Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Avykat Murli 26-5-2013

26/05/13           Madhuban            Avyakt BapDada               Om Shanti               07/02/76
The Gathering of Avyakt Angels.

BapDada is seeing the constantly cheerful avyakt angels who are constantly beyond all limited attractions. This is a gathering of angels. BapDada is seeing today to what extent a crown of light is visible around each angel, that is, to what extent each angel has become a light-and-might-house.
Just as in the future world of heaven, all will be called deities, in the same way, at the present moment, at the confluence age, all are to become like angels, but they will be number wise. Just as each one there is satopradhan according to each one’s stage, in the same way, here, too, each effort-maker definitely attains the stage of an angel. So, today, BapDada was seeing the result of each one because it is now the final realisation course that is taking place. To what extent is each one of you realising yourself during the realisation course? BapDada saw two things in particular in the result. What are they? Which position has each one of you reached? Is there greater opposition or is the stage of your position greater? Secondly, to what extent have you transferred yourself from the old body and the old world with your awareness? On the basis of transferring, to what extent have you become transparent at the same time? To what extent have you become a practical form of all four subjects? To what extent have you given the return of the sustenance and study you have received from the Father in all three forms: corporeal, subtle and incorporeal? To what extent are you an embodiment of fulfilling the promises you have made to BapDada from the beginning until now? Have you taken as much benefit (faida) as you have made promises (vaida)? Do each one of you check yourself in this way? An easy method to check yourself in all four subjects is by way of the praise of you that has been remembered. Do you know that praise? Which praise is it through which you can check all four subjects? Do you all remember that praise? (Full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full, completely vice less and maryada purshottam, completely non-violent.)

The result of all four subjects is included in these four aspects of your praise. So, check whether you have become full in all these four aspects. Have you become 16 celestial degrees or have you only reached 14 degrees? Have you become full of all virtues or have you just become full of virtues, that is, have you only imbibed some of the virtues? Have you imbibed all the codes of conduct and become maryada purshottam, the highest of humans who follow the highest code of conduct? Have you become completely non-violent?
To cause pain to any soul or to experience pain, even through your thoughts, is violence. To be completely non-violent means you are one who does not cause anyone sorrow even through your thoughts. To be the highest of humans means that your every thought and every step has to be the highest, that is, the most elevated; they shouldn’t be ordinary, worldly or wasteful. To what extent have you become like this? What did BapDada see? Even now, two powers are especially needed. Which powers are they?

The first power is self-recognition and the second power is self-transformation. Looking at the result of both these powers, one sees that the fast effort-makers are not able to move forward with as fast a speed as they wish to. Because both these powers are lacking, one obstruction or another does not allow the speed to become fast. The power of recognising others is sharp and the thought that others should transform is intense. In this aspect the lesson of “you first” is very firm. Where you should have “I first” you have made it “you first”, and where it should be “you first” you have made it ‘‘I first”. You do not use the third eye, which each of you has received from BapDada as a blessing, for the task that BapDada has given you.
Whereas you have been given the third eye to see the soul, to see the spiritual world and to see the new world, you look at the body and the bodily world instead. This is known as not knowing how to use the third eye accurately. Therefore, now, while knowing the speed of time, use the power of transformation on yourself. Do not look at the transformation of time, but look at your own transformation. You wait for the time a great deal. You think very little about your own transformation, but, for the transformation of time, you think, “This should happen”. You yourself are the creator and time is the creation. ‘Creator’ applies to the transformation of the self, and ‘creation’ applies to the transformation of time. You yourselves are the images who are the bases of transformation. The completion of time, that is, the moment of transformation of this old world is dependent on all of you. The vision of the souls of the entire world is on all of you, the clocks. They are wondering when you clocks will show the completion of time. Do you know what the time is on your clock? Are you those who reveal the time or those who ask the time? Are you still waiting?
The ones who show the time are not fluctuating because of the time, are they? Are you fluctuating or are you stable? What will happen? When will it happen? Will it happen or not? According to the drama, from time to time, papers to make you fluctuate have been coming and will continue to come.
Just as a tree is shaken, so papers will come to shake the foundation of faith. So, are you ready to take the paper or are you still weak? Is the Pandava Army ready or is the Shakti Army ready? Or, are both ready?
Clever students anticipate the paper whereas dull students are afraid of the paper. So, which are you? The sign of someone with an intellect filled with faith is that he always remains carefree knowing the fixed destiny of every scene. Such a soul would not be worried about “Why?”, “What?” or “How?”. The sign of the last stage of the angelic form is constantly to have good wishes and to remain carefree. Have you become like this? Realise yourself in the realisation course so that all the powers within you will now be revealed in the little time for effort that remains before the end.

You are celebrating the year of revelation, are you not? Before revealing the Father, first of all, reveal these aspects of praise within yourself. Only then will you be able to reveal the Father. This year, continue to make effort while especially realising the intense form, that is, the stage of a light-and-might-house. Let the pilgrimage of remembrance be especially powerful. Become experienced in being an embodiment of knowledge. Make such special programmes for your self-progress. Through the pure and benevolent attitude of you elevated souls and the powerful atmosphere, many desperate souls who are calling out, and who are wandering without any destination, will experience bliss, peace and power. Do you understand what you now have to do? You mustn’t just relate something, but you must also give them an experience.
In order to give an experience, you first of all have to become an embodiment of experience. Have this special determined thought for this year. You have to bring about world transformation by transforming yourself. Do you understand? The result of determined thought is always successful. Achcha.

