Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 
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Dadi Janki classes 1,3 august 2012

Dadi Janki - 1st August 2012 (pm) – Shantivan
Silence is essential…
What is the difference between peace and silence? We say that our original nature is peace. To experience that true state of peace I need to become introverted and go into silence. I need to go so deep into this that I can experience how I was at the beginning of the cycle. I also need to experience how I was when I was in the immortal stage, in the supreme abode…
You are all listening but practically you should have the feeling of the attainment of whose child I am. I should now be able to experience a stage free from all obstacles and free from all bondages. We have to deal with everything, remain in relationship with the body and with bodily relations, yet but while maintaining the practice of remaining detached. This can only happen when one experiences silence. I feel so happy to remain beyond sound, in silence and then doing service. It is not necessary to come into sound again and again. When we come into sound, something changes. We come into sound unnecessarily many times and bring others into sound.
If there is peace there is love, if there is love there is power. Then, whatever circumstances come in front of us, we can deal with them peacefully. There are 8 powers and silence is the basis of them. The power of silence makes everything easy. It is a subtle aspect but if you come into sound you will not find a solution to your situations. In silence and in peace there is the power of love… and so there first has to be silence and peace – then when you come into sound it will be with that feeling of love and problems can be resolved.
If I keep coming into sound then I lose my energy. In order to be able to work peacefully, not a dry type of peace but rather peace filled with love and true feelings, I need to fill myself with silence. My peace and silence can then reach everyone. My words will become simple and easy. I will automatically get the experiences I want to have.
I have to care, share and inspire. Our very lives are for this purpose. If I am going to care then I have to leave my carelessness nature. Many waste their time in gossiping. We do need to share with each other but not gossip. What then should we share? Jewels of knowledge and our positive experiences.
If you put what Baba says into your practical life then Baba will definitely love you. Baba has special love and showers love on those who bring into practical what He says.
Time and thoughts are diamonds and they have to be used in a worthwhile way. Baba’s words are filled with mercy and blessings and He gives each of us sakash in order for us to be able to bring them into our practical lives. In fact, you have all reached this far by receiving the sakash in Baba’s love. In order to become truly loving to Baba we have to change. My character and my life should be such that Baba feels love for me on seeing me.
Om Shanti

Dadi Janki, 3.8.2012 (1)
On Arrival at GCH, London (am)
Love yourself, draw love from Baba and give love to others (Sudesh Didi and the London family welcomed Dadiji and Hansaben into the celebratory atmosphere of Raksha Bandan) Should we ask Baba, Dadi or the whole gathering regarding the happiness of the Confluence Age? Dadi has been asking everyone in Madhuban: Who experiences real happiness? Baba is very happy seeing all of us children and the happier we are, Baba is also happy with us. Dadi is even more happy seeing all of us so who is the happiest!
The nourishment of happiness makes everyone wealthy, healthy and happy. Those who are constantly accumulating in the account of charitable actions are the ones who remain happy all of the time. There are some who have waste thoughts and speak unnecessarily. Baba spoke in the murli this morning about science and silence. The world is trapped in science and we are seated in silence.
Even if the Olympics are happening…these are the worldly things. We are all accumulating so much happiness and everyday I receive emails expressing this. There is so much happiness in remaining happy and giving this to others. Remembrance is so wonderful. Rakhi shows how much love we have for Baba and the family. There is love for the self when there is renunciation and tapasya. Without these we cannot have this experience of love for the self. Who gives time to themself to experience loving the self? Then Baba feels this one is his sensible child and give extra love. But where there is no love for the self Baba also cannot
give that love to you. Love yourself, draw love from Baba and give love to others. Love is not something to be shared through words. Love means the feelings in the heart. The heart is happy and Baba as the Comforter of Hearts is happy and everyone else is
also happy.
It is a guarantee that wherever Dadi goes she gives just happiness to everyone. ‘Don’t worry, no problem’….be in this state. There is no need to worry about anyone at all. The Confluence Age is the age for earning so have no extra or waste thoughts. In the latest message that Dadi Gulzar brought from Baba, Baba spoke that time and thoughts are the two diamonds that we have to use in a worthwhile way. I don’t want to keep the blessings Baba gives to myself so I share them with everyone.
