Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Dadi Janki 19.8.12 morning class

Dadi Janki 18.8.12 – GRC, European Teachers Retreat
The Benefit of Truth and Cleanliness
Baba gives such murlis where he is reminding us of what is the golden age and how it will be there. Baba used to stay awake at night to finish off the distress and sorrow of the world and, secondly, to bring about the golden aged world. Become conquerors of sleep. Previously we used to sit in front of the pictures of the cycle and the tree in the History Hall during amrit vela. Now we sit in front of Baba. It is from Baba that we receive the knowledge of the beginning, continuation and end. Only when all souls have gone back home can the world be called the golden age. These are very delightful and wonderful things. It was Brahma Baba who had studied the scriptures but Shiv Baba who explained the significance in such a way that no human being could have interpreted them. Set aside all other concerns. Baba has so much concern for our sustenance. You receive full sustenance here. To copy Madhuban is to copy Baba. There is no meeting of the Ganges and the Ocean, but there is the meeting between the Brahmaputra River and the Ocean. In the Kumbha Mela, there are three rivers, the Ganges, Jamuna and Sindh Saraswati.

Some have done such service, that they have created their memorial. We need to have truth and humility, and also the quality of harmonizing with all. We are sitting at the wonderful gathering of confluence age. We are sitting in the great gathering here, with a variety of children who all have visible love for Baba. When there is love for one another and service is done together, one likes to be present in that kind of gathering.  We have time, money and energy to use well and not to be wasted. We have family feeling. It is our duty to tell people the truth. Whether in Bharat or foreign lands, our role of doing service has changed.

Make good effort to understand the depth of 'Who am I?' Make such effort that you become very royal and real and then the conscience will not bite internally. Effort means that I should closely observe my thoughts, words and actions. If there is a mistake, immediately ask for forgiveness. No need to sit and cry about it or make it bigger than it is. We have to bow, learn and die. You can accept that you are wrong, but not regret to such an extent that you give yourself a headache. Keep a lot of patience, which is what is needed to make the thoughts pure, elevated, clean and determined. Be careful that no impure thoughts arise. There is still time. We are receiving such elevated knowledge to be inculcated now. We have to clean our mirror, so that we can see what we have to do. If I look at others' activity, my mirror becomes dirty. If I look at others' weaknesses, I am unable to see my own, because it dirties my mirror. Then it becomes progressively more dirty. In order to make yourself good, know about shadows, omens and the canopy.

Sometimes there is a little bit of a shadow over the head and we are not able to do as well as we could. Keep your eyes wide open and your heart so clean, so that the remembrance of Baba keeps pulling you. Let there be increasing enthusiasm for moving forward. These things are missing when there is a shadow. Because of lack of attention, you come under the influence of another person. It's not a spirit, but it's the shadow of someone's influence. The conscience isn't clear and cannot be used properly to discern. It is very harmful and dangerous to be in this state of being influenced. You should avoid the company of such souls, have powerful yoga so that they are freed from their negative omens and also you don't come under that negative influence.

Always have this feeling in your heart and mind of the eight powers. Not first in the head, but in your heart and then this is visible through your eyes. The heart is happy, the eyes are cool and nature is simple. This is the meaning of effort. Not happy just like that, but happiness that arises through deep understanding. Keep your heart clean and make yourself truthful. To keep yourself clean is a separate duty. In an instant, place yourself personally in front of Baba and clean your heart. When there is cleanliness, there are no infections. In a gathering some get infections easily. Then they don't feel comfortable. But this doesn't happen to those who have a clean heart. With infection, you have to take such medicines that they weaken you.

You can have a life like a diamond through having a clean heart. The cowrie shell has no value. By inculcating values in life, you have a life like a diamond. Baba said that the Supreme Soul has His part filled in Him and we have our part. The matter of great happiness is that we know this part. The jeweller knows how valuable each diamond is. Baba had this intoxication in his lokik life. This is the gathering of jewels, diamonds and pearls. Valuable ones do not come under influences quickly. They won't make hasty deals. Baba's words were often, 'Wait and see'. You are all wise. You don't react quickly to things. You are mature, deep and intelligent. Someone who is truthful has strength. There is power in truth. It is Baba who has made me true. Truthfulness destroys blind faith and places pure true feelings in us.

Who is ready to do service that will open people's eyes? When your heart is clean, there will be no infection. You will be healthy, wealthy and happy. This is the benefit of cleanliness. Baba is the Bestower. He teaches us to be bestowers. Find ten minutes to revise the murli - with others or even alone. This will bring you close together and you will not forget these churnings. To discuss knowledge is good, because otherwise you get caught up in wasteful and harmful conversations. Do not get involved in waste discussions. When the knowledge is dripping from your mouth, then wherever you go, with whomsoever you share it, they will ask you to come back. Then people will get the feeling to serve the yagya in some way. Baba is happy when we do service with a true heart. I become happy and so does the one being served. He is the Bestower of Blessings and the Bestower of Fortune. First give the donation of knowledge, donate virtues, give time. Then a person's fortune opens up and they are able to start receiving blessings from Baba. You are receiving these blessings from Baba and are using them in service. There is great strength in Baba's words. You get strength do this in a practical way and won't waste time thinking about it.

In a second remove from your thinking the words, 'Why did it happen?' It's OK, it won't happen again. Then the mind will have time to do true service.

