Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Madhuban Newsletter - January 2013 &Avyakt Signals - January 2013

Madhuban Newsletter - Madhuban Newsletter - -- January 2013    
Letter of remembrance to the instrument teachers and all brothers and sisters, the 
decoration of the Brahmin clan from Dadi Janki.   
Pure greetings for the New Year to all the deeply loving children who belong to the avyakt image, the Mother, the Father and beloved BapDada, to those who constantly remain in the elevated stage of a carefree emperor, to those who are constantly flying with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm, to those who are multimillion times fortunate at the confluence age, to God's right hands, the instrument teachers and all brothers and sisters in this land and abroad who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, together with new zeal and enthusiasm for the New Year, please accept Godly remembrance and hearty greetings from the heart. 
Sweetest Baba has given all of us an invaluable gift for the New Year - Sweet children, always remain  double-light and carefree emperors. Celebrate the year 2013 as the Year of being free from all worries. While fulfilling your responsibilities, whenever you have the consciousness of "mine", change that to "Yours" and you will remain constantly free from worries and be able to experience spiritual intoxication. 
Keep this invaluable gift with you throughout the year and you will develop the habit of remaining constantly carefree. This New Year reminds us of the coming of our new world. All of us know that this old age is now aboutto go and that our beautiful golden age is about to come. This beautiful period of the confluence age in between makes us full of such elevated attainments. Although we will be double crowned in the golden age, we will not have as much happiness as now. Along with the crown of light, we are now creating our reward through our efforts. Internally, we experience happiness and also a lot of pleasure. At amrit vela,  when sitting in front of Baba, we remain obedient, faithful and honest at every moment and so our nature  becomes that of pure and determined thoughts. By doing so, our minds remain very happy and we have no other thoughts. The mind has made the intellect free and the intellect is therefore able to have yoga and also imbibe everything. When such versions of Baba enter our hearts, it becomes happy, our head becomes cool and our nature becomes easy. The mind is able to become manmanabhav by itself. 
So, tell me, what newness will you bring about in this New Year? Now, there is just this thought: Whatever you want to do, do that now; do that today; do not leave anything till tomorrow. Karavanhar Baba does everything and inspires everyone and says: Children, always remain instruments, humble hearted and continue to bring about the renewal of the world. No matter what happens, give happiness to everyone and receive happiness. Speak sweetly. Always maintain a very good record of this. Churn sweet Baba's sweet versions within yourself and constantly go into the depths of the sovereignty of being carefree. In order to remain unshakeable even in the midst of situations of upheaval, practise putting a full stop to your thoughts in a second. Just as a tortoise is able to withdraw all his organs in a second, in the same way, be a detached observer, keep your Companion with you and merge all thoughts in a second. The practice of remaining stable in one pure thought will make you unshakeable and immovable. 
So, come, let all of us welcome this New Year with thoughts filled with new zeal and enthusiasm and accumulate our treasure-stores of elevated actions and make our present and future elevated. With these pure and auspicious good wishes, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to everyone for the New Year once again. 
In Godly service, 
BK Janki 

Avyakt Signals -- -- Janua  January 2013  
Be experienced in the avyakt stage for the avyakt meeting.  eeting.  
1) According to the time, BapDada is especially signaling to all the children: Remain stable in the avyakt stage and then come into the corporeal. When you sit in solitude, you are able to have an avyakt stage, but now increase the practice of remaining in an avyakt feeling while in the corporeal form, for only then will you be able to reach a constantly stable karmateet stage. 
2) When you remain stable in the avyakt stage, beyond corporeal feelings, you will then perform actions through your physical organs as though you  are doing that according to shrimat. Now, on the basis of your avyakt stage, perform such actions in which every action is being performed on the basis of shrimat. 
3) Just as time is now close, in the same way, according to the time, increase the practice of the stage of being introverted, being beyond sound, of remaining introverted and having the avyakt stage while performing actions. Continue with your business and also have this stage. When you are stable in the avyakt stage, you will be able to have an alokik experience of the avyakt stage. 
4) BapDada's pure desire is that you children now become experienced in this avyakt stage as quickly as possible. In fact, when you used to meet Sakar Baba in the corporeal form, your stage became angelic. Now, the more stable you remain in the avyakt and angelic stages, the more you will have alokik experiences. 