Om Shanti

Dadi Janki sharing from the heart with a small group – 3rd August 2012
Love is receiving blessings. The return of love is to be obedient, to be worthy and to claim blessings. You
don’t receive blessings by asking for them, but they automatically emerge from the hearts of others. In order
for me to receive blessings, I have to become the practical proof, and my fortune begins to be created. I am
then able to remain faithful and belong to one Baba and none other. My intellect should not be drawn to
anyone. I should not become impressed with anyone or have dislike for anyone. There mustn’t be any
favoritism – this one is good and this one is not good.
Baba had sent a message about two diamonds of Time and Thoughts for us to become like a diamond. I
have to use both time and thoughts in a worthwhile way.
A couple of days ago, Dadi Gulzarji was kind enough to bring a short message for Dadi Jankiji from beloved BapDada:
You are a hero actor who uses the diamond of both 'Thoughts' and 'Time' in a worthwhile way. You are the humble
instrument who is a constant, close companion in every task. You have made the lesson of 'Haan ji' (yes indeed), 'I am
present' (Ji Hazoor) very firm. You remain cheerful and give others the co-operation of happiness.
My bhavna is: Do not allow your stage to come down because then it requires effort to go up again.
Situations down below should not bring me down. If I remain up above, Baba will be with me. I have to
maintain a spiritual awareness and remind others. This is my honour. This is what you would have
experienced during rakhi. I have nothing except this bhavna. If someone stops accepting my bhavna, they
cannot progress. Some are able to catch my bhavna and others aren’t.
Tying a rakhi means not to allow the self to move away from the feeling of the avyakt meeting. Other souls
are inspired when they see us in this way and want to become part of the same gathering. Even if you don’t
give them knowledge, they want to become part of that gathering. No one wants anything except that love.
Become high quality souls. We are the ones who are to become complete. There is a vast difference
between people of the world and all of us.
Let my stage constantly remain stable. You can imagine what your stage is when you are in an upheaval
and what it is like when everything is fine. One is to create your stage through Baba’s remembrance and the
other is to be content with everyone. Remain ready that you can be sent on service anywhere. When others
see you, they should not see you as an ordinary kumari, but someone very special.
I, the soul, am sitting with Baba. The body is like a baby in front of Baba. I the soul, am becoming angelic
and through the angelic stage, I am able to share very powerful vibrations. It is not a big thing to become a
deity, but even more important is to serve as an angel at the present time.
Aim is not just to experience happiness of service, but happiness of your internal stage. Service happens
through happiness, not that I become happy through service. The inner happiness I experience of the effort I
am making will do service: It is happiness that does service. When there is happiness, service takes place
through your dreams and thoughts. If you have made the slightest mistake, your happiness will disappear
and then even if you are doing any service, it will not be with that happiness. When you do service with
your bones and with an honest heart, you are able to serve in three ways. Make others like the self, make
souls co-operative and create contacts who can brings others into contact too.
Whenever you have time or when you stop for traffic control, first of all look at the self and then look at
Baba. Do not see the nature and sanskars of anyone, but just share real love with everyone.
There are hundreds of thousands involved with the Olympics, but here, there are only a selected few. Each
one of you praised is worth millions. Take as much as you want in this short time.
Do not see yourself as that same bodily being any more - You no longer have those sanskars and nature.
You are a totally different person now.
* * * * *

Dadi Janki Classes 30,31th July 2012

Portrait of an Angel
Couple of days, Dadi Gulzarji was kind enough to bring a short message for Dadi Jankiji from beloved BapDada: You are a hero actor who is using both diamonds of 'Thoughts' and 'Time' in a worthwhile way. You are the humble instrument who is a constant, close companion in every task. The part of 'Haan ji', 'I am present' is pakka. You remain cheerful and give others the cooperation of happiness.
A day or so back Dadi was having a very powerful experience of the angelic stage. It was as though Dadi was a light-weight baby in this chariot... It was a soft and serene feeling. While expanding on this experience, Dadi shared some valuable characteristics and specialities of angels which are as below. When we make these qualities natural in our lives, we can truly play our roles as angels. It's not a big deal to become a deity, but it's a matter of great honour to serve as angels now.
I use my diamonds of ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Time’ in a worthwhile way.
I live in the constant awareness of being in the final moments of my final birth. This makes remembrance of Baba and the Golden Age very natural.
Whilst living in the chariot and performing actions, I am detached from everything and loving towards One.
