Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 18, 2014: Values

Daily Positive Thoughts: February 18, 2014: Values

TOLERANCE is the CROWN of all values;
COURAGE is the HEART of all values;
TRUTH is the FOUNDATION of all values;
LOVE is the QUEEN of all values;
PEACE is the KING of all values;
CONTENTMENT is the EMBODIMENT of all values;
PURITY is the MOTHER of all values;
DETERMINATION brings all values.
Each one of us has a wealth of specialties hidden within us. Yet people
generally give a feedback more of our negativity than of our strengths.
To have self-respect means to be connected to our own specialties,
whether we get a positive feedback or not; whether situations are good
or not. Let me be aware of any specialty of mine and use it
consciously. The more something is in use, the more it is accessible to
me at the time of need. So irrespective of whether everything is going
on well or not, let me practice using this specialty of mine and bring
benefit for myself and others too at every moment.
Seeing Yourself In A Positive Light

Sit down in silence, relax, breathe deeply and create a space within you... Now feel yourself looking at your inner being, with your third eye, in a different light... Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, failures, what you lack inside, what is lacking in your life, look out for what beautiful treasures, your qualities, specialties, talents, etc. you have inside you, look at the positive aspects of your life and bring them into your conscious awareness... Becoming 'self-aware' in this way, realize, you have so much to offer, so much to give to others...

Now, create a beautiful image of yourself where you see yourself as free... free of negative feelings for yourself and others, with a pure heart and a peaceful mind... Feel and see your inner greatness, discover that you are special and unique... Come back to being your own friend... Love yourself, accept yourself and respect yourself... Appreciate and value the qualities of others...

Feel fine being yourself, in that space, in that room that there is within you, where you are secure and safe, where you can enjoy the marvelous thing that is your own company, the company of a positive being...

Be awake and full of life... you are happy... at peace... feeling peace... sharing peace... feeling free... Having seen yourself in a positive light, prepare yourself to enter into action, maintaining your stage of self-esteem...
Soul Sustenance

The Internal And External Source Of Spiritual Energy

Every day, in the morning, we all need to recharge our spiritual battery, the energy of which has been used the previous day. This is extremely important, otherwise the light of our consciousness becomes dim, thoughts become unfocused and decisions are filled with un-clarity and doubt. This energy is available inside and outside. Inside us we have a spiritual centre, at the center of our consciousness, pure spiritual energy. This is what we are. However access to this energy is now blocked by our attachments, many negative life experiences and many incorrect beliefs and perceptions (way of looking at situations). Outside us we have the Supreme Soul, the source, the Supreme Being or Supreme Spiritual Energy. Both these sources are invisible to our physical eyes but only one second away when we are able to quieten and focus our mind on them. The method of doing this is called meditation, which connects us to both sources of power - that's why meditation is the way to spiritually nourish the soul, the nourishment that the soul longs for immensely. Sit quietly and connect your mind to each source and allow yourself to recharge.
Message for the day

To be a master means to use at the right time the powers that we have.

Projection: We do have a lot of powers within us which we can use in different situations. But we sometimes find that we are not always able to order the right power at the right time. So, sometimes in spite of having the power within us, we are not able to use it because it doesn't come to use when we require it.

Solution: We need to practice being the master having control over all our inner powers. The more we practice being the master, the more we will find our powers working perfectly under our order. Then we will be able to use the right power at the right time.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris
Daily Positive Thoughts will be paused for some time.

Positive Thoughts & God’s Descent

God’s Descent
The Supreme Soul never takes birth as humans do. He however takes a divine birth to salvage humanity. Divine birth means that He does not enter the womb of a mother; He enters the body of a human being whom He names Prajapita Brahma. He uses the organ of the mouth of this individual called Brahma to speak. He gives the knowledge to create the new world or Satyug.
The 100 year period between the end of Kaliyug and the beginning of Satyug is called the Sangam yug or Confluence Age. It is the most auspicious age because God comes on earth at that time. In fact it is the most elevated age because man becomes elevated hence it is also called Purshottam sangam yug.
Presently, we are in the Confluence Age (Sangamyug). God Shiva has descended on earth and has been teaching the ancient Raja yoga. His elevated versions are called shrimat. God is sermonising Gita once again in this kalpa during this Sangamyug.