5) Only those who remain in the avyakt and introverted stage throughout the day are able to remain in an avyakt stage at amrit vela. If you have love and the desire to experience a meeting, this method is very easy. Those who want to do it can do it and can also have a unique experience of the meeting. 
6) In order to become great in your avyakt stage, constantly remember: I am now a guest. By considering yourself to be a guest, you will be able to remain in the avyakt stage while in the vyakt (corporeal) form. Now, become experienced in the avyakt meeting through your avyakt stage and you will continue to have unique experiences of the avyakt meeting. By becoming avyakt, you will become incorporeal and return home with the Father. 
7) Everyone now has to practise staying in the avyakt stage as much as possible. For this, whilst meeting and talking to one another, continue to look at the soul while in the body. This is the first lesson; it is most essential. With this practice, you will be able to remain in the avyakt stage whenever you want. 
8) The more power you have to brake and steer your thoughts, the easier it will be to remain stable in the avyakt stage. By remaining in the avyakt stage, you will be able to become an embodiment of power. Although you come into the corporeal form only for service, as soon as service finishes, become stable in the avyakt stage. 
9) Waste and sinful thoughts are an obstacle to your creating an avyakt stage. If you are repeatedly attracted by the attraction of bodies, the main reason is that the intellect is not clean. Cleanliness of the intellect means that the intellect has to remain absorbed in the great mantra that you have been given. The more you remain in the avyakt stage, the more you will continue to swing in supersensuous joy. 
10) Check to what extent you have moved forward from the corporeal to the angelic. If you have progressed in your avyakt stage, there will be spirituality in your activity. The practical proof of your avyakt stage is your alokik behaviour. Therefore, check: While living in this world, to what extent have I become alokik. 
11) The more you continue to remain stable in the avyakt stage, the more you will be able to know the feelings in the minds of others through the signals through their eyes. There won't be any need to listen to or speak to anyone. When you go in front of BapDada, He is able to understand the feelings and thoughts in your mind without your relating anything. In the same way, you children also have to leam this last lesson. 
12) Just as you speak a language of words, in the same way, there are heart-to-heart conversations of souls. A soul speaks to a soul - conversation between souls cannot take place through words. The more you continue to remain stable in your spiritual stage, the more easily and clearly the soul is able to understand the matters of other souls. 
13) You have been giving lectures for years, but you now have to fill your lectures with the avyakt stage so that, even when you are speaking, others experience you to be speaking through your bodiless stage, while being beyond sound and detached. 
14) Those who are experienced in the avyakt stage do not experience anything to be an effort or difficult. They will constantly continue to move forward without obstruction. Those who are moving along with other supports as well as the avyakt stage will experience difficulties and obstacles, as well as their efforts to be difficult. Therefore, now make the foundation of remaining in the avyakt stage strong and become an easy effort-maker. 
15) Those who do not have any waste thoughts are able to increase their avyakt stage a great deal. You should have pure thoughts, but you should also have the power to control them. 
16) Now continue to increase the experience of the avyakt stage and the avyakt meeting, so that, at any time, through a meeting and with the power of the intellect, you are able to become an embodiment of success in your efforts and in any task for world service. At whatever time and in whatever situation, experience celebrating a meeting at that time in that form. Now increase this practice. 
17) The easy method to have an avyakt meeting is to make your form according to whoever you wish to meet in any country at any time. Then, you will definitely reach that country in that form and be able to celebrate a meeting with the Father who resides  in that land in many forms. Simply adopt a form according to that land, that is, remain beyond the awareness of the physical form and the physical body. Adopt the costume of the subtle land and the subtle form and you will then have unique experiences through your avyakt stage of an avyakt meeting. 
18) Until the final revelation of the Father takes  place, the meeting between the children and the Father has to take place - whether it an avyakt meeting through the corporeal or an avyakt meeting through the avyakt form. However, now increase the experience of an avyakt meeting through the avyakt form. Otherwise, you will remain deprived of the beautiful experiences of a meeting with the Father, of all attainments and of the blessing of all powers. 
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