I live by my personality of 100% purity.
I live with honesty towards myself, Baba, the Brahmin family and the world.
I am free from the attachment of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’.
I am the embodiment of truth, cleanliness and simplicity.
I give everyone the co-operation of happiness with my own cheerfulness.
I have faith in being able to change any situation with pure, positive vibrations.
God’s knowledge of drama is filled deep within the soul, and so is the art of repeating my elevated role of the previous cycle.
Dadi Janki – 30th July 2012 – Shantivan
Focus on the present moment
The atmosphere of Madhuban reaches all corners of the world. The power of the gathering is the attraction of Madhuban. All of you are servers of the Yagya. We have no other duty or task apart from this. So check yourself: am I a renunciate? Do I have any attraction to the body, bodily relations or facilities? Renunciation means renunciation. Tapasya cannot happen without renunciation. No matter how much you may try to remember Baba, there will be a pull to other things. It won't allow the intellect to connect with Baba. Baba is the wonderful Innocent Lord, the Bestower of Blessings. We may have the desire to have a meeting with Baba, but I will have to go alone to meet Him. Whether it is to celebrate a meeting in the physical or in the avyakt form, I will have to go alone, meaning detached from the body. Now, go beyond the consciousness of the body.
Please don't miss Amrit Vela. The effort you make now, you will create sanskars of making easy effort which will give you joy. It's not a big thing to experience the happiness of Golden Age. Who experiences the joy of making good efforts? Raise your hands with honesty. The joy one receives from making efforts ensures that I will always give joy; never cause sorrow or take sorrow. These are signs of who are good, true, intense and constant effort-makers: true effort is to remember One Baba and none other. You are serving in Baba's Yagya, so why should you remember other matters? Why remember anyone else? Why remember what happened yesterday? Yesterday has passed by - it won't return will it? What happened has happened, whatever is to happen will be seen. Focus on the 'now'. Baba loved adding this line in all of the literature: Now or never... If I say, not now, not now then I will never get down to making efforts. Keep these words in your heart: Child, do what you need to do now. I can't say how will I learn or make excuses. If I am not doing as Baba wishes it means I am doing something else; I am following manmat and parmat. Those who follow manmat and parmat are like donkeys. A donkey does what another tells him to do; he cannot use his own intellect. I am God's child, child of the Bestower of Fortune, child of the Bestower of peace, Bestower of the Remover of Sorrow... turn the rosary of all the titles of 'Whose child you are?' What is my Father like? He
is so beautiful...Satyam (The Truth), Shivam (Benevolent One), Sundaram (Beautiful One). I know my Father don't I?
Baba says, don't come into sound. Go from the talkie world into the movie world. While having conversations, start off with silence, and also take couple of moments in between to go into silence and then resume the conversation. If we think and talk extra, will we be able to share gyan accurately and sensibly? Is it easy to sit in front of a big audience with Baba and Mama behind us and share powerfully? Sit on your seat and ask yourself "Who am I?", "Who do I belong to?" Dadi is always concerned about this and what we need to be doing. We know shrimat completely. When the intellect is with Baba, then I won't know how to do anything except follow Shrimat. Storms cannot do anything to the one whose companion is God Himself. Examinations aren't a big thing because Baba is sitting with me... it's a stage of great stability. Baba sees I am unshakeable and so is bound to help the child. If I have no faith in Baba, Baba becomes free and says ok go ahead and stumble around if you wish... Baba tells us that we are His children and thus we should give our burdens to Him, but we forget this fact. We have the habit of carrying burdens. Learn the song, "Fly away O bird, this country has been a stranger to us..." and practise being the embodiment of letting go. Don't hold onto branches while trying to fly. What if death comes to you at that time? Keep one strength and trust in One. You are my only support Baba. Is this faith or bhakti? These sanskars of faith will help me in bhakti as well and so we are making them very firm now.