Brahma kumaris have been spreading His teachings since 75 years. This Raja yoga course is given free of charge. There are already around 9,000 Brahma Kumaris centres in 135 countries. Brahma Kumaris Organisation has been working with the United Nations for world peace and upliftment of humanity for more than 30 years and received many awards.

You are all welcome to learn this Raj yoga and learn to establish a link with the Supreme Soul who is the Ocean of Knowledge and the World Almighty Authority.
To learn more about God’s descent and the proper techniques of Raja Yoga Meditation, please visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre. There is no charge.
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Positive Thoughts
The Land of Fairy Tales, Italy
To have the aim for self-transformation is to be easy and light.
It is up to me whether I want to ask questions and get stuck in them or pick out a point of learning and move on. When I have an aim of bringing self-transformation, I will be able to use all circumstances for my own progress, without blaming or giving excuses. Today I will pick up one point from all that happens to me, that can be a point of learning. I will bring about a change in that aspect, without thinking about why it happened or who is to blame. I will be free from questions and simply implement what I learnt for self-progress.

Have Positive Thoughts
As we think so is our world. In spite of our best efforts if things
don't turn out the way we expect them to, there is a tendency to get
disheartened and we begin to have negative thoughts. These negative
thoughts further create negative situations and we find that things get
no better. Instead of beginning to change things and situations that
are going wrong, I need to work at the seed, i.e my thoughts. I need to
keep my thoughts positive under all circumstances, which will make my
actions positive too and I slowly find things changing for the better.
Filling Myself And Others With Invisible Treasures (cont.)

In yesterday's message, we had explained how soul consciousness provides us access to the ocean of the qualities of peace, love and joy that lie hidden inside our consciousness. An important point worth noting in this regard is that along with quenching my thirst, I must also have a big heart, and pass on to others the qualities that I am receiving from my inner ocean. Otherwise, over a period of time my spirituality reaches a standstill and although I am making an effort to fill myself I do not feel as content and fulfilled as before. This is because; the vessel with which I fill from the ocean can't be refilled unless I am also prepared to keep emptying it. That doesn't mean I have to drain myself spiritually.

It is just that each time I give or donate a quality from my inner ocean with a positive intention to someone; it flows from inside me and then gets transmitted to the other. Before the person experiences and benefits from the quality, I experience getting filled with it myself. Also, each time the person benefits from or even remembers the benefit in the future, he or she sends me positive energy, which, according to the Law of Karma fills me with the quality that I had donated, further. Sometimes a person might benefit or remember the benefit after 10-15 years or even more than that. Even after such a long time has elapsed, I keep receiving a return from the pure donation I have made, and keep getting filled, even if I am not specifically or consciously aware of the same.
Blessing: May you be completely pure and through the lesson of being faithful to One in your Brahmin life, maintain spiritual royalty!
In this Brahmin life, make firm the lesson of being faithful to One and imbibe the royalty of purity and this spiritual royalty will continue through the whole cycle. Out of all the souls in the supreme abode the sparkle of your spiritual royalty and purity is the most elevated. In the form of the deities at the beginning, this personality is the most special. Then, in the middle period, your non-living images are worshipped with the right method. In the confluence age, the basis of Brahmin life is the royalty of purity. Therefore, while living the Brahmin life, you definitely have to remain completely pure.

Slogan: Become deities of tolerance and even those who insult you will embrace you.



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If the spiritual secrets behind the festival of Shivratri are understood, world transformation will take place easily. Shivratri is not a festival for just Shaivites. If one studies ancient civilizations and cultures it becomes apparent that Shivratri is a festival for all souls of the world.

