodiment of peace and a bestower of peace. 

Expression: People in the world only want peace and happiness. When you experience peace yourself you can give others this experience too. Where there is peace there would naturally be happiness too.

Application: Spend a few moments each day in solitude. Practice stabilising yourself in one powerful thought. Let the experience of peace from you flow to others too. During interactions too, keep your mind free from waste thoughts and you will find that others will be free from them too.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 25, 2016: The Greatest Jewellery

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 25, 2016: The Greatest Jewellery

This Emerald and 101.27 carat Shizuka Diamond Tiara belonged to Swedish Countess Consort Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck who was known for her rule Ostfriesland as Regent. Sold by Sotheby’s sale of Magnificent Jewels.
Anger finishes all wisdom.
Ego finishes regard.
Worry eats away your life.
Bribery finishes all justice.
Greed finishes all honesty.
Fear eats away a human being.
The greatest jewellery in the world is your own nobility.
Your own best companion in the world is your determined thought.

To respect and value time is to use well the treasures it has to offer. 

When I don't value time, my mind remains cluttered. I am not able to recognize the treasures that time has to offer. Drops of time, of pure silence, on the other hand, allows good things to flow and like a rising sun, brings good things into life. Today I will make time for time. I will make some time for myself (as the most important person in my life is me). I will take some valuable thoughts, those thoughts that add value to what I am doing. When I combine elevated thoughts from time to time, I would have used my time well. Such drops of time help me recognize the value of time and use it well.

  Letting Go Of The Branches Of The Life Tree

A very common habit that has become deeply embedded inside us is the habit of possessing, to which we succumb repeatedly. We come in contact with different people, material comforts, roles, positions, experiences, achievements and of course our own physical body etc. on an external level and our own thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs, memories, etc. on an internal level  etc. throughout our life. All of these are like branches that make up our life tree. Possession is like clinging on to one or the other of these different branches from time to time, as we fly from one branch to another, while covering our life journey.  The spiritual point of view on this habit is clear and very straight forward. It is not possible to possess anything. If we do try to do so, we lose our freedom. To experience the freedom, we need to dare to let go of the branches, which does not mean to lose or leave them because the branches are always going to be there. We can return to any of them to rest or pause whenever we want. But, it is about being aware and alert, because the moment a pause on a branch turns into a stop, the stop turns into a brake and, after that, the brake turns into a blockage. As a result, like the bird whose flying agility degrades on a physical level if it does the same; our intellectual and emotional agility starts to degrade.

When we learn to let go of one branch at a time, we are always welcoming new positive and empowering experiences in our life, one at a time. Like the birds, by letting go of one branch, we are then able to spend the rest of your lives trying and discovering many other branches, one branch at a time, and so we can enjoy the view from each new vantage point. We can choose between a life of flying and soaring or be stuck on one or the other branch, seeing others as they fly past and enjoy a life of freedom where they do visit their life tree from time to time and their life does revolve around the tree but they don't try and possess it or any of its branches.

Soul Sustenance

Life Beyond Life (Part 2) 

A new born child is a new entrant in a new home with new parents. Each day thousands of new-borns get new homes and new parents. These births are accompanied by celebrations and greetings of congratulations to the parents and other family members. But have you ever stopped to wonder that behind the curtains of these celebrations lie tears in the eyes of those family members and dear ones where these souls or spiritual energies leave old physical costumes, what we commonly call death. We, at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, call it Life Beyond Life. The concept of birth and re-birth or life beyond life has been a topic of debate since time immemorial. Over the ages, many philosophers, the spiritually inclined, the religious minded, psychologists, the medical fraternity and scientists have talked in favour of this reality, which they believe is embedded in the fabric of life while some have been non-committal or unsure in their approach and some have even expressed disbelief at the idea because of lack of ample evidence. Though today, evidence in its favour has surfaced in various corners of the world through past life regression (hypnosis), near death experiences and case studies by medical journals, accompanied by records of a significant number of people who have remembered their past birth or births, some of whom have even gone back to the families they were once a part of. Some even remember the circumstances accompanying their death in their past life. 

So, living in a world giving ample proof for the concept today, accompanied by deep experiences of the existence of the soul and its immortality (it never dies) by good meditators and people who are strong adherents (followers) of different religions all across the world, one needs to develop strong faith in the fact that my family member or my dear friend, who has left me, has transferred himself/herself to a new reality, a new joy filled and love filled existence, a new Mamma, a new Papa, a new prosperous family, a new healthy body, a new set of positive sanskaras (including the sanskaras of the previous birth) and a new set of friends, relatives and brothers and sisters. So it’s not death but a beautiful new life beyond this life. This is a more positive perception of an event, which for all of us is the most sorrowful and negative of all life events. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day

The power of silence can bring peace to any situation. 