Om shanti

Dadi Janki - 19.8.12 - GCH (am)
We are becoming complete, so continue to grow and give
When I sit to offer bhog there is the pull to Baba, then the thought that everyone should reach the subtle region.  Do you have this feeling of being pulled up there? You are sitting here but have the experience of sitting on top of the globe, serving the world. Are the things that Baba is saying in the murli in my life?  Baba says: Be bestowers and not ones who ask for anything. No power should be lacking in the soul; there should be the thought: 'I am the child of the Master Almighty Authority and I have received power from the Father'. We have nothing else to do except be happy and give happiness to others. This happiness never reduces, however much we use it.  No thief can steal it.  This is eternal and imperishable happiness. 
Q: There are a few souls who have the ability to say something and it happens.  Do we have to make effort for this stage, or is it a blessing from Baba? How do we attain this?
Dadi says there are few like this but we can become like it.  It is not a matter of effort - just to think and do. To develop this quality there needs to be faith and trust in oneself, Baba and the task, then everything happens. The bhavna (pure feeling) makes us feel whatever has happened is very good and whatever is to happen will be even better - then our activity naturally becomes filled with virtues. Our words will be elevated and not ordinary. Deities give the fruit that is desired by the mind. Brahmins who are the children of God emerge words of truth without selfishness. Whatever Baba says happens.  Baba said there would be expansion. When Baba became avyakt He said that the murli would be revised. Baba tells us in advance what will happen. Sakar Baba, Incorporeal Baba and Angelic Baba are all with me. Baba says He takes the support of the body, but he made Brahma Baba completely His. Brahma Baba gave the body on loan and Shiv Baba become the master and took over. Brahma Baba said that he would not become a king simply by receiving the rent from the One occupying the body. We sit in front of the tree and the cycle but should we sit in front of Brahma Baba, in whom all knowledge is merged?   Churning needs to be so elevated that others will not forget the knowledge. When you come into contact and relationship with others, share these elevated versions. People will not forget. Through an experience of Brahmins and Brahmin life, many take a jump. We have to be the incarnation of truth and honesty. If there is body consciousness there will not be success. 
Q: Baba says we have to give visions, is there some special effort we need to make in order to give visions? 
One who gives visions becomes Baba's worthy child, because they follow the father. Whatever Baba tells us to do, we put on our head and do that. The results of this are very good. Such a child is always obedient and faithful. No one will be pulled to remember them or will attract them. We are all children of the Supreme Soul. In our actions and relationships, our behaviour reveals that this is godly service and we are all receiving from Baba directly. Automatically people experience Baba through our actions and our relationships with Baba. It is not that anyone has the intention to give visions but through their face and activity they will reveal the Father. It is not just a vision of light but the soul becomes light and receives might.   When a soul has visions, they see so much light. This is because we receive light and become powerful and souls then receive this light and are drawn to Baba. They don't have to make effort with the intellect - automatically there is faith. 
When service began in the foreign lands we were aware that Baba had taught us for the benefit of the whole world. I value the study so much. We are the children of the Father who is the Bestower of the knowledge of the Gita. Are you intoxicated by this knowledge? What is the difference between intoxication and happiness? With constant intoxication the soul can give visions. With the internal chant of 'Let me live in your lane and die in your lane' there will be a deep feeling. 
Q: Often Baba says that each one in themselves is very good but there seems to be a gap of love and respect when we connect with each other.  What is the missing link?
Each one should have the feeling from the godly family that this soul is my well wisher – no matter what they are like. Then it will happen. To see someone else's defect or mistake and speak about it is a big mistake for which you will suffer, because no one will see your goodness. Many are experiencing this punishment. Through the happiness that comes through honesty and good relationships we can become bestowers of happiness. Seeing the weaknesses of others denies us this experience.  We are becoming complete and everyone has some type of speciality; that is why we are here.  Do not forget your personal income and do not get into 'So and so did this 'type of thinking. The ego of 'I' and doubt and suspicion are serious illnesses. We need to become perfect and complete and with an internal chant for this create a beautiful atmosphere in all four directions, then Baba will give us blessings.
If I have good bhavna for service and for my personal stage and have good attention, then, even if there is some weakness in me, Baba will give a signal through someone or another and enable me to remove it.  Whom will I smile and laugh with and who will I cry with? My Baba is my Companion and is with me and I am playing my part. So if I have made a mistake I need admit it and then Baba will say: OK, child, forget it. To think 'So what if I said something?' is careless. Another incognito aspect is that I cannot make effort when I compare myself with anyone: 'That one is making good effort and I will make the same.'  Baba makes us free and independent.  If I am comparing myself with someone in my effort then I have forgotten that I belong to Baba. 
Each one is doing what they can. Maintain a merciful and generous heart. Do good and there will be good. Such a slogan does the trick of working on us. If I think badly of anyone, it will manifest in me and we don't see our own weaknesses. Have a pure attitude and vision and then you can become an embodiment of visions and all difficulties will go away. Even if the body is sick, the soul will become well. Baba sacrifices Himself to those with a generous and merciful heart. One who does service with an honest heart is in the heart of the Comforter of hearts - and the intellect feels this too. 
Q: Our stage should be such that whoever comes in front of us we should be able to catch what is in their mind.  Yet there is often so much rubbish in people's minds. Why should I want to catch this?
If someone throws rubbish outside another's house or on the road, there would be a fine. I am not a dustbin and no one has the power to throw their rubbish at me. To have that much self respect is to have a strong stage. What do waste collectors do? They collect the refuse and then compact it or burn it. So do not keep any rubbish in the self or talk about rubbish.    Baba tells us to value our time and thoughts.  Do not waste time in useless matters. Who will lose out?  I will.  It is important that I use my time remembering the things Baba has told me. When I pay attention to my dharna, I become tension free and then I am able to keep attention on what Baba is telling me. Any future service will then be without tension and there is faith that it will turn out well. If even one hour goes by with tension, it will become a habit.  Maya takes us into long stories. Make sure the amazing points of knowledge that Baba shares each day are sitting in your intellect, so you are not thinking of things that attract.
Keep your hand with the Hand of The Bestower of Fortune and sit on the globe.  Continue to grow and give. 

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