Not only Hindus, but Jews, Christians and Muslims also believe in an incorporeal God. The ancient names of God such as 'Shuin' in Babylon, 'Seva' or 'Sevajya' in Syria, Egypt and Fiji; 'Sibru' in the land occupied by the progeny of Abraham and Jehova are not too different from the Sanskrit word 'Shiva', which, according to some scholars, is the confluence of two phonetic parts, 'shi' and 'va', meaning 'redeemer' and 'liberator' from sins and sufferings.
1) God is one who is accepted by all, He is incorporeal.
2) God is the Supreme,
3) God is beyond all bondages of action,
4) God is omniscient,
5) God is boundless or unlimited in all His attributes.
God is the father, mother, friend, preceptor / guide, teacher and protector of all souls. He is the only one who has no parents, guide, teacher or protector above Him.
Unlike human souls, God doesn't come into the cycle of birth and death. Hence He is called ' Ajanma' (One who doesn't take birth). It is said in the Gita, “I am 'Mahakaal ' (the great death). Death can never approach me.” Upon taking birth, humans are bound to act and get the fruit of their actions. God, however, is 'Akarta' (one who does not perform any action) and 'Abhokta' (one who doesn't experience the result of any action).
God is said to be 'Trikaldarshi' (one who knows the three aspects of time – the past, present and future).
God is described as Trilokinath or Lord of the three worlds.
He is also described as Trinetri or one with ‘three eyes’. He bestows the knowledge of the third eye on humans.
The Supreme Soul, God, incarnates in the Confluence Age, (Sangamyug ) and educates human beings on how to lead a pure and elevated life. His sermons are called shrimat. It is the real Gita sermonised by God Himself that becomes instrumental in establishing a new world order, a new religion called Adi Sanatana Devi devata Dharm (The Original Eternal Deity Religion).
Since His birth is divine and spiritual, God is the One who does not have parents. That's why the word 'Shambhu' is suffixed to Shiva. 'Shambhu' is short for 'Swayambhu' – the One who is self created. The Supreme Soul has no father or mother, friend or relative, preceptor or protector. He is also described as the One who is beyond the cycle of birth and death.
According to mythology, Sri Krishna was born to human beings, had parents, a teacher, he became old, and was killed. He worshipped Lord Shiva before the Maha Bharat war took place. So, considering all these aspects, he can only be called a deity because of his divine qualities but not as the Supreme Soul, Paramatma, God or an Avatar or incarnation of God.

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When God Shiva comes, He sermonises Gita, and establishes the 'Original Eternal Deity Religion' (Adi Sanatan Devi- Devata Dharm). This is the religion that continues in the Golden and Silver Ages. (Satyug and Treta yug). God’s descent and incarnation on earth is known as Shivratri or Shiv jayanti. Since He sermonizes the Gita it is also the birth of the Gita.
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To learn more about the Sermonizer of the Gita and the proper techniques of Raja Yoga Meditation, please visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre. There is no charge.
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MEDITATION FREEDOM FROM FEAR experiencing inner power
Just a minute
MEDITATION Experiencing Inner Power & Protection sister jayanti
Positive Thoughts
Reform that which is spoilt.
When we see something that is spoilt or negative, it is easy to get negative. Such negative thoughts create hopelessness and we are not able to do anything about it. We also tend to talk to others about it, describing it. Instead, if we concentrate on what we can contribute to make it better, it is more fruitful, for us too. Today I will pick out one thing in my life that is not right. I will do something to make it right, to make it better. I will contribute in some way to make it better and also appreciate myself for the positive contribution I am making.
The Mind Creates Destiny
The most important part of you is your mind (not your brain - the brain
is the hardware and the mind creates the software). Care for your mind,
make friends with it, always feed it healthy food, engage it in
positive activity, exercise it with knowledge and wisdom. Like a garden
returns fragrance and beauty according to the care invested, so your
mind will repay you with thoughts, ideas and visions of great beauty
when tended and invested with care. Your mind is not made of matter but
it does matter what you give it and what you create with it. Where your
mind goes, you go. What your mind creates becomes your destiny.
Filling Myself And Others With Invisible Treasures

Soul consciousness or the awareness of the soul is the key to the internal treasures of the original and eternal qualities of the soul. The moment I switch on the awareness of the soul, a spiritual point of subtle light or energy, situated at the centre of the forehead, I start accessing the qualities of peace, love and joy that lie hidden inside my consciousness. Since these are not physical treasures, they are limitless. It's like suddenly I become an owner of an ocean of these qualities. The ocean is inside me and not anywhere outside.