Contemplation: The instruments for the power of silence are pure thoughts and pure feelings. You can give others an experience with the power of your silence. When you understand and experience the power of silence you will become more powerful. You will then be able to experience peace that you will be able to spread to others too. 

Application: When you have to correct someone in any situation remind yourself that words will not work but silence based on pure feelings and love will surely work. When you accept the person as he is with love you will be able to bring about a change in him. Remember that the lesser you talk the more the peace that is created. 
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 24, 2016: Listen-ability

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 24, 2016: Listen-ability

Inline image 1


To really listen, we have to filter out both inner and outer distractions to get the WHOLE message.

Self-respect creates inner peace and harmony. 

When I take pride in my own role and have value for the contribution I (can) make, there is self-respect. Self-respect helps me to let go of expecting to be understood, to be considered, to be recognized. It helps me understand that it is my mixed emotions that create dependence, taking away inner peace and harmony. Today I will tell myself that everything cannot always happen as I wish. When something unwanted happens, I know I have to deal with it and am also well equipped to do so. This helps me know what I can do to correct the situation, without losing hope, peace and harmony.

The Psychosomatic Effects (Effects On The Body) Of Fear

The human being is psychosomatic by nature – what that means is that our health is deeply influenced by our behavior, thoughts, emotions and social relationships. Therefore, in order to experience good health, we should care for our life style, our mental, sentimental, emotional and relational world, as well as our communication. Fear is bad for our health. It manifests itself in the form of anger and promotes coronary diseases. Fear suppressed for a long time ends up producing diseases such as cancer. Apart from cancer and heart attacks, there are other illnesses brought on by fear: addictions, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, irritability, nervous breakdowns, memory loss, gastritis, back pains, baldness, diarrhea, sciatica, crying attacks, alcoholism, constipation, hypertension, cystitis (bladder inflammation), vomiting, palpitations, digestive disorders, ulcers and migraines.

When we get old, our neurons do not die, but rather the connections between them disappear,that is what recent scientific research suggests. The neuronal connections or synapses keep us lively and young. When we have pleasant experiences, such as during meditation or when we are on a holiday or are surrounded by friends or while working in a team, some examples of activities in which we feel happy, the neuronal connections are more fluid. However, the lights go out when we feel fear. It is an emotion that is capable of slowing down and blocking the electrical impulses between the neurons. With fear we are less creative and we get older more quickly. If we do not want to suffer illnesses (or want our illnesses to get worse) we should learn to manage and overcome fear.

Soul Sustenance

Life Beyond Life (Part 1) 

Have you ever looked at a new born child and glanced at the expressions on his face? Why is there a magnetic aura about a baby’s features that attracts one and all? The innocence, the sparkling smile, the beautiful eyes, the angelic cheeks, the shining forehead, the round, cherubic (pretty) face and the soft whispering sounds makes one wonder what is so special about the spiritual energy inside such a baby that talks to us and tries to convey so much as to move us and even bring tears in our eyes. Such a spiritual energy is in a state of nirvana or a meditative state or a soul conscious state, a state which we as adults, practice to achieve.

We would like to share with our readers that in the nine month gestation (pregnancy) period of a mother, the spiritual energy which has to own a particular physical costume, enters the womb of a mother and adopts the physical foetus (which is semi-developed) as its own in the fourth or fifth month. A wonder of nature is that a spiritual energy that has been exposed to different types of situations and relationships and played different roles as an adult in its previous life in a state which is not really spiritually self-aware, more of a state which is focused towards the gross or material existence, suddenly forgets all that and becomes a very pure and divine being temporarily as soon as it enters the foetus inside its mother’s womb, a being that is cut off from physicality and almost in a thoughtless state of meditation – here by meditation we mean a state that is self-aware or soul conscious, not in body consciousness. It even forgets its past life almost completely and starts adopting itself to the new environment inside the mother. On one side its physical body continues to receive physical sustenance from the mother as before its entry and on the other side it vibrates its mental energy to its physical body which also helps it grow physically. As the personality of the spiritual energy, so is the energy radiated, resulting in a healthy or unhealthy body. Once the baby is born, a few subtle traces of consciousness or remembrance of the past life do remain inside the spiritual energy, because of which sometimes when these remembrances surface inside the minds of babies, they smile or become sombre (serious) or even cry in their sleep, depending on the type of past remembrance.

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day

The actions performed with happiness become a means to draw the line of fortune as long as you want. 
Contemplation: The more actions are performed with a feeling of happiness, the more they will bring benefit to yourself and others. Thus it becomes a basis for creating your elevated fortune.

Application: Instead of blaming fate when things go wrong, it is good to remember that to create our line of fortune is in our hands. Take the thought to be happy in whatever you do. This practice will enable you to change your situation into a more positive one.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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