To those who construct the new world with such a determined thought, to those who transform the atmosphere with their spiritual attitude, to those who give every soul a drop of happiness, peace, power and blessings and thereby make them satisfied souls, to those who quench the thirst of the souls who have been thirsty for many births, to those who show everyone the right destination, to those who constantly have intellects filled with faith and who remain unshakeable even amid fluctuation, to the souls who are embodiments of knowledge and remembrance, BapDada’s love, remembrance and Namaste.

Personal meetings: The stage of “nothing new” and the completion of the account of wastage.
What would be the special sign of the great stage of the maharathis which indicates the efforts of
maharathis? Firstly, great effort-makers, that is, maharathis, on seeing any scene, would consider it to be a scene that has been enacted many times according to the drama plan and is simply now being repeated.
They would feel it to be nothing new. They would not experience it to be anything new due to which questions of “Why?” or “What”? would arise. Secondly, they would be embodiments of awareness and experience every scene as though it is a scene they have seen many times and that they are simply repeating it just for the sake of it. It is as though they are not doing anything new but are simply repeating everything. They do not have to bring into their awareness that whatever happened a cycle ago is happening now.
However, just as whatever happened a second ago is very clearly in their awareness, in the same way, the scene that took place a cycle ago would be just as clearly in their awareness. Because of being maharathis and having the stages of firstly being detached observers and, secondly, being trikaldarshi, the awareness of the previous cycle would be completely fresh in their awareness. This is why they experience everything to be nothing new. What else would there be?

No matter how fearsome a particular situation may be, or how great a problem something may be, because they have an elevated stage, that situation would seem to be something very minor; it would not be felt to be anything big or fearsome. When you are standing high up on a mountain and looking down at something, even something large is seen as small. Even the biggest factory would seem like a small model. In the same way, the maharathis do not experience anything in their great efforts to be that large. So, these are the two signs of the great efforts of the mahavirs, that is, the maharathis, which, in other words, can be referred to as those who experience a crucifix as a thorn. From the lips of such mahavir souls, only the words of that
which is destined to happen will emerge. This is also fixed. This is known as being an embodiment of success. Whatever words emerge and whatever deeds they perform would be ones that bring success and not be wasteful. The sign of maharathis is that not only are their accounts of sin finished, but even their accounts of wastage are finished. You are master almighty authorities, are you not? The practical form of the stage of a master almighty authority is that, together with the account of sin being finished, the account of wastage is also finished. This is the sign of the efforts of the maharathis.
Have you started the service of taking souls beyond with just a glance? One are the great donors
(mahadani), second are the bestowers of blessings (vardaani) and the third are world benefactors (vishwa kalyani). Does each of you have all these three specialities? Or, is it that some have one speciality while others have another speciality? Some are worshipped in the form of a bestower of blessings and others are worshipped in the form of a world benefactor. Why is there a difference in the praise and the worship?
They would have all three specialities, but there would be a difference in the percentage. Some would have a greater percentage of one speciality whereas someone else would have a lesser percentage of a particular speciality.
One is the philosophy of karma, second is the philosophy of reward and third is the philosophy of praise and worship. Just as the philosophy of karma is very deep, in the same way, the philosophy of the other two is just as deep. You are to have a Vision of your reward in a practical form now, are you not? Who will become what and why, and on what basis, will all become clear. Their deeds, service, activities, stage, connections and relations will automatically become such that, even against your conscious wish or thought, you would understand what they are going to become. Their activities, that is, their deeds would become the mirror. A clear vision of each one would be seen through the mirror of their deeds. Achcha.

Questions and answers from Avyakt Murlis:

Question: What is the essence of all the points in one word?

Answer: The essence of all points is the point form, that is, to become a point.

Question: What double attainment do you have by remaining stable in the point form?

Answer: The point form means a powerful stage in which you don’t have any waste thoughts. A point means the past is the past. With this stage, your actions are elevated and, because of not having any waste thoughts, the speed of your efforts becomes intense. Therefore, let the past be the past. Do not see, listen to or speak of anything wasteful. Let your powerful eye remain open,
that is, remain stable in the stage of a detached observer.

Question: What is the method to become like a lotus flower?

Answer: When you see anyone’s weaknesses or defects, do not be influenced by that atmosphere. To overcome this, have an attitude and Vision of mercy for that soul and not of opposing that soul. That is, see that that soul is mistakenly under an external influence, and not to be blamed. By having this thought you, the soul, will not be influenced by that atmosphere or that situation. This is said to be detached like a lotus flower.

Question: What do you have to do to become an embodiment of success?

Answer: Do not seek revenge, but change yourself instead. Become a mahavir and do not struggle. To struggle means that when someone says something, you begin to have thoughts about that: What did this one do? Why did this one say this? This is said to be struggling with your thoughts and words. To be humble means to bow down. Only when you bow down will people bow down to you. Do not think that you constantly bow down, and yet no one has any respect for you and that there is respect for those who do not bow down but who tell lies. No; that is only temporary, so have a far-sighted intellect. The more people you bow down to here, that is, the more you imbibe the virtue of humility, the more all souls will bow down to you for
the whole cycle. In the golden and silver ages, it will be giving regard to a king and not just bowing down physically but in their mind. In the copper and iron ages, they will bow down physically. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success and experience the Father’s help and blessings by being obedient.
The Father’s order is: Remember Me alone. The one Father is your whole world. Therefore, do not let there be anything except the one Father in your heart. One direction, one strength and one faith: where there is one, there is success in every task. It is easy for such a soul to overcome all adverse situations. Children who obey all instructions receive the Father’s blessings and this is why even difficult things become easy.

Slogan: Maintain the awareness of the new Brahmin life and none of your old sanskars will emerge.

****OM SHANTI***

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