When we hear the word 'ocean', the first characteristic that comes to mind is limitless. So suddenly I am the owner of an ocean of peace, love, power and bliss. I can draw and drink as much of these qualities as I want and these qualities will never get over, because an ocean is an unlimited, tireless and big hearted provider or giver, never expecting anything in return. The ocean will never refuse me, but, as stated above, the key to accessing the ocean is the awareness of the soul. It is a common experience of many that the moment we are in the consciousness of the body, we suddenly feel empty of these treasures and we experience emotions of peacelessness or sorrow or hatred or jealousy or powerlessness or fear etc., because in those moments, we have lost access to the ocean.

(To be continued tomorrow...)
Blessing: May you be filled with will-power by using all the will-powers you have received in this last birth!
This sweet drama is predestined so well that no one can change it. However, according to the drama, you have received many powers in this elevated Brahmin birth. The Father willed everything and this is why you have will-power. Use this power and, whenever you want, become detached from the bondage of your body and become stable in the karmateet stage. "I am detached, a master, an instrument who has been chosen by the Father. Concentrate your mind and intellect on this awareness and you will then be said to be filled with will-power.

Slogan: Serve with your heart and the door to blessings will then open.

Positive Thoughts& Shivratri

Shivaratri — the most significant of all festivals
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The Jambulapalem Shiva temple with 1116 Shivalingas in Prakasam district is spruced up ahead of Mahashivaratri celebrations.
Shivaratri is celebrated every year with a lot of religious fervor and devotion. Devotees keep fast, make offerings on Shivling and stay awake all night (jagaram) to get the blessings of God Shiva. Unknown to most of the devotees the festival of Shivaratri holds the mystery to something most crucial namely, how God liberates the entire humanity from sorrow and suffering. Till this mystery is solved by God himself, Shivaratri is celebrated merely as an annual ritual sans its original significance and purpose. To truly celebrate Shivaratri it is vital to know as to Who Shiva is and what the word ‘Ratri’ which means night has to do with Shiva.
The Supreme Soul is one and souls are many. The Supreme Soul is the Creator and Director of the eternal World Drama and souls are the actors in it. By becoming pure souls can become a great soul (mahatma), religious soul (dharamatma) and a divine or deity soul (devatma) but they cannot become Supreme Soul i.e. Paramatma. Souls are the progeny and not a part of the Supreme Soul.
God Shiva is the creator of all deities even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Devotees worship them as devtaya namaha (salutations to the lords or deities). In comparison, Shiva is always worshipped as Shiva Paramatmay Namaha (Salutations to God Shiva) and Om Namaha Shivay (I salute Shiva). Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are shown as worshipping God Shiva at Rameshwar and Gopeshwar respectively. The light form of God Shiva has been idolized as jyotirlingam (pillar of light) in 12 famous jyotirlingam Shiva temples in India viz. in Kedarnath, Somnath and Mahakaleswar etc. The light form of God is worshipped in most of the faiths in the world.
Interestingly, Shivaratri does not mean Shiva’s night. The festival commemorates God’s descent on earth to end the unlimited Ratri (night) of ignorance and suffering and to usher in the golden dawn of peace, harmony and happiness. Here Ratri connotes that critical juncture in eternal world drama cycle when unrighteousness reaches its extreme and all human efforts to redeem the situation fail. It’s a period of extreme sorrow and suffering when the vices of ego, lust, anger and attachment rule human thoughts and actions.
In Hindu scriptures there is mention of the night of Brahma (Brahma ki raat) and also the night of the Shaktis or Goddesses (Navratris). The night of Brahma signifies the age of ignorance and unrighteousness in which God’s first and purest creation, Brahma and the Brahmins, are clouded by ignorance and vices. When God Shiva comes and opens their third eye of wisdom by bestowing divine intellect, they are able to forge a mental link with Him and draw His power.
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They thus become Shiva Shaktis who destroy ignorance and vices in the world with the help of Shiva. The Navratri (festival of nine nights) is a memorial of the end of the unlimited ratri in which devotees invoke the blessings of Shiva Shaktis and sing praise of their divine actions.
It is at such a time when God intervenes to perform the divine acts of re-creating the new world order of purity, peace and prosperity and destroying the old world order of viciousness, violence and deprivation, as described in the Gita. Just as night ends and day dawns when the sun rises, in the same way to end the night of ignorance God Shiva, the Sun of Knowledge (Gyan Surya) incarnates at the far end of Kaliyuga, in Bharat. This period of spiritual enlightenment is sailed Sangamyuga (Confluence Age) in which the most auspicious confluence of the Supreme Soul Shiva and human souls takes place.

