Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Daily Positive Thoughts: May 09, 2017: Good Relationships

Daily Positive Thoughts: May 09, 2017: Good Relationships

Good Relationships
In order to create good relationships...
• with your mind, think about what you have to learn from others,
• with your eyes, look into good qualities of others,
• with your words, recognize, value and appreciate their accomplishments,
• with your actions, cooperate and do something for others.

Letting Go Of The Branches Of The Life Tree

A very common habit that has become deeply embedded inside us is the habit of possessing, to which we succumb repeatedly. We come in contact with different people, material comforts, roles, positions, experiences, achievements and of course our own physical body etc. on an external level and our own thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs, memories, etc. on an internal level  etc. throughout our life. All of these are like branches that make up our life tree. Possession is like clinging on to one or the other of these different branches from time to time, as we fly from one branch to another, while covering our life journey.  The spiritual point of view on this habit is clear and very straight forward. It is not possible to possess anything. If we do try to do so, we lose our freedom. To experience the freedom, we need to dare to let go of the branches, which does not mean to lose or leave them because the branches are always going to be there. We can return to any of them to rest or pause whenever we want. But, it is about being aware and alert, because the moment a pause on a branch turns into a stop, the stop turns into a brake and, after that, the brake turns into a blockage. As a result, like the bird whose flying agility degrades on a physical level if it does the same; our intellectual and emotional agility starts to degrade.

When we learn to let go of one branch at a time, we are always welcoming new positive and empowering experiences in our life, one at a time. Like the birds, by letting go of one branch, we are then able to spend the rest of your lives trying and discovering many other branches, one branch at a time, and so we can enjoy the view from each new vantage point. We can choose between a life of flying and soaring or be stuck on one or the other branch, seeing others as they fly past and enjoy a life of freedom where they do visit their life tree from time to time and their life does revolve around the tree but they don't try and possess it or any of its branches.

Trust life  

Being trusting doesn't mean not being careful.  Be careful and be sensible.  Just trust life a little bit more.

Trust that life presents situations for you to grow and develop.  Trust that life knows your potential for greatness.  Trust that life wants to nurture you into being a better person.  Trust that life is there for your happiness and fulfilment, no matter how else it may seem.

Message for the day

The way to be healthy is to have the nourishment of happiness. 

Thought to Ponder: The best nourishment for both the body and mind is the nourishment of happiness. The one who is able to be in happiness under all circumstances is truly healthy. When I have the aim to be happy, I will start finding reasons to be so. Happiness brings a lot of other qualities that help me empower myself to face challenges. So, I become stronger mentally, thereby becoming physically healthier too. 

Point to Practice: Today I will be happy whatever the situations or challenges I may have to face throughout the day. Instead of finding small little reasons to be upset, let me today find small little reasons to be happy. Even when everything seems to be going wrong, there is surely something that is going right or could go right with my effort.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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