Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Essence of Murli : June 01, 2014 (H&E)

June 01, 2014:


Make preparations instead of waiting



BlessingMay you be a constant server who remains absorbed in the Father and service and become free from obstacles   


Where there is enthusiasm for service, you are easily able to step away from many other things. Remain absorbed in the one Father and service and you will easily be able to become free from obstacles, a constant server and a conqueror of Maya. From time to time, the form of service changes and will continue to change. You should not now have to say a lot to anyone. They themselves would say that this is an elevated task and would ask to be made co-operative too. This is a sign of the closeness of time. Therefore, continue to do service with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and continue to move forward.

Slogan: Remain stable in the stage of perfection and experience any upheaval of matter to be like moving clouds.




01-06-14 प्रातः मुरली      ओम् शान्ति  अव्यक्त-बापदादा रिवाइज: 13-01-78    

“इन्तजार के पहले इन्तजाम करो |”


वरदान:-  बाप और सेवा में मगन रहने वाले निर्विघ्न, निरन्तर सेवाधारी भव


जहाँ सेवा का उमंग है वहाँ अनेक बातों से सहज ही किनारा हो जाता है | एक बाप और सेवा में मग्न रहो तो निर्विघ्न, निरन्तर सेवाधारी, सहज मायाजीत बन जायेंगे | समय प्रति समय सेवा की रुपरेखा बदल रही है और बदलती रहेगी | अभी आप लोगों को ज़्यादा कहना नहीं पड़ेगा लेकिन वह स्वयं कहेंगे कि यह श्रेष्ठ कार्य है इसलिए हमें भी सहयोगी बनाओ | यह समय के समीपता की निशानी है | तो खूब उमंग-उत्साह से सेवा करते आगे बढ़ते चलो |


स्लोगन:-  सम्पन्नता की स्थिति में स्थित हो, प्रकृति की हलचल को चलते हुए बादलों के समान अनुभव करो| 

Synopsis: Avyakt Murli January 13, 1978

Synopsis: January 13, 1978

Make preparations instead of waiting

Points of Self Respect:

We, the lucky souls, thedirectchildren of the Father, the Bestower, worthy of the most elevated praise and worship, the embodiments of experience who receive all attainments , the ones who are yogi andgyani and with all the divine virtues,the constant world servers who are always lost in love for BapDada andwho constantly co-operate with Him, thechancellors who remain constantly busy in service, the obedient children of the Father who have determined thoughts and become obedient within a second, theworld benefactors, the great donors and the bestowers of blessings who, l ike the Father, make everyone complete,are the masters of the imperishable treasures, bestowers of happiness, and equal to the Father....

Target: become an angel and a deity: Thealokik lives and the alokikkarma received throughthe alokik Father are not ordinary. Within one second, the name and sanskars change fromthoseof a shudra to thoseof a Brahmin. In this game of one second, theworld, the sanskars, the attitude, vision and awareness all change. Thegame of one second is to be in the body one moment and to go beyond the body in the next and remain stable in the avyakt stage. The final paper will be that of just one second. Only those who have controlling power willbe able to control the world. Youneed the power to pack up. In one second, you shouldbe able to go into the essence of the expansionand in one second, go into the expansionof the essence.

Complete: Jewels who are close will remain constantly stable in a spiritual stage. Those who maintain their spiritual intoxication are able to make the Father their Companionbecause the Father is the Spirit. Thereisjust the one awareness: theFather and I. With this awareness, you will automatically be able to go beyond the attractions of the old world . Soulswho remain constantlyabsorbed in love for the one Father and none other remainsafe from every type of attack from Maya.

Every thought and every word has tobe used in giving all the treasuresyou have attainedto all souls of the world. Surrender your time, all attainments, knowledge, virtues and powersin serving the world. Bysurrendering yourselves for service, you will very easilybecome complete. By surrendering yourself in love for service,all the big and little papers or tests will also automatically surrender themselves. The name and form of any test will changeand take on the form of attainment, and you become the embodiments of experience who receive all attainments. You should take any chance forservice and become a chancellor. A completesoul never complains.