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To learn more about Shivratri and the proper techniques of Raja Yoga Meditation, please visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre. There is no charge.
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Supreme Father God Shiva has arrived on Earth to establish Golden Age
Positive Thoughts
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To understand the significance of the role that I have to play is to make it special.
When I compare myself with others, I either feel superior or inferior to them. There is also a chance that I feel jealous. This negativity doesn't help me do the best in what I have to do. In fact, it is true that each and every actor has a special part to play and so do I. When I remember the special role that I have to play in my life and understand its significance, I will be able to give my best to it. Today I will remember that I am the hero actor in this drama of life. Each and everything that happens to me has a meaning and is making me better in this role. I have to excel in this role that I am playing at present. I will then be able to be free from wasteful comparisons.
Ego is different from self-respect. The one who has self-respect has
the power to listen and accept the criticism that comes his way. But
the one with ego only listens to insults, takes it in and suppresses.
So he finds that from time to time he needs to burst out and vent out
his suppressed feelings. I need to clearly discriminate between
criticism and insults and only take criticism rejecting all insults.
When someone says something to correct me, I first need to check in
myself if there is any truth in what they are saying. If there is, let
me take the learning from it. But if there is nothing to learn, I need
to just learn to ignore it.
Understanding The Process Of Birth And Death

The leaving of one body and the taking of another is nearly always confusing and soon the details of the old life are erased by the new. Just in one day we forget so much. After having slept for a while, after some injury or shock, or even after a change in place, company or circumstances, many things are forgotten.

Death of the body is a great shock to the soul, especially if there was great attachment to that body, and the new set of circumstances in the new body is bewildering (confusing). Because the body and brain are not developed, the soul cannot express its memory, so it laughs and cries when it cannot recognize anyone, or when it wishes to express itself. By the time the body is developed, the soul has forgotten its past birth and has become accustomed to the new conditions and the new parents. The prominent sanskaras developed in past lives soon begin to manifest (show) themselves with new details (in the new birth).
Blessing: May you be an elevated server who becomes a bestower filled with knowledge and has pure and positive thoughts for all souls.
The main basis for being one who has pure and positive thoughts for others is positive thinking. Those who engage themselves in wasteful thinking or thinking of others cannot become those with pure and positive thoughts for others. Jewels of pure and positive thoughts for others always have their treasure stores of powerful, pure and positive thoughts full. Because of being full, they can have pure and positive thoughts for others. To have pure and positive thoughts for the original self means to be filled with all jewels of knowledge. Only the bestowers who are filled with knowledge serve everyone while walking and moving around and become elevated servers.

Slogan: In order to become one who has all rights to the kingdom of the world, become an instrument for the transformation of the world.


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