The soul and Supreme Soul have been separated from each other for a long time. This is the Confluence Age where the Satguru has been found through the broker. I had once asked Sakar Baba who the broker is who has brought us together with the Supreme. We souls had been wandering around. We had family and relations but the soul had still been stumbling around. You have this experience, don't you? You had a body and relationships but the soul was still wandering around. When you found your Parents, the stumbling stopped. Where were you stumbling? You had been wandering around after limited pleasures and had been only doing bhakti out of those desires. You had been cheating yourself. Dadi has never done such bhakti. The fruit of having an attitude of renunciation enabled us to find God easily at the Confluence Age. I did bhakti so that my intellect could be connected with God. I didn't want anything else. I never did bhakti for the sake of fulfilling any desire or wants. I never offered fruits and flowers to the deities, or sat in worship. We had a small temple inside our house, but I was never into rituals. I used to read the Granth Sahib and Bhagwad Gita only so that the intellect would stay connected with God. I would look at my parents and see that even though they were sitting for worship their intellect would be drawn to the housework or business. I didn't want to do such bhakti. Baba gives us great happiness when we remember Him with a true heart.
Om Shanti
Dadi Janki - 31st July 2012 (pm) – Shantivan
Baba’s murli needs to be revised, repeated and realised. Repeat the Murli to one another and revise it in you mind. Give a lot of time to revising and repeating the Murli. Unless you revise the Murli you cannot have any realisations. It is from realisations that the intellect becomes elevated and there will be clarity in the mind. With clarity in the intellect everything becomes easy.
You are my brothers and sisters and also my friends. It is taken lightly that we are speaking to our brothers and sisters. Friendship says that we belong to one class. We all join together and therefore there is friendship. Thirdly, we are companions on the pilgrimage of remembrance and therefore we have regard for one another and so we belong to one another. We should have so much love for each other that whatever is said should be accepted with a lot of love and without any feeling of loss.
Everyone has there own specialities but I personally have to become perfect in such a way that I become 16 celestial degrees complete . Do this and Baba will love you so much. Then when remembering Him, His love is remembered simultaneously.
The day before yesterday Baba gave a message through Dadi Gulzar. Dadi read the latest message:-
1. Time and thought - these two diamonds must be made successful and the one who makes them successful is the real actor, the hero actor.
2. Always consider yourself to be an instrument. Remain humble and stay close in every task. Be a companion and say ‘yes’ to all service. Make this lesson very firm
3. Always remain cheerful and give the co-operation of happiness to everyone.
Dadi: We all give our co-operation at amrit vela. Bring whatever Baba says into your practical life. Then in the future you will not need to repent. Have the thought that whatever Baba is saying is for me personally. In this way your effort will be such that you will never repent.
The following are recent messages sent from BapDada through Dadi Gulzar. Dadi wishes you to take these blessings as your own and to use them in your life.
a) You are My beloved child. You are gurubhai. You are the image and personality of purity. You are a world benefactor with the unlimited feeling of doing unlimited service.
b) Win and One is your godly birthright. You always remain in economy and always have remembrance of the One Father. Giving this message… Baba merged you in His eyes. .
c) Service is very valuable and this body is also most valuable. Baba said: sitting in one place you can do a lot of service and receive a great deal of happiness and you should distribute happiness to many souls and this happens when you are happy. Baba makes everyone content.
d) You are the star of success and the child of the Comforter of the Hearts and are attaining blessings from the Bestower of Blessings. Blessings are received by Baba; the one who distributes the blessing and makes others fly with the blessing is an elevated soul, the mirror of the new age and is always adorned with Baba’s blessings.
e) BapDada’s spiritual rose, the very loving child and the one who remains in solitude. The health may be disturbed sometimes but Baba’s blessings are making the body move. The importance of the Murli and of churning the Murli gives the attainment of extra energy.
f) The one who has a constant stage and stays in solitude. The one who claims the rights of every kalpa, the hero actor of Madhuban and the one who stays in the remembrance of the Zero. Let the health be in any condition, Baba’s blessings and mercy are making the body move.
g) Be an instrument, have humility and consider yourself to be an elevated soul connected and in relationship with the Father
Dadi: Do you have this thought throughout the day - to have connection and relationship with the one Father? The one who lives every step according to Shrimat is the one who ties Baba in their love. You can all tie Baba in your love, can’t you?
h) Be free from all negative thoughts and the one who is the foundation for transforming the world. We have to fulfil all these desires. Be the companion of the Father. Be a detached observer. Look at every circumstance and remain unshakable and immovable and be an example for everyone. When someone is an example it becomes easy for others to follow them.
i) Follow the Father in every action and let the hand of blessings be on your head.
Dadi keeps the jewels of knowledge with her and whatever Baba tells her she notes down in her mind and intellect.
Om Shanti


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