Service: Your eyes and faces should give happinessto others. Become bestowers of happiness to this extent. Those who become such bestowers of happiness cannotexperience any waves of sorrow even i n theirthoughts. Quench the thirst of the thi rsty souls. Givea donation to the beggarsouls. Show the path of meetingGod as the fruit of devotion to the devotees.

Who will become part of theeight? The practical memorialof the eight jewels is special in that you are able to see each of the eight powers in their practical lives. Theeight deities are consideredto be specially loved by the devotees. ‘Specially loved ones’ means those whoare greatlyworthy of worship. Those who are to become part of the eight will be the specially beloved ones now, that is, they will show the path to success throughtheir every thought and activityto the whole Brahmin family and will be considered even now to be great images in front of everyone. They will have all the eight powers and they will be elevatedsouls, great souls and bestowers of blessings in front of the family.

Daily Positive Thoughts: June 01, 2014: Talk Lovingly To Yourself

Daily Positive Thoughts: June 01, 2014: Talk Lovingly To Yourself

Talk Lovingly To Yourself

Learning to talk properly to the self is a spiritual endeavour. When you make a mistake, do you talk lovingly to yourself in your mind, or do you tell yourself off? One habit recognizes your divinity; the other subtly shapes a nature of sorrow.


Desires, in any form make it difficult to enjoy what is available and
appreciate what is attained. All effort goes in attaining something
else and life becomes a constant struggle. The one with desires is
constantly using his resources without having an experience of the
attainments that he gets. If I am free from desires, I am rich because
I am content with whatever little I have and I am happy putting in
effort to be better with that little. I am able to appreciate the
little things that I achieve and it becomes an added resource for me.
So I constantly experience the true richness of life.

Seven Techniques To Let Go Off The Past

Almost each one of us carries a heavy or subtle burden of negative events and happenings that have taken place in our life sometime in the past, either an immediate past or a far-off one; which reduce our present contentment levels immensely. The negative past could be of any form - you experienced the loss of a close loved one due to a break-up or sudden death; you went through a serious physical illness or a very lean phase of financial loss, you were abused on a mental or physical level; you were not treated properly by a colleague at office and undue advantage was taken of you; you performed an inappropriate action and you repent up till now, even after many years have passed, and many such similar and different types of incidents.

There are three different types of processes for removing negative past memories from our consciousness:

* Modifying - A negative past event is modified into a positive, beneficial form and then stored in the consciousness.
* Forgetting - Memories of a negative past event are forgotten and do not exist either in our conversations or in our conscious mind or thoughts, but traces of those memories exist in the sub-conscious mind.
* Erasing - No traces of the negative past exist in the consciousness and memories of it are completely removed from the sub-conscious also.

We need to take the help of all the different aspects or techniques of spirituality and not depend on only one or two for these removal processes. In the next two days' messages, we will explain all these different techniques of spirituality, which if incorporated in our life, help us experience lightness and emotional freedom from the past. All of them have their own unique importance.

(To be continued...)

Soul Sustenance

Varied (Different) Concepts About The Supreme Being or God (Part 2)

There is an endless variety of human theories and concepts which appear to create confusion and even hatred among people when they are opposed to each other, but ultimately I must ask myself how far "I", the individual, have the experience of His powers and qualities.

The basis of forming a relationship with anyone is knowledge of who they are, what they look like, where they are from, and what they do. Similarly if I am to have the awareness of myself as a soul, and emerging from that, a close relationship with God, the Supreme Soul, then I must know:

• Who He is?
• What His form is or what does He look like?
• Where He is or where does He reside (stay)?
• What His personality traits or sanskars are?
• What His acts or karmas are?
• What is my relationship with Him?

God is living and real, not a matter of scientific research. It is necessary for me to re-establish a living relationship with Him, on the basis of complete knowledge of Him. My connection should not be based on the fears and superstitions of the past.

Message for the day

Negative situations can be transformed into positive with the power of stability.

Expression: When faced with a negative situation, usually the mind gets affected. Lot of questions arise in the mind that don't allow us to be stable at that time. Because of the thoughts in our mind, although it is in our hands to work at transforming the situation we don't make use of this opportunity but only end up adding to the negativity.

Experience: In a negative situation, it is necessary for us to maintain our own inner stability. We need to free ourselves from wasteful thoughts. Then the negativity in the situation will finish, first in our mind and then in the situation itself. Our own internal stability will help in finishing the influence of the external situation.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Essence of Murli : May 31, 2014 (H&E)

Essence of Murli : May 31, 2014 (H&E)


Essence:   Sweet children, you must never become an obstacle. If there are any defects in you, then remove them. This is the time to become true diamonds.    

Question:   By having which defect does the value of a soul begin to decrease?

Answer:     The first defect that comes is impurity. When a soul is pure, his grade is very high, for the soul is an invaluable jewel. That soul is worth bowing down to. The slightest defect of impurity finishes the value of a soul. You now have to become ever-pure diamonds like the Father. Baba has come to make you as pure as He is. Only the pure children will be harassed by Baba's remembrance. They will have unbroken love for the Father. They will never cause any sorrow for anyone. They will be very sweet. 


Essence for Dharna:

1. Check that you don't have any defects in you. To what extent does my remembrance reach the Father? Is my nature divine? Is my attitude wandering anywhere else?

2. Become so lovely that the Father is pulled by you. Give everyone happiness. Remember the Father with a lot of love. 

Blessing:  May you be an embodiment of success who co-operates in God's task and receives everyone's co-operation.    

Where there is everyone's zeal and enthusiasm, success comes close and becomes a garland around your neck. For any big task, everyone's finger of co-operation is needed. Everyone has a chance to serve, no one can make the excuse: I am not able to do this or I do not have the time. While walking and moving around, you can serve even for 10 minutes. If your health is not good, then stay at home and do this. With your mind, with your attitude of happiness and with your stage of happiness, create a world of happiness. Be co-operative in God's task and you will receive everyone's co-operation. 

Slogan:  Remain seated on the seat of a master of nature and you will not become upset in adverse situations.   



सार:-  मीठे बच्चे  तुम्हें कभी भी विघ्न रूप नहीं बनना है, अन्दर में कोई कमी हो तो उसे निकाल दो, यही समय है सच्चा हीरा बनने का |   

प्रश्न:-    किस बात की डिफेक्ट आते ही आत्मा की वैल्यु कम होने लगती है?

उत्तर:- पहला डिफेक्ट आता है अपवित्रता का | जब आत्मा पवित्र है तो उसकी ग्रेड बहुत ऊँची है | वह अमूल्य रत्न है, नमस्ते लायक है | इम्प्योरिटी का थोडा भी डिफेक्ट वैल्यु को ख़त्म कर देता है | अब तुम्हें बाप समान एवर प्योर हीरा बनना है | बाबा आया है तुम्हें आप समान पवित्र बनाने | पवित्र बच्चों को ही एक बाप की याद सताएगी | बाप से अटूट प्यार होगा | कभी किसी को दुःख नहीं देंगे | बहुत मीठे होंगे |


धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-  

1. अपनी जाँच करनी है कि हमारे में कोई अवगुण तो नहीं है? कहाँ तक हमारी याद बाप तक पहुँचती है? हमारा स्वभाव दैवी स्वभाव है? वृत्ति और तरफ़ भटकती तो नहीं है

2. ऐसा लवली बनना है जो बाप को कशिश होती रहे | सबको सुख देना है | प्यार से बाप को याद करना है |


वरदान:-   परमात्म कार्य में सहयोगी बन सर्व का सहयोग प्राप्त करने वाले सफ़लता स्वरूप भव !   

जहाँ सर्व का उमंग-उत्साह है, वहाँ सफ़लता स्वयं समीप आकर गले की माला बन जाती है | कोई भी विशाल कार्य में हर एक के सहयोग की अंगुली चाहिए | सेवा का चान्स हर एक को है, कोई भी बहाना नहीं दे सकता कि मैं नहीं कर सकता, समय नहीं है | उठते-बैठते 10-10 मिनट भी सेवा करो | तबियत ठीक नहीं है तो घर बैठे करो | मन्सा से, सुख की वृत्ति, सुखमय स्थिति से सुखमय संसार बनाओ | परमात्म कार्य में सहयोगी बनो तो सर्व का सहयोग मिलेगा |

स्लोगन:-   प्रकृतिपति की सीट पर सेट होकर रहो तो परिस्थितियों में अपसेट नहीं होंगे



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